The Jack Hall Shield

Just four contenders due to vacations, so to Benwick and a change for us all; breakfast first, foreign waters, biblical weather and Stan was missing Fizz enough not to charge us peg fees, as we had to rake our swims.
Stan took the honours out of Peg 3 on pole and whip. The improving Bob snared a large Eel whilst finishing second, pipping No.2. Everyone found plenty of Skimmers, Roach and Rudd and despite the elements, it was a really pleasant day away.
As it turned out, nearest the town in Peg 1, No.2 should have won it. But as Breamy caught an early 4lb Tench next door, he then also messed around on worm for far, far too long.
Breamy had both the fish and quote of the day. Having caught said large Tench, he persisted for its mate for most of the match. “Well they are always is pairs. Unless they are single or divorced” – there was definitely something in that for Breamy.

Stan: 10lb 6oz – Peg 3
Bob: 9lb 6oz – Peg 4
Torban: 9lb 3oz – Peg 1
Breamy: 6lb 4oz – Peg 2

Next up, Coote Cup on Thursday 2nd August. Draw 5.30, fish until 9.15 if the light allows.