Dear reader the famous four fished again on “A” and despite some sort of monsoon like conditions still caught fish but all of us should have had more with the conditions not helping at all.

His majesty Sir Michael of Sick is in fabulous form at the moment and can do nothing wrong despite having to move one peg down from his fav peg 4 but one peg is no distance to carry your travel rug and slippers even on a wet day. Mick had Perch from the off and caught them everywhere to the point that he could not be bothered to go after the Roach as they were too far out and he wanted to stay dryish Mick weighed over 16lb for an easy win from Breamy in peg 4 who had 10lb plus of mainly Roach and he could not find the Perch except very small examples probably because they were forming an orderly line in front of Sir Sicknote.

I was at the wrong end again still a fair peg on its day and weighed 8lb for third with Bob in 3 weighing 6lb for fourth. My peg struggled for consistency with one or two every now and then and 30 minutes from the end deciding they liked Wheat and by then I had run out of time and temper and just wanted to warm up in front of a fire in a warm and dry house.

This week we intend to do it again hopefully in dry conditions with the forecast saying no frosts and half decent day time temperatures it should still fish and believe me there are a lot of silvers on the stretch currently. As we drew in stygian gloom ( see, dear reader proper education ) I think we will go for a 7.30 draw and fish 8.30 to 1.30 as we will switch to 8.00 draws very soon.