Well dear reader that was a stretch to far, we don’t normally fish the Meadow this time of the season as once the cold starts the fish go looking for their winter quarters in the backwaters. However recent weeks had been really good but lots of cold water and a flowing river managed to cock it all up so the sorry result was Bob was an early casualty and DNW as was Steve from Goddy, who forever shall now known as Jonah due in part to his killing the fishing and also turning up with some sort of plague which when he drew end peg we were all relieved that he could keep this lurgy to himself. In this travesty of a fishing match Jonah had two fish and managed a huge DNW.

Now, Breamy always weighs in because he thinks he has earned the privilege but I’m not really sure what 3oz stands for certainly not a weigh in but never mind that put him third. Now to the real players, mighty Sir Michael drew his usual peg 4 grabbed his pipe and slippers from where he had last seen them in peg 4 and slaughtered fish to the tune of 10.5 oz BUT could only equal the Geesemaisters own 10.5oz of waggler caught small(12 fish) dace on the far bank. In fact I should have won it outright but for some Denison of the deep with snaggle teeth that took my one quality item , all of 2oz, half way across the river.

No Perch, No Roach, No Chub and a few Dace not a great day out but it happens.

Next week is a day off with no match planned the following week we have an awayday booked for March which apparently is fishing its whatsits off in the town area. Mick need to know who will be attending so let him know please






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