It was a very select attendance on Sunday with several notable absentees missing out on some great Roach fishing which we do sometimes get on the Meadow this time of year.

The lonely three that fished took pegs on the high bank as last week with Breamy in peg 3 starting off like a house on fire catching on Wheat from the off  but Dace not Roach for the first hour and then Roach after Roach or so it seemed to Mick and me with his landing net in action all the time. I fished peg 5 and Mick 7. Mick struggled to find any Roach for the first 3.5 hours but caught large amount’s of Perch and Dace and then caught really well on seed at the end. I had used Wheat from the off like Breamy and caught Dace and small Roach but my last hour and a half was very good with better Roach most chucks and Breamy was slow for that same time period, so the all important weights, I must say to both mine and Micks surprise, was Breamy last with 16lb odd Mick second with 17lb 10oz and I took the cash with 20lb 8oz.

A great mornings fishing I must say and hopefully for a few more weeks yet, these are not big dog Roach like the old days but mainly around the 3 to 4 oz mark with the odd bigger fish to 10 oz maximum but it is a bite a cast once it gets going and great fun. No coincidence that we have not seen the Seal for a few weeks and now we catch fish, funny that. I would suggest that any decent angler pleasure fishing must be looking for 20 to 30lb of Roach if not more at the moment as long as they fish Hemp, Wheat or Tares.

This Sunday we are back on “A” section making hay while the sun shines as they say, 6.45 at the gate and hopefully a few more attendees this week.



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