Extract from the Rules


1. That the Society be called “St Ives Fish Preservation and Angling Society”


2. The objective of the society is to promote good fellowship among anglers, and to provide genuine sport for its members by aquiring fishing rights from owners of private waters and occupiers of land adjoining the River Ouse, by protecting fish and restocking when necessary, by reporting evidence of pollution. by prosecuting cases of illegal fishing, netting, or removing ANY fish from St Ives club waters.


3. That the management of the affairs of the society be in the hands of the seven Trustees to be appointed by the Society. No assets to be disposed of without the agreement of the trustees. If the trustees feel that the interests of the Society are not being safeguarded at any time, they have the power to call an Extraordinary General meeting. The Trustees to be initially elected at an AGM.

Vice Presidents

4. Persons who have rendered the Society or angling interests generally special service, may be elected as Vice Presidents.

Business of AGM

5. That the business to be transacted at the AGM be to receive the Secretray’s report, to pass the Treasurer’s accounts and to tranaact any business in connection with the Society. To elect President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Committee, each committee member to stand for re-election every two years.

Candidates for Committee

6. The candidates for the committee be only proposed and seconded at the AGM. If a member of the committee is absent from three consecutive committee meetings, except in such a case if illness or for some reason approved by the committee, he can nomintate some other person to act in his place for the remainder of the term of office for which he was elected, and that the offending member be informed by the secretary. In the event of the death or resignation of a member o the committee, the committee shall have the power to elect another member to serve in his place for the unexpired term of the vacant office.

Officers of the Society

7. That only committee members of the Society,past and present can be elected to serve as Officers of the Society and these Officers being the position of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to be elected to hold the position for three years and then to seek re-election.

Special General Meeting

8. Special General Meetings shall be solely confined to the object stated on the requsition and to avoid any unecessary meeting being called, no question to be considered which has already been dealt with at a previous Special Meeting without the consent of the committee, seven members to form the quorium.

9. That a Special General Meeting may be called by ten members of the Society or three members of the committee by giving 14 days clear notice to the Secetary and stating the object of such a meeting. The Secretary to give 7 days notice of such meetings by notice in the local press.


10. That the annual subscription shall be decided at the AGM. Membership to run from 16th June to 15th June inclusively, annually. No Member can vote or have any voice in the management of the Society until such membership fees are paid.


12. That the annual subscription be open to all persons, however, only persons normally resident within 10 miles of St Ives shall have voting powers or be eligible for election to the committee. No organised matches will be permitted without prior booking with the secretary

Suspension and explusion of Members

17. That the committee have the power to suspend any member, regular or honorary, found guilty of illegal fishing or whose conduct is detrimental to the welfare of the society. During suspension all privileges as regular or honorary members shall cease. If such suspension be confirmed at a General meeting by a majority of four fifths of those present, such members be liable to explusion from the society.

Complaints against Officials

18. That if any member has cause for complaint against teh conduct of an official of the Society, he must within 14 days, in person or in writing, inform the club secretary or other member of the committee, the complaint to be dealt with at the next committee meeting.

Alteration of rules

19. That these rules can only be altered, rescinded or new rules made by four fifths majority of members present at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose. Proposals to change rules have to be sent to the secretary in writing 14 days before the AGM. All proposals for change to the rules will remain confidential prior to the commencement of a committee meeting which will be held 14 days prior to the AGM and no further proposals to change rules will be accepted after the commencement of that meeting. Amendments to proposed changes will be accepted at anytime prior to a vote at the AGM to accept such changes.

20. Copies of the full rules of the Society will be issued to all committee members and Officers and will be available to members on request.

Byelaws These rules supersede all other rules (October 2015)

1. Fair rod and line only will be allowed and not more than 2 rods may be used at any one time, a vaild Environment Agency licience and a valid club membership or day ticket must be in the possession of an angler BEFORE fishing any club water, failure to obtain a club ticket will result in a £10 fine for a day ticket on the bank, it is in your interest to obtain the correct prerequesites before fishing.

2. Cases of illegal fishing will be prosecuted, any members seeing evidence of illegal fishing,netting, removal of fish, pollution, fish kills or contravention of society rules are asked to report the same to the club secretary.

3. The close season is from 15th March to 15th June both dates inclusive.

4. The Society may make arrangements with owners of private waters to protect their fishing against illegal fishing on condition that they allow members, on production of their tickets, to fish waters (but not to trespass upon private property without the owners consent) The Society, with the consent of the owners, prosecute cases of trepass.

5. Wild life and nests must not be disturbed and anglers must comply with the country code.

6. Anglers are responsible for all litter in the swims that they fish.

7. Anglers are forbidden to light fires, swim or cut trees or branches on the banks of Society waters.

8. Anglers are forbidden to take guns on Society waters.

9. Camping on the banks of Society waters are forbidden.

10.ALL fish must be retained in a regulation keepnet minimum size is 8′

11.Fish must NOT be kept in buckets

12 NO fish are to be killed or removed from club waters, a catch and release policy applies to all club waters

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