9 fished and despite the really strong downstream winds, the average weight was over 10lb’s per man.
We pegged 3 on the high bank, 2 on older platforms (11 & 12 permanent) and 4 on the newer platforms either side of the cattle drink (we left 18 out as there weren’t many waders available and as it was a nice day, the fear of Dogs being thrown sticks into the swim or at an angler for the dog to chase, wasn’t worth contemplating). It will be a scorching peg when someone does wade out and fish it.
Plenty of Roach and Perch were caught, but there were also many Dace, Skimmers, Rudd, Gudgeon, Bleak and of course there was Compo’s 1lb plus Chub netted.
Anglers found fish to everything: pinkie, maggot, worm, caster, punch and seed baits.
Bob drew the much fancied peg 19 which had yielded 15lb of Roach to Waggler and seed during the week, but he couldn’t quite get it right and finished 8th. Nigel, next on 17, caught Roach and Dace in bouts and managed a decent mixed bag for 6lb 8oz.
Colin (Compo/ Chairman) showed what can be done by keeping things ol’fashioned on the Waggler for third, including his Chub and some quality Roach. Stan was catching all day long, but mainly managed only small stuff for his 8lb. And to the older (favourite) platforms (11&12); No.2 really should have worked out how to catch more Roach, but did manage to also catch some decent Perch for second. Breamy, having to move his tenancy all the way from Platform 12 to Platform 11, should also have done better for joint third – his fish were all Roach on Punch & Wheat.
Graeme Welton caught a lot of fish under 4oz for 4th place, but actually secretly enjoyed not having his 22 elastic being stripped out of his pole by puddle-dwellers for a change. Mick (Senior Sick) won really well with seed Roach, but just imagine what he could have won if he could set-up (and pack-up) within the allotted time? Finally, new member John did enjoy catching his 4lb, but is still getting to grips with the river and no doubt is coming to terms with the way strong winds effect one’s chances on light river gear.
The standout performances came from Compo with his (joint) third place on Waggler fishing punch -chucking it half-way across a really wide and windy peg (16) and then to Senior Sick Note. A lot of his winning 16lb of Roach falling to seed shallow in the last couple of hours on the high bank, when he worked out the fish were up in the water.
We scrambled for change again to split the Joint third place purse for the second week running!
It seems the fish were evenly spread, so this was good practice for those fishing the HJAC Teams of 4 next weekend.

Match Result (permanent peg# in brackets)

1) Mick Andrews: 16lb 0oz – Peg 8 (5)
2) Torban: 14lb 12oz – Peg 5 (12)
3) Colin: 12lb 8oz – Peg 3 (16)
3) Breamy: 12lb 8oz – Peg 6 (11)
5) Graeme Welton: 11lb 15oz – Peg 7 (7)
6) Stan: 8lb 0oz – Peg 4 (15)
7) Bombardier: 6lb 8oz – Peg 2 (17)
8) Bob: 4lb 9oz – Peg 1 (19)
9) John Dean: 4lb 2oz – Peg 9 (3)

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