Top of the Meadow on a calm morning with light winds and overcast skies forecast. It looked really good, with fish topping on the whole length whilst pegging out.
As soon as we got going however downstream gale force winds took over, making presentation difficult for all and then the sun shone. Hardly ideal.

Breamy arrived at Platform 12 to his pipe, slippers, welcome home mat and other such familiar comforts, but couldn’t connect regularly to the Roach and weighed in for a disappointing 7lb 2oz and joint 3rd. Next to him, new member John Dean on his first visit to the river, fished Waggler and Feeder but struggled to catch more than small Perch and Dace for 2lb 5oz. Rob caught lots of ‘the wrong sort of fish’ off Platform 9 on punch and hemp for 6lb 1oz; but next to him Martin Prescott caught 180 Bleak and small Dace for 7lb 4oz and second place on his whip – impressive stuff in the conditions.

To the top of the high bank where the wind was most foul; Bob struggled to 4.5 lb of Perch, Dace and Roach on his interrupted journey to consistency and Bombardier had a better mixed net for 6lb 4oz, a lot of them on tares. This left Stan, and No.2 who was complaining about his struggles with his pole in the wind. Stan reminded No.2 that he would have no such problems if he also owned a Drennan pole. Stan came joint 3rd with 7lb 2oz, but not before breaking his Acolyte (Drennan) pole in the wind whilst shipping out his groundbait into the strong wind.
No.2 won comfortably in the end with 11lb 8oz. Catching Dace and Perch on the inside early, plus some bits further out. The last hour proved decisive as he caught some better Roach on pinkie on that long line. Punch, Hemp and Wheat baits caught only a few Roach during his match.

The consensus was that the Roach were definitely present, but with the water noticeably colder, the fish are probably adjusting after the Jacuzzi-like temperatures of the summer.

All in all though, a good day’s sport despite the elements; plenty of fish were caught, lots of banter was exchanged and it is great to see two more members joining our matches.

Match Result (permanent peg# in brackets)

Torban: 11lb 8oz – Peg 1 (3)
Martin Prescott: 7lb 4oz – Peg 5 (7)
Breamy: 7lb 2oz – Peg 8 (12)
Stan: 7lb 2oz – Peg 2 (4)
Bombardier: 6lb 4oz – Peg 3 (5)
Rob Hewison: 6lb 1oz – Peg 6 (9)
Bob the Diver: 4lb 7oz – Peg 4 (6)
John Dean: 2lb 5oz – Peg 7 (11)

Next Sunday 16th September – Venue TBC probably A or B Section – watch this space.

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