So people here we are again, yet another season rolls round without the winter killing any of the members so that’s a plus. As of recent years the first Sunday is on Meadow Lane with its good Dace shoals or at least on some days anyway. 7 fished on swims freshly cleared out on Thursday evening by the usual few with Bob the Diver once again living up to his nickname spending most of the evening swimming in the river and ripping out weed growth with his teeth, he was obviously a Seal in another life.

As to the fishing Compo took his usual early bath and headed down to his allotment with DNW weighing 2lb 6oz of  a decent Chublet and some Dace and Bleak. Bob sat above the bush and took 4lb plus of mainly small Dace with the mighty Mick of Sick recording a big 6lb plus and moaning at the last three hours not being able to catch . Torbs had the prime swim and caught for most of the match on pole at 13m for 8lb 10oz and surprisingly only third on the day once again Dace and the odd Chublet being the culprits.

Having moaned about Meadow Lane in general and a bad draw specifically Breamy pleasure fished with 4 pegs all to his own to play with, he caught Dace and Chublit again with Gudgeon and Bleak included for a nice net weighing 9lb 10oz, but the winner in keeping with my form on this water last year was me with 11lb 15oz of good Dace up to 5oz and a bite a cast until the last hour when the weight of boat traffic just killed the swim completely.

So that’s the first one with good starting weights and we move on to the popular Thursday evening series at the top of the Meadow draw at 5.30 and £10 to fish for the Coote Cup. I do intend to call all out at 9.30 so there can be know whinging about all out calls being in favour of those who are still catching yes Stan you know who you are. Don’t be late we fish 6.15 to 9.30 so make your mind up how you are going to fish and stick to it.