5 fished with Postman Paul making a welcome return and Compo giving a star turn not only in remembering where we fish but winning on the day with 11lb of mainly Perch and Dace on the pole. The mighty Senior of Sick drew peg 4, as usual, and the Perch were not there which was very unusual but he still took second with 9lb 13oz of mainly Dace and a few Perch with the odd Roach mixed in. Breamy was in 6 and finished with 8lb 10oz just pipping me in 5 with 8lb 8oz, I must admit to fishing on Wheat for far too long but I did have a dozen or so Roach just not enough. The Postman drew peg 2 and had 4lb 14oz of mainly Dace as once again the Perch had taken a day off.

Still good weights and very consistent so we will have another go on “A” next Sunday but now drawing at 8 and fishing 9 till 2 which is our winter schedule. Without doubt the influx of cold water and a colder night or two did effect the fish, hopefully, by this weekend the colder water will have warmed up a bit and if we can avoid any deluge this week it might well fish better once again. But, 42lb of silvers between 5 isn’t bad at all and very consistent between most pegs.