As Mick has facebooked the result I wondered whether to bother but as my adoring fan would get upset here is the summary of Sundays lottery.

A good turn out with 6 on the bank, yes that’s good for us on a random Sunday, and the high bank was a game of two half’s the end with the Roach and the end without. I noticed when setting up that all the better fish were topping on pegs 1 to 4 and smaller stuff my end. So, from the end fence on peg 2 Breamy 8lb 1oz third place peg 3 Torbs 12lb 3oz, mostly Roach, winning it on single pinkie of all things peg 4 Compo 6lb odd on the waggler, small punch on a small hook peg 5 Bob another excellent 8lb 4oz of Roach on punch for second and then someone built a wall. Mick on peg 6 fished all sorts for 6lb odd and no Roach and me on peg 7 really went for it on Wheat and waited and waited and had one Roach at 11.30 plus 40 plus small and I do mean small dace on Wheat to chuck 4/5lb back in disgust.

So in summary, still goodish, the fish are there but not necessarily feeding hard and not always on seed.

Micks eldest lad Grant fished peg 12 and only had Wheat with him and caught Roach and skimmers from the off, eventually we will peg the platforms again hopefully when it evens out in chances of winning because pegs 11 and 12 still look total bankers.

There is a match this week but me and Mick are not attending so all is in the hands of Breamy, god help all who attend.

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