We have installed a dozen new platforms this year with many thanks to the mighty Mick of Sicknote for his involvement in the negotiations and active involvement in the fitting process as well. As several of the new platforms are on “A” section we decided to give a few a go today.

Mick and Breamy took the dream pegs on 11 and 12 respectively and myself, Stan and Bob drew 19, 17 and 15 respectively thinking we would be fishing for scraps. peg 18 is a great peg but in the summer its a struggle to put someone in there as it might as well be cordoned off as a dogs swimming pool with at least a dozen dogs having a swim by the time we quit at 12.30 to go watch the football , yes we had an early draw. Peg 19 has a certain amount of weed but I will guarantee this will be a great swim later in the year when the seed kicks in as there is 10 feet of water on the waggler line and 7 feet on the pole line. As it happens I had one bite on the waggler and most fish on the whip close in with the various boats not helping as the day drew on. I managed 4lb 10oz of mainly Dace with Stan taking 3lb 10oz of very small fish on 17. Bob gave it all up due to excess weed and had a further go at the end with his rake to get some more out.

On  platform heaven in 12 Breamy took the win as expected but with 6lb odd and Mick had 4lb 8oz next to him so they did not really fish that well and giving me 2nd and the share in the coin. It is without doubt that the river is full of small and very small fish but with the Seals and Cormorant still taking the better fish the future is still not great and we do need these things removed somehow so that the Otters can get their fair share to keep the politically correct river users happy. I do hate harping on about stuff like this but if this was a Salmon or Trout river anywhere in this country those predators just would not last 5 minutes.

I would suggest that you watch this space for next weeks venue as at the moment it will be B section but I’m not convinced yet.