As Mick has already posted his picture and the result on face book this will not take long dear reader.

Sir Michael of Sick drew his fav swim on the high bank and proceeded to empty it with lots of Perch initially and then lots of Roach some of which were old school big dog Roach like we used to catch many years ago BP ( before predators to the un initiated ). His 19lb took the money with ease. As we had 5 fishing the swims were well strung out with room except for 11 and 12 the habitual bag up platform swims although not so much of late, Breamy drew his usual peg 11 where, after finding his slippers just where he left them from the last 15 matches, he caught Roach, Skimmers and Dace for 13lb 4oz to beat me in peg 12 with 12lb 8oz although my swim struggled for Roach it was full of Perch with some over 8oz which was nice to see.

At the other end of the stretch the, still improving, Bob hit a personal best with 11lb 2oz of mainly Roach from peg 2. Mr Waggler Compo drew 6 and threw back a big 6lb in disgust which shows how well the river fished. Over 60lb of silvers and Perch from 5 anglers must be good and we will be on the stretch next week to see if we can duplicate the process at least until the frosts cause the fish to migrate to their winter quarters in the back water.

I would also note on one final point these fish were caught on all sorts of bait in fact if you stayed on one bait all the way through it would not have been so good, pinkies, maggot, wheat, punch and worm all accounted for fish and this is in a gin clear river with very little stream hardly the recipe for good bags of fish, in fact I would note there was a frost visible on the grass on the meadow as we drove down with the car showing 3 degrees at 8.00.

We are still on Summer time drawing as yet so be there at 6.46 draw at 7 fish 8 till 1 as usual.