So dear reader, the fabulous five became the fantastic four and this week it was the unfortunate two with the sick one and the deaf one the only two on the bank. Bob was being all parental family orientated and I had a warm and lovely breakfast with my girlfriend who is far prettier than any angler on our riverbank and that’s for sure.

However, I did visit the lads after brekkie and it was really quite pleasant with the sun out although the northerly wind was cold. Mick took the honours in a 4 rather than 5 hour match, due to other commitments apparently, with a mainly Dace but with a few Perch impressive 12lb slapping Breamy who managed 8lb 10oz of similar fare but with a few Roach as well.

This week we are promised a warmer end to the week without frost and I hope a few more might fish, at least Bob and myself, as to where I’m not sure as we have a match with the March lads on the books but Mick will find out and will post on here what is happening. I would actually quite like another go on the meadow as it appears the Roach have wandered off to find winter quarters but the Dace are still available in large numbers with Perch and the odd Chub alongside them.