Matches 2010/11

Sunday 13th March the spit
End of the season stuff with only 5 in attendance but senior sicknote coming out of his winter coma for a last thrash. The mighty mick drew badly at the wrong end of the spit and had 2 tench for 7lb 8oz with Compo next up with 2 tench and 1 good Perch for 9lb ish. In third place from peg 2 the Bombardier fresh from his two in a row triumph came down to earth with about 11lb with 3 Tench and a couple of missed bites.
With winner take all on the last match Breamy was all concentration as he could see the £25 quid paying for at least Mondays fags but he only made second with 25lb 7oz comprised of 7 Tench and several missed. I must admit in winning that I drew well on peg 1 and it did’nt let me down, I managed 39lb 14oz with 8 big Tench and 2 good Perch.
Monday a few fished the spit and Breamy had 6 Tench and a Slab Sam had 6 Tench and 4 big Perch, me and Compo started on the Meadow caught nothing and moved to the spit about 10.30 Compo had 3 Tench and left early I had 5 Tench and 4 big Perch 3 of which must have been around the 3lb mark brilliant looking fish. Tuesday we nicked a last day with Mick getting 2 Tench Compo 3 Tench and me 7 Tench for a reasonable end.
So the end of season was ok not brilliant but ok, we really did not get the major mild spell that we have seen in previous years and the very cold December knocked the marina fishing quite a bit but we always got one or two regardless of the weather.
So thats it all the bait went in the water to feed the swans and the rods will be cleaned and put away for a couple of months or so. No doubt the odd trip to a commercial will occur abd this blog will start again once the lads resurface.
Final thought, Mick Andrews caught a Tench on Sunday and threw it in the keepnet without unhooking it isn’t it a shame what time will do to a person, we had to give him the book of fishing for a quick read up and he was all right after that.
The AGM this year will be late for various reasons involving committee member holidays and in my case moving house, busy busy times. I expect the date to be early May but watch this space.
Even more finally a thank you from me to the others who turn up regularly and surport the match angling at the club, its been great fun once again this year with the general banter and abuse at its usual high standard.
Sunday 6th March the Spit
Its a bit like London buses that you never see then 2 arrive. the Bombardier fresh from his first victory scores a second on a truly poor days fishing with several biteless. 6 fished Nigel catching the winning Tench early on for 3lb 6oz and yes that was all that was needed to take the money. Proper bites were not forthcoming for Compo and DNW in the fancied pegs 1 and 2 and neither for me either so I join the ranks of the great DNW’s.
Second was Mr Middle Earth Sam with 1 nice Perch for 1lb 15oz just easing past Breamy with his first fish for 3 weeks a Perch of 1lb 13oz. In fact it has been so long since Breamy caught a fish that he had a previous bite that probably could have won him the match but just stared at the place where his float used to be wondering what to do next. It was only after ready his Acme school of fishing manual that the word strike came to mind at which point he missed it. He should have passed the manual to Sam because he did the same in the last 15 minutes of the match.
In fairness it has been bitterly cold the water felt very cold and we saw a couple of fish rolling but not a great deal of life anywhere. OH and I broke a pole section yet again and have at long last run out of spares, this will be expensive as it was a number 5 section.
So we come to the end of yet another season, the winters fishing has been patchy to say the least but great fun with several hardy individuals turning up every week despite a freezing December and January. To those who fished I salute your stupidity to those who remain under their duvee’s, Senior and Coxy, buy warmer winter gear.
This weeks last match will be on the Spit and with a possible late effort on Monday for those with the day off or who are retired. Usual rules apply 7 places several are taken phone call secures place from match anglers only. Usual draw 8 fish 9 til 2.
Sunday 27th Feb The Spit
7 fished and it was very patchy sport, highlights really was that the Bombardier won a match and caught 4 Tench in doing it for 17lb odd and in doing so wins his first match ever. Other noted incidences included senior Sicknote having survived yet another winters hibernation came, hooked a tree, lost his rig and went home early to watch his beloved Arsenal, oh well thats another season gone for him and football.
Bombardier had drawn well in peg 1 and there was much gloating from Moaner as he had drawn 2 and luckily for him he managed second with 14lb plus with 3 Tench and a good 2.5lb Perch and having lost a match winning Tench should have done better. I sneaked third from the other end of the Spit with 3 Tench, 3 bites 3 fish, for 13lb 11oz . The mighty DNW weighed with 2 late Tench for 11lb plus and Compo and Breamy failed to worry the scales at all .In Breamy’s case the lack of fish is becoming a habit with a Keep Net going on E bay any time soon.
Only a couple of weeks to go to the end fo the season and I can have a rest.
Next week I assume the Spit but it is getting very samey and the quality of match fishing is not improving so we will see. watch this space or phone in to book you know the drill.
Please listen and retain
I have had yet another phone call asking if anyone can fish in Jones Boatyard and the answer as mentioned every year on this blog is NO. So one more time for those who cannot understand. Mr Jones very kindly allows us to fish matches in the marina once the boats are removed at the ned of the season. Swims are very much restricted due to the areas we are allowed to fish and as such the spots in the matches are offered to those who fish all year in the club matches as a reward for their loyalty to the club. The club holds 3 keys and they are with club officials only, we do have small practice matches every now and again in the week but once again these are for club match anglers. This water is not on the club books and we will not do anything to change that.
I hope that is now clear to everyone
Xmas match 20th feb the Spit
The circumstances somewhat conspired against us for this match. firstly a very cold NE wind in our faces and then a rising river as we have had a fair bit of rain and finally a full moon which for whatever reason really does put the fish off the feed. Compo still managed to bring his Father Xmas hat and beard which is quite a sight at any time but not recommended for early Sunday morning.
7 fished Senior was going to but pulled out injured at the last minute and moaner went elsewhere. As to the fishing well as per above fairly poor, The Bombardier, Breamy and Coxy all recording DNW with Middle Earth sam in 4th with 1 good Perch for 2lb 8oz. Third was DNW who was very pleased with the first Tench of the day which at 6lb 3oz was quality he added a small “Nigel” to it later for 6lb 4oz.
Compo and myself drew peg 1 and 2 respectively well I drew 2 Compo drew 7 and swapped with DNW who drew 1 and did not want it, highly irregular but what the heck.
Compo bagged 2nd with a Tench and a big Perch of 2lb 9oz for a 7lb 9oz total with a further lost Tench as well, The winner then was me for 2 weeks running with 3 Tench for 14lb 11oz and one missed bite, hardly knicker wrenching stuff as Compo would say.
Next week is forecast to be milder and a swing in wind direction the river today is chocolate and should put some colour back into the marina so it might be a lot better, we usually get some good fishing at the end of the season if the weather warms up and especially if the water is a bit high and coloured.
5 are booked in 3 places left phone call required early Monkey and Senior if you are coming. Usual 8.00 draw fish 9 til 2
Confirmation of venue change
4 fished today at the Pike & Eel marina, I had lots and lots of small Perch as did Senior Sick Note. Compo and Mr Crabtree struggled and if you are away from the one spit me and Senior was in it was very hard in fact Kevin did not have a bite.
I talked to a couple of the local boaters and they said that 2 big Seals had been in the marina up to a week ago and judging by the lack fo any Roach over 2oz and the complete lack of skimmers they have either ate the lot or scared what was left back out into the river and the EA wonders why anglers get frustrated.
So Sunday is now back to Jone’s, 8 swims are available and 7 are booked. A last phone call to me will secure the spot and I know that 2 more of you want to fish, naming no names.
Don’t forget this is the Xmas match and a draw prize is required from each angler, meet at the car park 7.45 for an 8.00 draw fish 9 til 2
The usual complications
Now what to do, firstly I have been told that the two Seals are back at the Pike and Eel marina and I would imagine they are not helping the fishing one iota. However on the other hand Middle Earth Sam fished the Spit today and was yet to get a bite by lunchtime and with the colour all falling out of the water and it being a bit colder what do we do.
Well firstly we try a bit of a practice in the P&E marina friday and see how many Seal we can harpoon in the process or just hope they have gone back to the Wash where they belong.
Sooooooo, Sunday is now watch this space and I would suggest those who are coming contact me on Friday or Saturday to confirm because as much as I would like to fish at the P&E I’m not going to if Sammy seal and chum are having races up and down my swim
A bit of of time but better late than never.
This Sunday will be our annual Xmas match at the Pike and Eel marina, I can confirm. John, the Manager has kindly agreed to the match so it will be an 8.00 draw fish 9.00 til 2.00 and bring a prize for the draw, oh and happy xmas.
I have been told that the grassy areas are all taped off due to the recent rains so barrows will be required.
Sunday 13th feb the Spit
It blew hard again Sunday and unfortunately very much a side wind which made pole presentation very difficult with your float moving up to 3 feet in either direction depending on the strength of the gusts.
3 fished with some at the March Open and others on hols and of course the usual Jessies still in their beds because its to cold, you know who you are, Senior Sicknote and Coxy, both of whom are threatening to blow the cobwebs off the gear for next week.
The fishing was difficult, I had a couple of Tench early doors and Breamy lost something as did the Bombardier who had drawn the Compo 150lb swim and was eager to break his Spit Tench cherry not something you say every day. Eventually he did after losing several and he should have won the match but did’nt. This was a tail of the last hour when the wind dropped and the floats were still all of a sudden Nigel found a shoal of big and I do mean big Perch, at this stage I was in the lead with my two big Tench with Breamy having had a couple of big Perch and then a Tench in the last hour pushing my lead hard. Suddenly Nigel was a fish a chuck and for the last 30 minutes ahd several big Perch to finally weigh 15lb 3oz with 1 Tench and 6 Perch up to 2lb 8oz for second, Breamy with 1 Tench and a couple of big Perch for 11lb 7oz was third with me sneaking the win with a last 5 minutes Tench for 3 Tench and 2 good Perch and 16lb 3oz.
Not a great day except for the last hour which became very exciting and the ongoing comment that “its not over until the fat lady sings” ringing true once again.
Next week a bit of non comformity in that I am trying to finally fish our Xmas match which got lost in the snow and ice. I am hoping to fish the traditional venue, The Pike and Eel marina but will have to ask permission first. If its on I will post on here and will require calls to confirm attendance please. Probably 8.00 draw fish 9 til 2. The Xmas match means bring a draw prize, usually a bottle of something warming, and hopefully we will avoid the very shady looking father xmas who turns up for each of these scaring any local children for miles around.
A bit, well, a bit more than a bit really
Every now and then one of our brethren has a red letter day on the bank and very very rarely one has a day of days. Compo was not going fishing yesterday but a late “I’m going shopping” call from Mrs Compo let him off the hook for an ad hoc day on the Spit. I said I would pop down at lunch time to see how he was getting on thinking that a hard frost and blue sky would probably put the mockers on it but you never know.
As I drew up to the back of Jones a very breathless Compo called the mobile to say he “was bagging” so I went across to be given a match box full of matches with each one representing a Tench as he had run out of fingers and did not want to get cold feet. I counted 18 matches in the box and this was at 12.30. Compo had only missed one bite and had also had 4 perch. No doubt due to the pressure of me standing there he missed 4 bite and caught 2 while I stood watching, but, I realised the best I had seen or heard of from the fishery was 19 Tench with the joint record being held by me and Mr Crabtree, Kevin Peacock and that this record was going to go in a big way.
I phoned Compo later and he confirmed 30 Tench and 5 perch for approx 150lbs with Tench up to 8lbs, yes 8lbs people, a veritable monster when its a river system fish.
So well done Compo, a catch of a lifetime when you have just reached your 172nd birthday is some achievement.
Sunday 6th Feb The Spit
Mild nights, mild days, bit of colour in the water, its got to fish, has’nt it?
Well its true to some degree some of us had a good day and some did’nt. 6 fished and we were crammed in a bit and did’nt it blow hard, the trouble with very windy days is that gale force gusts and carbon fibre poles are not a good mix so on the day I snapped a section as did Bombardier and Moaner snapped two just to show off. The pole menders will be having a field day this week.
In fact Bombardier, the Tench virgin still has yet to break his duck with a nightmare day, pole broke and he could’nt use it again set up his waggler rod and snapped up on the first bite and then chucked his favourite hat in the water just for the hell of it. To top it all he had 1 Roach for 0.5oz and sat next to the winner. The winner being Mr Veryold Compo with 10 Tench 1 bream and a couple of decent Perch for a very good 44lb 10oz with me next to him in peg 1 second with 8 Tench and 8 Perch which, with the exception of one small Perch, must have averaged 2lb,beautiful fish. for a total of 41lb 12oz just one fish behind.
It was a bit after the “Lord Mayors show” for the rest with Breamy 3rd with the first Tench, and in his case only Tench, of the day plus a perch for 5lb 7oz with DNW close behind with another Tench on its own for 4lb 14oz.
Finally a mention for Mr Happy Moaner, who was allowed to draw first and drew the worst peg, had one small flicker on his tip broke his pole in two places which did give him something to moan about and that was all she wrote as far as Moaner was concerned.
Next week same again but fewer are fishing with a couple at March in the open, hopefully a little bit more space and with mild weather forecast all week a good days fishing possible. You never know it might, finally, be Bombardiers cherry cracking day. Draw at 8.00 ring in to confirm if you have’nt already said. .
A little piece
Fishing was poor Wednesday I think due to the very cold weather earlier in the week, I had 1 big Perch 2lb plus and Compo had 1 small Perch 2oz plus not good at all. However much milder now and for the weekend so who knows, I know I certainly don’t having caught and watched Tench being caught in very sub zero conditions I have no idea anymore.
Sunday meet at the back of Jones where the car park is, 5 booked in not many places left, Moaner if you are coming let me know.
Sunday 30th The Deeps
I was’nt there, well I was for 45 minutes early on and when I left Middle Earth Sam was missing lots of small Perch on worm Compo’s float had not moved The Bombardier had a couple and Breamy had 6 Perch for a couple of lbs. Sam also had caught 2 big Perch and was well ahead with approx 5lb in the net. Having spoken to Compo later the Roach showed a little bit towards the end of the match but Sam was on worm and only had a couple but won the match with 8lb odd and Breamy was second with 5lb odd and that was about it. A lot to do with a bitterly cold night Friday at a guess and not being ever so warm Saturday night either.
This week myself and the aged one are having a go Wednesday on the spit as it has dried out a bit and as long as there is not a ton of rain we will be on the Spit Sunday. 4 booked in to date and contact me if you are coming. The forecast fior the weekend is 10/11 degrees and that could bring the Tench on, it wont because thats the way life is but it could and fishermen are ever the optimists.
Sunday 23rd January The Deeps
It was like a walk back in time for at least 3 of us on Sunday, old school Roach in the marina no one had an absolute shed load but 3 of us had anough to show the Roach shoals are still in the marina when the mood takes. 5 fished with Middle Earth Sam moaning that Compo was now officially blind due to his bumping Sams car when he had 200 yards to miss it in, no damage done thankfully.
The favourite swims were pegs 1 and 2 and Compo drew the swim where he had fished 3 times in the last 2 weeks, so well prebaited.with several pints of Hemp and maggot. Breamy drew my old favourite peg 1 and started like a house on fire with several fish in the first 30 minutes whereas the rest of us stared at non moving floats. After an hour Breamy had several pounds Compo had just started to catch and me and Middle Earth stared on just as before. Moaner drew peg 5 not good and fortunately far enough away so that we could not hear him except when he wandered up every now and again to A moan about his swim and B moan about us catching Roach.
I started to catch after 90 minutes and had a good 2 hour spell when if I could have kept it going thought I could catch the other two Sam never got going had a couple of Roach and Perch and lost 2 big Perch just to compound the misery. Moaner packed upm after a couple of pounds of small Perch and moaned as he went home. I amanged 12lb 2oz but hardly caught in the last hour which cost me. I had a Roach which we weighed at 1lb 7oz which is the biggest I’ve seen let alone caught for many years. Breamy lost out when people turned up on the cruiser parked over his swim and due to last week when his last section of his pole went for a swim he could only fish at 11.5 metres but he still managed 15lb 5oz of good Roach.for second place.
However, the winner in his pre baited swim and no surprise to anyone was Mr Agedbadlygoingblind with 16lb 3oz of good Roach fished to hand at 8 meteres and not a sweat was raised whilst doing it either. His wife even came down with his breakfast for Gods sake.
So lots of good and in some cases very good Roach which is truly excellent to see, I did not even mind losing which shows how pleased I was to see the fish.
Next week Compo is organising as I am not available. God help you all.
Upsetting bit
Only for me I should add, the old and gnarly one, Compo is sitting where I sat on Sunday for very little and as I left him at 2.30 he was just putting his 62nd fish in the net with two big Perch 3 skimmers and the rest 4 to 8 oz Roach for 25lbish so far. middle Earth Sam was also there in Breamy’s equally rubbish Sunday swim and he had 22 quality Roach and the odd Perch in his net as well, jealous, bloody right I am.
We shall be in the Deeps Sunday as we are still not allowed on the Spit and with the Roach feeding I would rather have another go at them anyway.
8.00 draw park in Vindis be at the venue for 7.45,. please call and let me know if you are coming, 4 booked in to date
Sunday 16th January
Unbelievable, we get to a point when its going to fish its socks off and the water rises and we cannot get on the Spit, what did I say about how to make God laugh. Friday myself and the bi-centennial man went on the spit with a rising water level at bank high. Compo got clobbered he still had 18lb with 2 Tench and some nice Perch but I had 6 Tench 5 Bream and a big Perch of nearly 3lb for over 50lb of fish hence Sunday was going to be the day but as always NO it was’nt. We ended up in the deeps, not a place which is easy to fish any more due to lots and lots of boats but we found 4 swims as required. Breamy had a poor day losing his 7 section to the deep water as the wind was blowing a gale and everything needed nailing down, in fact I’m surprised we did’nt lose Breamy as he does’nt weigh much more than a 7th section.he managed 6 small Perch for 1lb 2oz. I sat next to him and had about 2lb with 1 good Perch and 6 little ones.
The Bombardier has never fished the Deeps before and had 2lb 2oz of smallish but bigger than my smallish Perch. BUT the prize goes to the old man of the sea Mr Compo with a very nice Perch of 2lb 5oz but also and wait for it, in the last hour he caught Roach yes people real Roach. Compo wieghed 10lb 2oz with 8lb of quality 6 to 10oz Roach in the last hour, suffice to say no one else even saw a Raoch but thats not the point he was fishing in the favourite swim from the old days and as the Cormorant took their toll on the marina Roach shoals, which were huge at one point, this was the swim that the Roach reached first when they ventured out from under the boats on the other side of the marina once the clock got past 12.0 which is when they think they are safe from the black death attack.
It just shows they are still there.
Next week who knows it depends on the rain and the flooding but we shall see. Those that are interested call me at the end of the week when I should know a bit more about venues.
A Bit
Forgot to say the draw is 8.00 for this coming Sunday and the forecast is wet and mild between now and then without anything near a frost, this could be the week but knowing our luck the river will flood and we wont be able to get on the Spit to fish. As a famous man once said” how to make God laugh, tell him your plans”
Sunday 9th January The Spit
You get a glimmer of light in the week with no frosts and about 3 hours before we start a big frost descends and we get a -3, oh well. 6 fished and with some hope as the ice had not quite gone but was confined to one end of the marina which meant we had enough swims.
Firstly the Bomabardier has a new rake and wanted to see if he threw it far and often enough if he could pull the far bank any closer, why he would do this is a mystery but thats what he did. As I was next to him I thought it might slow the fishing down but this would have been fairly hard because our end of the spit was slow anyway. The Bombardier managed a Bream and a big Perch  with another lost biggish fish for 6lb 2oz and not in the frame. I had 3 proper bites and 2 or 3 slight indications that did not go anywhere but I managed 2 good Tench with one again in the last 10 minutes to beat Breamy and not upset him at all Hah Ha Ha. I managed 9lb 8oz with Breamy’s 2 Tench going 7lb 8oz.
Compo, on the other hand, had one smallish Perch but lost 2 big fish both 6lb plus which would have taken me out of second place easily but very sadly he lost both of these creatures one at the net and of course we all gathered round to lend a consoling shoulder, that was striaght after we stopped laughing hysterically, sympathy for lost fish not being very forthcoming with match anglers..
DNW was proudly protecting his nickname for at least 4 plus hours of the match without so much as a bite but finally managed to snaffle a Tench for 3lb 14oz.
But 1st place went to Moaner who arrived late drew the end swim, and not the favoured end, moaned a lot and had 3 Bream and 2 Tench for a very laudable 21lb 13oz for an easy win.
Suffice to say that although the fishing was not great in numbers of fish caught the fact that we had 7 Tench with several lost on such a cold day in  absolute sunshine , 2 factors that according to the books would suggest zero Tench, speaks volumes for the fishery.
As usual this week will be on the Spit the weather forecast is mild and it could be good who knows, 4 already booked in call me if you are coming.
The kiss of death
I know this is a very stupid thing to say let alone print, but, the weather has an element of less ice to it and if my own marina is anything to go by we might have all our swims back on the Spit by Sunday.
Those who wish to fish contact me and I would reiterate match anglers who have fished the seasons matches only.
Happy New Year
Not particularly from a fishing perspective though as we had to resort to the Dolphin Meadow on Sunday as everywhere else was still under big lumps of mainly unbreakable ice. 6 fished no bites let alone fish for anyone, we packed up early, the end.
However we did go and attempt ice clearance at Jones and fortunately our man in a boat was about and he broke up the ice to a large degree, which was still 4/5 inches thick. 3 of us then used our rakes to move big sheets of ice about to leave enough room for 4 to fish on Monday. Despite an overnight frost the very thin ice on the cleared space was easy to break up and although we all had to play shunt the ice berg on regular occasions we all managed to fish, as befitting the weather the fishing was not great but Breamy managed a good Tench and I had a small perch plus lost 2 good fish and missed 2 further bites Compo lost 2 good fish and missed another bite Breamy missed several other bites and it was only DNW who was biteless.
The fish are there and were just not feeding properly but would you in that level of cold and having been under an ice shelve for several weeks. Hopefully with some slightly milder weather forecast this week Sunday might be better but swims could be at a premium if the ice remains. First come first served and I have 4 names already which on Sundays basis is all the swims available we shall see as the week progresses. What we would give for a mild second half to the winter.
A Bit
To those sad and lonely anglers who have phoned and texted pleading for the next match I can only say that Sunday looks favourite on Jones if the thaw continues. However having just walked over the St Ives town bridge I was more than surprised to see the river is muddy and flowing hard so if we don’t get on the marina the Meadow could be worth a try for the odd winter Bream.
At the moment the plan is to meet at the back of Jones on Sunday for a 8.30 draw and fish 9.15 to 2.15 dependent on the ice which to date is still to thick to get the ice breaking boat through, as a secondary plan if it is still to thick we might have a try on the Meadow.
Let me know if you are coming with a call on Saturday or earlier but not before 12.00 on Saturday due to the expected condition of my head after one or two Beers the night before.Dependent on what happens on Sunday I might have another sweepstake on Monday for those who might be professionally stupid and want to fish 2 days running.
To all out there I wish you an excellent New Year to you and yours and to those who dabble a mild winter and tight lines.
Sunday the frozen solid of Siberia
Yes, I know its not a date it was more of an event actually, Firstly why oh why do 4 sort of sane people decide that Sunday morning after three days of -5 or worse think its all going to be hunky dory when we turn up to fish, but, we anglers are a strange breed and we had arranged for Mick Jones to come around the Spit in his ice breaking boat and clear the way (which sort of worked) at 9.00 as we started a bit later than usual. What we got was Bombardier creating his own mini lake which he invited the rest of us to fish in at £5 day tickets, to manage this feat he removed so much ice that the back of his peg looked like the opening scenes of Ski Sunday.
Meanwhile Breamy turned up in his new cold weather gear which looked a bit flimsey to the rest of us and proved to be so with Breamy becoming the new moaner and spending time in his car to warm up as his knees had frozen over. Every time he retreated the hole he had managed to fish into iced over and a further session of moaning took place every time he struggled back up the spit.
Compo was next to Breamy and would you believe it even with the Penguins complaining it was too bloody cold yes Penguins do swear when it gets really nippy, managed 2 bites and a 100% catch record with 2 lovely Perch for 4lb 13oz. However he did not win, manfully I had sculled large ice floes around my swim to keep a hole available, small families of Eskimos had complained at the ice bergs hitting their kayaks but they should harden up a bit. The last 10 minutes before blessed relief for us all the float dipped away and despite the -4 I had a Tench of 4lb 14oz to steal the win and upset Breamy even more as his 2 favourite people beat him and not just for Xmas either.
I had to use half my pole to break the ice and play the fish with the other half to get it near my frozen landing net, to be fair there was enough ice in the landing net to put the Tench into a deep freeze state striaght away.
Having seen the weather forecast for the forseeable future I cannot see when the next fishing date will be available, next Sunday is Boxing day so nothing then anyway, we might try a club match on the 28/29th  Dec on the Spit if a full melt occurs which I doubt. After then I might try a match on Monday the 3rd Jan as it is a bank holiday and we could fish 9 til 3 or something similar but only if weather allows.
Anyone daft enough to be interested needs to keep an eye on this blog and give me a call to book in.
SO as always at this time of year may I say “Ho Ho Ho and to all a good night” I hope both of my readers have a great Xmas and a happy New Year and to the anglers please lets have some water for a bit of a flood within the river banks and some very mild weather in Jan and Feb the chances of that come into the realms of No Hope and Bob Hope I think but we can dream.
Sunday 12th December The Spit
3 idiots turned up and armed with bricks and rope went out to break manly fishing holes up the Spit, now as stories go it should have beeb a doda as Mr Jones, the marina owner had very kindly arranged for his ice breaker to spin around the spit area a couple of times. No frost forecast for Saturday night what could possibly go wrong WEEEEELLLLLL about -3 took care of it. The ice reconnected and there was no way it was going to break without major surgery and all we had was a couple of house bricks which were’nt much good as the polar bears would’nt play fair and throw them back after we bounced them off the ice llke some brick shaped frisbees.
Suffice to say after 30 minutes of this we had enough and admitted defeat retreated to the cars and went home.
Now, the major problem is that next week is our annual Xmas match and the weather forecast is not good and very cold, adding this to the ice already in place I cannot see how this will go ahead in either the Pike & Eel or Jones marina. All I suggest is you watch this space as bulletins will be posted as things become clear but don’t hold out much hope unless we have a rapid thaw at suntanning levels.
In summary I said last week that this week could not be worse and it was and next week could be worse still, great!!!!!!
A further bit
Surprise surprise no one was able to get on the river bank this week or indeed wanted to but I have checked Jones and despite the ice the nice men in boats have assured me that they will undertake their Icelandic ice breaking duties to ensure we have a clean run for Sunday . It just shows how thick the ice had got that 48 hours of above zero temperatures has hardly shifted it. However, we are rumoured to be having the positively sun tanning 7 degrees on Saturday and although coldish over night no frost for Sunday morning.
Well it can’t be a lot worse than last week can it?
If you are coming please call me to book in,
Sunday 5th December The Spit
Firstl, an apology to the Bombardier, he rang and I said we were not fishing when in fact 3 of us did but in my defence it was a very late decision caused by a slight thaw and one of Mr Jones ice breaking boats doing an excellent job in the marina that gave us a good stretch of water to fish in. In fact the phone call to fish was not until 3.30 on Staurday afternoon..
Having said all of the above it was extremely hard fishing and not even as good as last week despite being milder on the day but with an inch of ice melting into the water and its gin clear nature at the moment it was always going to be hard.
The winner much to his delight Breamy with 3 perch the last one and the winning fish being in the last 10 minutes always fish to the end people you never know. 1lb 9oz being the winning weight shows how hard it was, I maid second with 1 bite 1 fish a 1lb 5oz Perch and firmly in last place was Compo with 1 6ozish Perch who should have won as he lsot 2 fish one of which was a good size and would have won the match on its own.
Sunday its supposed to be a lot milder we will see but the expectation will be to fish the spit and we need booked in places only guys so call me if you are fishing once again 4 places are booked already and the maximum would be 8 on the day.
A frozen bit
All those fishing on Sunday, hands up, well it will not be me as I cannot get my hands out of my pocket due to the cold. The forecast is split between cold and very cold all the way up to Sunday and I must presume that the ice is quite thick by now in Jones Marina.
Hopefully we will see some sort of thaw next week, but I’m not betting on it, so I suggest those who are missing the watery persuit of fish fill their baths and throw the goldfish in, you never know you might get a nibble on a free lined pinkie
Watch this space as next week unfolds I daresay comments will be made as to the chances of a match at some stage.
Sunday 28th November The Spit
The trouble with our weather is its too cold too quick and we cannot get the best out of the marina in these fridge like conditions. 6 entirely mental idiots turned up Sunday with the temp gauge at -7 you could say it was cold, Breamy could not have got another layer of clothes on if he had tried, Mr Slim looked like the Micheline man with 27 layers of thermal underware, at least, in place.
Amazingly enough bites were had and even fish were caught not in abundance obviously but some, with 4 people of the 6 weighing in at the end. Compo and DNW were the DNW’s with The Bombardier on a rare outing breaking his marina duck with one Perch for 1lb dead. a lot of ice clearing took place through out the match to keep a small hole free to fish in and Nigel had the dubious honour of trying ice clearance with his cupping kit which immediately came off and luckily floated to be reclaimed later.
 In third place was Breamy with 2 nice Perch for 3lb 7oz with his big Perch going 2lb 10oz, lovely fish in great condition. Much to Breamy’s disgust he was beaten to second place by Moaner who moaned constantly and consistantly without stop for the whole 5 hours and despite being in the money was still moaning at the end, he had 3lb 8oz with 2 big Perch and that 1oz made all the difference. However in prime position for 2 weeks running was ,me with 8lb 0oz including a small male Tench of 3lb 7oz and 3 Perch with the biggest 2lb 7oz. I also had the very unusal, but usual for me, situatiion of a lip hooked 12lb plus Pike which I landed and returned behind m,e in the other part of the marina once I had dug a hole in the ice to release it. early on I even managed to lose 2 perch on the ice floes before I cut a big enough hole for me to be able to avoid the problem.
Next week, unless it thaws in a major way I will remain tucked up under the covers however we shall see and if we can fish we might I would suggest interested parties give me a call towards the weekend but the weather forecast is not good.
Sunday 21st November The Spit
You would almost have it as a certainty that after Fridays Lord Mayors show the Sunday match would be a wipe out, but it was’nt.4 only fished Coxy finished last, fishing the spit for the first time is not easy, but he managed 3 Tench for 14lb and that shows how good the weights were. Sam drew the favourite swim but lost the fish in the last half of the match when the Tench went walkabout he still managed 25lb 2oz with 5 Tench 1 big skimmer and a good Perch of 2lbs.
Breamy lived up to his name with lots of bites and smaller stamp Bream in the early part of the match with several bites missed and a couple of big fish lost at the net, he was moaning a lot, the big Bream of 5lbs plus that swam into his landing net and then out again before chucking the hook being a particular highlight, did we laugh at his misfortune, of course we did it would’nt be the same if we did’nt. Breamy managed 26lb 7oz in the end for second place with 2 Tench 3 Bream one of which we weighed at 6lb 2oz and a lovely Rudd of 1lb 14oz which would make anyones day, except it did’nt in Breamy’s case because I slaughtered him and he hates that worse than anything with the exception of Compo slaughtering him.
I managed 53lb 11oz for first place, with 5 Tench and 7 Bream plus a couple of Perch. The Bream and Tench going up to 6lb and I managed to lose 4 fish which I will blame on a very difficult feed back for my Pole as the Spit is very narrow in places and I had a boat behind me plus a very badly placed tree but it cannot be all bad two trips and over 130lb of fish.
Next week, same place I have 5 bookings already and I can cater for 8/9 at a pinch. Phone in only and you must speak to me to be sure of a place
A Bit
The spit at Jones is magnificant when it is mild and the fish are having it, Friday 19th was the first day we were allowed in after the boats had been shifted for the winter months. Due to varying committments only Middle Earth Sam and myself made it and I had to go by 2.00 for the dreaded dentist. Very clear and reasonably mild much the same as this time last year when the first match was very good, the rakes came out and a bit of streamer weed came back but very little else so off we went. Normally its a 2 hour wait minimum but the first bite was at 10 and we never looked back. Sam had 2 Tench and 2 big slabs plus some nice Perch and a few small Roach on maggot when I left and had several more roach and 2 further big slabs later on for 30lb plus. I, on the other hand, had 18 Tench and lost 6 for abourt 80lb with fish up to and slightly over 6lb, great fishing.
As always at this time of year I will emphasise that St Ives match anglers only are allowed on the marina and it is not part of the general fishing under our licence. Sundays are limited to about 8 anglers and those who have fished during the season with the club regularly in matches will be considered only for a peg.
Sunday 14th November Pike & Eel marina
8 fished which was a bit of a problem as I realised that all the fish were in the small bowl same as last week and the further away from that area anyone fished they were going to struggle. The winner, and for one match only hopefully, with his new nickname of Mr DNW Imsittingon ashedloadoffish the boy of Malling caught from the off quality Roach Rudd and Skimmers for 21lb 10oz and an easy win from Breamy who managed 14lb dead from 2 swims up the same spit, in between them was the mighty Sicknote who weighed a very unimpressive 10lb 2oz. It seems to me that last years winter rules have started to apply with Senior in the midlle of first and second and moaning and me drawing like a drain further away from the hot spot, in fact, I might as well been on another planet and coming firmly last with 4lb 2oz of small perch and polyruff.
The real Moaner fished well for 10lb 12oz and the Bombardier made an appearance also drawing in the worse area and recording 5lb 4oz with a lot of bleak bashing going on. Third was Coxy in my swim from last week with a very creditable 13lb 12oz and opposite him the Middle Earth Sam struggled for 7lb 12oz which in the area he drew would be disappointing.
Its very disheartening to get phone calls from Sicknote in the first hour telling me that DNW had 6lb in his net, every fish was a netter and he had’nt even got his rig shotted correct yet, still hopefully that is my annual pigs ear of a day taken care of, unfortunately, now we are about to start our matches in Jones, I know it will not be the last day as the Spit dispite being brilliant fishing on its day also can leave you fishless whilst the bloke 5 yards away fills his boots with over 50lb.
The first match on the spit is Sunday and all places are already booked with 8 booked in and 8 being the limit with some very friendly fishing involved to cram that many on the venue.
Sunday 7th November Pike & Eel Marina
As is usual for this time of year some of the more girly anglers cuddle up under the duvee and fail to show on the bank you know who you are, wimps. Sunday it was a bit cold early doors and we had 4 hardy souls only for the fight. As we had not fished certain areas of the marina this year it seemed the right time to do so and the four had a good day possibly with the exception of Coxy who had his backside handed to him by Breamy who was pegged 5 yards away.
I managed to draw the full face North wind but it actually never blew that badly and I survived you will be glad to know. It was all very social as we all fished in the same bowl part of the marina next to the slip way. Coxy never quite got up to speed but managed a very reasonable 13lb 3oz for last place which in a silver fish match probably will not happen very often. Compo keep dropping them back but still weighed a very credible 17lb 1oz for third. I struggled early doors on the maggot but for the first time in a match in the marina this year my worm line was full of Perch between 2 and 12oz and recorded 18lb 12oz for second with some Skimmers and Roach plus the odd Polyruff, Bleak and Dace as well.
The winner was Breamy who started off like a house on fire and never really stopped from what was not the most fancied swim as it was partially down a small spit but obviously the fish were just sitting there. he had quality Roach and rudd plus the odd big Dace, Perch and Skimmers for 21lb 3oz and the win, he even used a skinny elastic and has now got landing net elbow as he had to net at least 30 fish.
Great fishing with an average of 17.5lbs per man without a fish bigger than 12oz,a bite a chuck all morning for all 4 who fished. Everyone had a truly mixed bag which comprised of the following Perch, Roach, Dace, Skimmers, Hybreds, Rudd, Chub, Bleak, Polyruff,Gudgeon and even an Eel. I just wish the river fished like it.
Next week one more go in the marina and then we are out until the Xmas match, as always contact me to book in. .   .
Sunday 31st October Pike & Eel marina
7 fished with a couple of old new faces in the Senior and Junior Milburn having a go as they do periodically. The fishing was amazingly consistent with all weights with the exception of the winner being very close.
David Milburn being the winner down one of the spits on his own and with better quality fish than the rest of us in the main for a very good 16lb 4oz and an easy victory over me in second with 11lb 11oz. Odd days fishing really lost far to many fish and missed far to many bites but this is down to volume of bites in all and everyone does it here, in fact it is not unusal to hearing the swearing that follows the third fish in a row dropping back in the drink.  Worm lines did not work but we all caught Perch over groundbait that according to those who supposedly know Perch don’t like, nice cloudy and mild but the perch did not really go for it.
Senior cold hands drew the peg we all fancied and managed third with 10lb 10oz after which it all got very crowded with Breamy at 10lb 7oz Compo at 10lb 2oz Pete Milburn with 9lb 13oz and last but not least Steve” I’m not catching anything” Cox with 9lb 12oz.
So on the day 11.5lb per man average which is pretty good for silver fishing at any time of year. As I have said before this is a very fair venue with everyone in with a chance to frame regardless of the draw that is until the Seal comes back.
Anyway we have 2 more matches to go in the Pike and Eel then into Jones for a mild winter Tench feast, I live in hope as last year was very cold for a long time and it really did not fish anywhere near as good as normal.
The usual phone call to book in please.
Sunday 24th Oct pike & Eel marina
The names of the top three have changed but the weights remain very consistant despite very sunny and cold conditions with a frost the night before. the fishing was once again mostly silvers with Breamy winning with 10lb 9oz of Roach, Perch, Dace and Bleak plus the odd Rudd and even small Chub, in fact all the weights had a similar mixed bag look to them with Skimmers and Polyruff the odd Gudgeon and even a small Pike being caught.
Moaner was second with 9lb 6oz from the last week winners swim mainly smaller stamp but lots of them, in third place was DNW who drew one of the spits and was in splendid isolation. Jon managed to drop 3 good big skimmers which would have won him the match and his stamp of fish were the best of the lot for 8lb 13oz. I managed 4th from the boards with Mighty Mick next to me so my 7lb 13oz was interspersed with a running commentary on how cold his hands were and that his gloves did’nt work, I should have told him that was because his mum had tied the string that joined the gloves together to tight, in fact that best part of the day was watching him trying to clap his hands together when they would’nt reach.
Mick managed 4lb 4oz and Compo and Coxy both threw back 5lb in dispair with big Sam recording 3lb 9oz, It is a very fair venue and the fish do move so last weeks swims are not always a sure winner for the next match which is excellent and leaves everyone in with a chance..
We have a couple more on the venue before we have to change so as per last week let me know if you are fishing and it will remain a 7.30 draw fish 8.30 to 1.30 for the rest of the season
Sunday 17th October Pike & Eel marina
This is the time of year whne the fishing can be good or bad and is very much in the hands of the weather gods especially the ones who dictate the temperature at night. First sojourn into the marina’s of this world on Sunday with 7 fishing and a cold night on Saturday not helping. We creep around the marina this time of year as people are sleeping on their boats until it gets really cold. 3 of us had a practice in the week and we all had fish with 12lb plus being recorded by all.
Sadly, as usual when it comes to the match day Sunday was not as good, Steve Cox resumed his angling career post retirement and has started well with a win and 10lb 8oz of small fish. I sat opposite Breamy and was fine for 4 hours whipping Breamy boys backside and then he decided he no longer liker the water at 4 foot deep and wanted to try it at 3 killing my swim almost completely for the last hour, So thanks Breamy, I still had 9lb 11oz for second and as Breamy managed 5lb 11oz he was still whupped. In the next bay DNW and Compo had the same situation fishing opposite each other with Compo coming out on top with another 5lb 11oz and DNW with 3lb. Senior Sick Note managed 3rd with 7lb 7oz but the winner should have been Middle Earth Sam but wasn’t as he struggled to 6lb 11oz from a prime draw peg.
Not the volume of better fish that we usually see and a lack of good skimmers, but no Seal that was at least one saving grace. As usual next week is a phone me to confirm and numbers are restricted with this weeks anglers all fishing with one exception, who shall remain nameless but apparently is attending a masked man convention for a master class in sword swashing and bukling, who could it be?
7.30 draw gentlemen
Quick bit
John the manager at the Pike & Eel has very kindly agreed to us fishing there this Sunday. Numbers will be limited to 8 at most and 3 of those places are booked already this is because with the weather staying good the marina is busier than usual at this time of year.
First come first served but only from those who have fished in matches this year will be eligible. This match and any other marina matches will be by booking in process only with me.
For those who do fish please ensure you are quiet when arriving Sunday morning the draw will be 7.30 and fishing will be 8.30 to 1.30.
Sunday 10th October “A” Section
4 managed to drag themselves onto the top of the meadow with a season first appearance by Middle Earth Sam Whellens plus Postman Paul, Compo and myself with others in Leeds, Budapeest and one recovering from his daughters wedding numbers were limited.
Bright sunshine still gin clear but running hard meant it was not a red letter day but fish were caught, I drew 12 which is always a good swim and caught 82 fish but with the Bleak being a nuisance my weight was 7lb 4oz and the win, the worm is not working on the Meadow much and the vast majority were silvers mainly Roach and Dace which is good to see.
Compo and.Sam drew with 3lb 4oz each and Paul from peg 11 recorded a DNW which was very surprising as Senior had 9lb of good Dace and Raoch from the swim on Friday when me and him had a little go in the morning.
Next week I will be ringing manager John at the Pike & Eel marina to see if we can have a go so watch this space it will be with the usual caveats that these matches in both the Pike&Eel and Jones later in the season are for matches only and are aimed at those who have fished throughout the year in the St Ives waters in matches..
A bit about the weekend
As the book shows us on “A” Section this week that is where we will be maybe for the last time this year. the forecast is sunny and mild with overnight mild weather as well. I am going on the meadow somewhere on Friday for a practice with Senior Sick bloke and we shall see.
I have checked last year and we did not get into the Pike and Eel marina until two more weeks time, but, I will try and get us in next week if possible, the usual arguement being we cannot fish in these places until all the boaters retire to their fireplaces for the winter and with this weekends weather forecast, marina’s  will be inundated with people going for a drive in there big posh sea going cruisers, not bitter at all as you can see.
7.00 draw at the top end of the meadow for those who care, be there for 6,45 please , the draw time will change at the start of November
As a last thought please confirm your attendance on Sunday to me so know who we are expecting on the day.
Sunday 5th October B Section Big meadow
There are some days when staying in bed was the best option this was one of them, only 3 fished obviously the word had got round how hard it was going to be. So. Breamy Compo and Me sat on Nobles field looking like 3 not very wise men and proving it. The river was running hard, rising and still gin clear, a nasty wind was blowing with the only saving grace being that it was vaguely behind us.
As to the fishing well I won with about 2lb 3 Perch on the feeder and then 20 close in bits although I must say that there were a lot of small fish and I could have had several lbs of them if I had spent the time on it, Compo was second and struggled with about 8oz of small bits with Breamy third struggling even more with 2 small perch but he did snap up on what was probably a Tench as we did see 2 roll
Lots of weed was coming down in the extra water so distance feeder fishing resulted in a washing line of weed for the first 3 hours then the weed disappeared and that was a bit odd but still we were out getting the fresh air and who wants to lie in anyway.
This week, watch this space, this is that odd time of year when the river might fish might not and we know that the Meadow switches off for the winter period unless we get the mild weather with the chocolate water and for some period of time so that the fish get used to it.
I am going to make one or two enquiries about other venues so it will be posted on here for next week sometime in the next couple of days
Sunday 26th sept Anderson cup Meadow Lane
Awful really, the weather was nasty high winds and rain plus the 2 previous nights had been very cold for this time of year and it was just past full moon, could hardly be worse for an Autumn match, well it can be worse add in a shallow venue with very clear water and little stream just to top it up.
As to the winner, Moaner with 4lb 13oz of small Roach and Dace from the Sleeper swiim with me second with 3lb 4oz from one of the slightly deeper favourite swims perch and Eel small Dace Roach and Gudgeon but no consistentancy in the catch rate. Last years Champion Nevey managed third from peg1 with a big Eel and small bits for 2lb 14oz.
And that Ladies and Gentlemen was all she wrote with all the rest with a couple of lbs or less, however I would say having spoke to others who fished varying venues at the weekend it was bad all over not just where we were.
Next week I think we will have ago on “B” or “A” depends on the wind and rain and general conditiions, either way 6.45 at the top of the meadow and we will go from there. Please call and let me know if you are coming.
Sunday 19th September “A” section
So, after all the big boy matches of the last couple of weeks we now revert back to the old bread and butter stuff, Not everyone fished the last two weeks so it was no surprise to see a good turnout of 8 people, loose discription, on the bank for Sunday.
Overcast and mildish it screamed Tench and Perch and so we all caught, well to be honest very little really, hardly a bonus fish to be seen. Compo drew well on 12 and managed several Perch early on up to 8oz and then fished the whip for small stuff and weighed 5lb 5oz for second on the day. In 11, Senior Sick note has a golden arm at the moment, for two weeks running the best swim on the river but you have to catch from it and he managed 6lb 3oz for the win with fish on the Waggler, long and short pole plus complaining about the downstream wind so much he would have given Moaner a run for his money and guess what I was in 10 and had to listen to it plus get my backside handed to me as I managed 3lb 11oz of, would you believe it, mainly Gudgeon, not a fish at 14.5m and for the second week running not a bite on worm. Still, and because I know he is waiting for this, well done Senior but Arsenal still won’t win the league.
Further on, Breamy failed in 9 with a couple of lbs and the Bombardier and DNW were worse in the next two swims, Moaner and Postman Paul were in peg1 and 2 and Paul managed 1lb 5oz of worm caught Perch, mainly small then with Moaner catching tiny bits but a lot of them for 4lb 14oz and third.
So what went wrong firstly still gin clear secondly we have hasd some cold nights this week which are the first of the year and can and does but the fish right off. However the plus is lots of Gudgeon in the river, I must have had 50 and Compo similar with small Chub and small roach also around. the downstream wind made long presentation very difficult so the weights are ok for the conditions but hard work for those who fished.
Next week the annual Anderson cup match on Meadow Lane, I would like to see a good turnout for this match as Mr Anderson senior who ‘s cup this is was one of the landowners who allow us access to fish and his family still do.
The draw will be 7.30 and fish 8.30 to 1.30 so down the lane for 7.15 please gents, as an afterthought if anyone knows Steve Anderson’s phone number could they let me have it or just nudge Steve so he knows the match is Sunday (26th Sept)
Bits of everything really from the last 2 Sundays
Suffice to say I was not here for the open which, I am reliably informed was won by Breamy with 11lb odd with a couple of Tench and bits so well done to him. about a dozen fished which is a poor turn out really about several were away not least due to the cock up on dates, my hand is up for that one so apologises all round.
This week 5 teams fished the teams of 4 and in the last couple of years for some reason St Ives have performed very poorly which on our own water is not good,Peteborough won the teams match with the individual winner as well with nearly 10lb opposite the rowing club with Bleak and then late Roach on hemp. there were several 9’s and 8lb’s but with 3 of our team coming last in their section we could only count on Moaner who managed 2nd in his.
So, glad all thats out of the way then, this week its a club match on “A” and next week we have the Anderson Memorial cup down Meadow Lane the only cup we still present and this is done on the day on the bank, I would like to see a good turn out for the Anderson match as Steve Anderson always brings at least 6/7 people and we should at least match that.
If Nevey is reading this we need our cup back for the match, as I don.t have a contact number could you give me a call
Sunday 20th Sept at the top of the Meadow for 6.45 please let me know you are coming unless I have already been told.
Sunday 29th August “B” Section
5 managed to wake up for the match well 4 actually with Steve Cox thinking it was a 7.30 draw and was fashionably late. This was a bit of a last minute effort based on the cock up mentioned below but with the river running very hard and some colour in it,. although not much, it was always worth a go to see if the bream had moved in.
I won with 13lb 2oz, 3 Bream early on and a later Tench plus some odds and sods did the trick with Steve “fashionably late” Cox in second with 5lb 1oz witha Tench and a few bits. Breamy had one skimmer lost a big Perch at the net and smashed on something even larger , which with his gear I assume can only have been one of the great Whale species.for a total of 3lb 10oz and third. Moaner chucked his 2lb of Perch back and guess what, moaned. Postman Paul struggled and after his DNW waxed lyrical about fishing for Pike on the drains and it can’t come quickly enough for him.
Several no shows for holidays and the like and with next week being the county Individual and the following week being the Teams of 4 the smaller club matches will not kick back in until late September but who knows, what I do know is that this morning, Tuesday, the river is as clear as a bell again so thats the Bream chances much diminished until we see the chocolate water stuff.
A reminder bit
For those who are, I need a call to confirm fishing on Sunday. I would just note that the river is up and running with colour just starting to add and could, and I do stress could, be ideal for some Bream bashing on Sunday on the Meadow BUT I have been wrong before andf no doubt will be again.
Check the bag for the 60 gram feeders and heavy groundbait and who knows, it might be good as its been so long since we have had any colour in the river I would think the Bream have forgotton how to feed in daylight hours
Coote Cup 2010 results
Sad that I am I have calculated the overall results for the Thursday evening Coote Cup series this year and they are as below
1st C Geeson    15pts
2nd T McGregor 12pts
3rd P Ashcroft     9pts
4th C Leach         5pts
5th J Malling        4pts
6th A Peters        2pts
7th M Andrews    2pts
8th A Nesbit        1pt
9th J Whitehead   1pt
I used my own system to score with 3pts for a win 2 for second and 1 for third, The standard of fishing and the catches made off the Meadow proved that for a 3 hour match good weights are still possible and it also proved that if you don;t fish worm you don’t win or place which demonstrates quiet graphically how the river has changed from maggot and Castor to worm and castor.
Cock up on the dates front
Not sure who is at fault but it is not Duncan Ray the HAJAC man so its either Pete Milburn or me but suffice to say this Sunday is NOT the County Individual. So the changes are this week is a club match on the Meadow meet at the Hemingford end at 6.45 for a 7 draw fish 8 til 1 as normal. The County Individual is now on the 5th Sept with the teams of 4 on the 12th Sept, draw details and meeting places will follow in due course.
I have no idea how the match went last Sunday as I was in Ireland with Senior, Compo and Mr Crabtree, I will no doubt find out in due course dear reader and pass on the details when available.
Sunday 15th Sewells lake
This is going to be quick as I have no time am off to Ireland with Senior Sicknote to meet Compo and Mr Crabtree for a weeks rain feest.
Sewells fished so so with Moaner the winner with several good skimmers and back up from Roach Perch and an Eel for 11lb 4oz with the Bombardier second with some more good skimmers for 7lb Nick Marriott with a similar type of net but slightly less weight at 6lb 6oz. The skimmers were only in a few swims and mainly the deeper end with the exception of Moaner who obviously bought his with him in a flask.
9 fished 7 of which were our guys so a good turn out. next week is the same as this so be at the gate for 7.45.
The week after is the County Individual usually on the Dolphin Meadow and I think you might have to book a ticket if you want to fish, Stanjays should be able to tell you what is happening for that one.
“A” Section Thursday 12th August
The last rites for Thursday evening matches as this was indeed the last Thursday outing of the season. 5 turned out with several away or just about to go away and the fishing was only so so with a much cooler evening than of late with anglers being able to see their breath by 9.00 for the first time this year , not a great deal like a burning hot mid August day at all.
Breamy managed a win which was the surprise based on his form of late, but he drew well on 12 and had several Skimmers and Perch up to 12oz for a round total of 5lb, I managed second from peg 8 despite Moaner telling me from peg 9 that no one ever ever came anywhere from our two pegs, well, he was half right because he did’nt and I did with 3lb 14oz of Perch for second, just pipping DNW who had a big Perch plus smaller samples and some small skimmers for 3lb 10oz and third.
Moaner managed 2 lb 12 oz of Perch with the odd Dace and bits but our guest angler for the night Junior Milburn recorded a DNW complaining that he could not get through the Gudgeon and had about 30 of the wee things despite resorting to a distinctly Breamy tactic of  a size 10 hook and worm.
Sunday is Sewell’s and I have already received a warning from fleet Air Arm that the Bombardier will be attending so as to, in his own words, “finish the buggers” who survived the original blanket bombing of a few weeks back, for anyone who gets pegged near him bring the chest waders or you will be washed out into what remains of the lake once he completes his initial bombing run.
Meet at the gate opposite the football club at 7.45 for an 8.00 draw fish 9.00 til 2.00. pool costs are I think £11 and if you are not a Brampton member a £3 day ticket
Sewells 15th and 22nd August
Just to confirm these matches are on, meeting at the gates to the lake at 7.45 ish draw 8.00 fish 9.00 til 2.00, usually £10 to fish plus £3 day ticket if not a member, this is a very good lake for match fishing re Silvers, Nick the Secretary has told me that all their Tuesday twilight series have needed 10lb plus to win with roach now showing more than the skimmers but with the odd proper Bream or Tench showing up as well. Once again I need to know you are coming either let me know if you are fishing Thursday or give me a call on 01480 463193, these are St Ives/ Brampton members only matches.
Sunday 8th August “B” section and Nobles field
Mix and match on Sunday with a split match, 4 pegs opposite the Sea Scouts island and 3 opposite Nobles Field. Yet another newby turned up for a go, Steve Cox and I have been told I have got to be very careful re his nick name as this is a family site so I have delayed nick name approval until he shows some trait or other that I can descend on.
It was a very special day as Senior was air lifted in with aid of his personal medi vac team and he drew end peg and recorded a big DNW despite catching around the 3lb mark but that was influenced by me next to him as I had 11lb 6oz with a good Bream a late Tench and a dozen smallish Perch up to 6oz, I also lost a big Tench who was very upset at being hooked and I am not sure that it was’nt a foul hook but it looked 6lb ish and would have won me the match as I was second, Compo struggled annd then found a couple of Eels for 3lb 8oz and Coxy had a big skimmer and a few Perch for 3lb 4oz.
We then moved on to Nobles where Moaner had the best peg and recorded 12lb 8oz for the win with a Tench, 2 big skimmers a couple of Eels one big Perch and several small ones he also lost another Tench , Breamy managed 2 Tench with one of them being the smallest Tinca I have seen in our river for a long time at about 1.5lbs and a few bits for third with 6lb 12 oz but lost 2 Tench and had them rolling in his swim as well. DNW did what he does best (from the worst swim on Nobles it must be said) and that was DNW.
Sunny and warm with the water still clearer than the stuff coming out of the taps and we are still seeing Tench caught, I had my first one on at 11.00 and the one I landed at 12.45 and this is from swims where you could read your paper on the bottom from the bank.
Thursday is the last evening session for the season and weights have been very good in the main from such short matches. Meet at the gate at well before 5.45 if possible and we will start asap after the draw and fish to dusk which on a clear night will still be about 9.00 ish. Next Sunday we have the first of 2 matches on Sewells at Brampton this is to get us off the river  for a couple of weeks to avoid the August boat traffic but to be fair several of us noted the distinct lack of cruisers on the river compared to normal as usually this time of year is awful.
Details of the Sewells match will go on this site some time this week and I will need booking in phone calls from those who wish to fish and have not already told me..
Thursday 5th August “A” Section
4 stragglers managed to attend the last but one, for this season, Thursday evening match. We welcomed a new addition Andrew Peters, now known as Gordon the Gopher for nick name purposes, if you watched childrens TV in the early 90’s you will know why. Various excuses being thrown up by a few of the regulars for non attendance, Compo was in Bristol giving a talk on “muck spreading by hand” plus “diseases I have had due to muck spreading by hand” with Moaner moaning he was still at work and Senior Sicknote sending in a note from his mum that he was sick in bed and Nesie just not bothering.
However to the fishing, the Gopher drew peg 12 end and very good peg not bad for your first dip in the St Ives bag and struggled with missed bites until, as usual, the last knockings when he had a, relatively small for the Meadow, Tench and weighed 4lb 11oz for second and a cruel second at that for reasons which will become apparent as I was in peg 11, a recent non producing peg, and had 4lb 12oz for the win with a good Eel and Perch plus in the last 40 minutes a skimmer a chuck on worm up to 6oz, they are obviously in the swim the whole time but only want to feed when the light has nearly gone which is why we need rain and colour in the water so they will feed during day light hours.
Breamy, having spent £45 at Stan’s, armed with enough worm to start a war and new size 10 hook, yes dear reader, a hook you could put rope on and use as a swing in your back garden for children up to age 13, then managed to lose 2 good fish early on and weighed a sad 2lb 2oz from peg 10 which has won or placed in recent weeks, see peaked to soon, I told him, does he listen well he is starting to listen now because I keep beating him and he hates that nearly as much as when Compo beats him. He is going back to Stan’s for “real mans” hooks for this Sunday I assume they will be dropped off by container lorry at the Dolphin ready for use Sunday morning
In new peg 9, a peg that I look the look of, DNW managed 1lb 12oz and very nearly dropped Mr I’vepeakedtosoon into last spot but he managed to hold on to third by the skin of his teeth or 1 Perch whichever you prefer.
Sunday is another go in and around the Sea Scouts on “B” Section, last time the Tench were around and hopefully they are this time as well. Anyone coming let me know other than those I am already aware of and meet at the top of the Dolphin meadow gate at 6.45.
Sunday 1st August “A” Section
Only 4 made it for Sunday with Senior Andrews nearly making a comeback but failing at the last fence due to a break down in training and having to revert to his main hobby which is being the main cause of financial meltdown in the health service.
As to the fishing, pants really, day time stuff at the top end of the meadow is not so good despite overcast and mild weather I think the lack of weed in the section which although helps your run through does not help the fish holding capacity in normal light conditions.
I sneaked first from peg 12 with 5lb 7oz started well catching skimmers and small Perch with one good Eel but the bonus fish failed to happen for anyone and that was the main difference to recent matches. Breamy managed second on 11 with 2lb and much moaning just so we did not feel Moaners absence to much due to his house move. Postman Paul tried a newly accessable peg 9 and scored third with 1lb10oz and Compo from 10 recorded the immortal DNW which did not surprise me that much as I think 10 is an evening peg for when the light drops.
Next week Thursday is “A” section be at the gate by 5.45 we have 2 more left and then we move on to Sundays only, so grab a go while its still available.
Thursday29th July “A” Section
We are now in full holiday mode and several of the normal anglers, I truly hesitate ever to call them that, are away. We are now drawing to the end of the Thursday evening series with only a couple to go as the nights start to draw in but I would have to say the geneeral standard of the fishing has been good considering the lack of movement in the water and its gin clearness oft related to in this diatribe.
So last night 5 fished and taking the winnings was Moaner who is on a roll with an excellent mixed bag at 12lb 8oz with a Tench 2 large Skimmers several good Perch and 3 big Eels, that was mainly worm then, from peg 10. I managed second from Peg 12 with an early Bream lots of small Perch a few skimmers up to 8oz and a big Tench 5lb plus for 10lb 6oz, I got carried away with seeing an early Bream and qiuckly dolloped 4 orange sized balls of worm and castor filled feed into the swim, WRONG decision, they want loose fed chopped worm and Castor.
In between on peg 11 Postman Paul had a DNW  due to the wights either side really as he said he could not see the point. The immortal DNW was on the worm peg 8 and had just over a lb but it was a struggle in that swim. Then we move onto Breamy, as any reader knows Breamy frets when he is getting his backside handed to him every week and usually from both sides of late, so, when he drew plum peg 1 his little eyes lit up and he was off like a scalded cat for his revenge on those nasty micky taking anglers ( that would be the rest of us).
One Bream one lost Bream and a lot of smallish Perch later he manages 6lb 6oz for third and stomped about the bank proclaiming to all who would listen ” I don’t care at least I caught a Bream” which is important to Breamy as he was sliding perilously close to becoming his alter ego ” the Artist formally known as” so at least he has put that indignity off for another week.
All in all good fishing for a short match, and if it would run and get a bit of colour I think it would be net filling time, but thats not going to happen any time soon by the look of the weather forecast.
Sunday we are on “A” which is the first time this year for a Sunday match so 6.45 at the gate and please let me know if you are attending although the gates will be unlocked for late comers at least until the sheep are put in the field
Sunday 25th B section
If it had stayed overcast the weights would have been better however we fished opposite the Sea Scouts Island with Tench being caught by five of the six that fished with Nesie being the odd man out and recording a DNW despite having 20 or so smallish Perch in his net. Moaner was the winner as he had two Tinca’s with some Perch a nice Rudd and a few bits for 11lb 4oz. Compo on the other hand seemed to have lots of fish on, suffered with Pike interference a lot and snapped up on two big fish from opposite the sea scout entrance where there is a hole a couple of feet deeper than the surrounding area and a natural holding spot for fish, he finally weighed 8lb 0oz for second.
I on the other hand struggled missed many a small Perch which kept nipping the end of my worm. I had 2 nice conditioned 6oz Rudd and a dozen Perch but managed a late face saving Tench just after I put a smaller hook length on, as always, and after much struggling and various derogitory comments from those around me such as Breamy’s “swing it in” which he was serious about because his gear would do it, I managed to land the beast for a total of 6lb 11oz and third once again slaughtering Breamy from both side as he had 5lb 12oz despite his Tench.
Once again good weights considering a very hot and, at times, sunny day with heavy boat traffic at times.
Thursday, 5.45 at the top end of the meadow and pray for rain and cloud cover
Thursday 26th A section
Late putting this on so apologises to all and sundry. Thursday was a full house of 8 fishing with Jnr and Snr Milburn taking part. Trying to keep 8 on the top end of the meadow is difficult and a couple of poorer swims had to be used but never mind. As to the fishing, DNW in peg 1 had very little in his net and with 10 minutes to go the Bream showed up and he had time to snaffle two of the beasts with a few bits for 9lb 10oz and the win. I managed second from peg 10 with 7lb 14oz which I had in my net by 7.30 and the last 1,75 hours I was fishless with no idea why, however this was enough to “hammer” Compo in peg 12 who recorded 7lb 12oz, we both had a Tench and Eels plus one or two nice Perch with Compo getting a few skimmers as well.
More importantly between me and Compo was Breamy who was hammered both sides yet again weighing 4lb 10oz, I keep telling him about his peaking to soon, actually not a bad weight, but without the big bonus fish that you have to have these days to win. The rest was bits but for a gin clear river with no stream and a 2.75 hour match very reasonable weights
Sunday 18th July Sewells lake
I’ll give up on this prediction business, Sewells was pants on Sunday, St Ives exported 7 of our finest to hold high the flag and Brampton managed 2 of their own. Compo got his own back for the Thursday night debacle but taking the chequered flag 1st with 6lb of silvers with Nick Marriott second with 4lb 2oz of very small stuff. I managed third with 3lb 11oz of even smaller stuff and that was that.
Moaner moaned and had his elastic broken by something large, the Bombardier reduced the island opposite to small heaps of rubble and varying wild life waving white flags but the intended bream did not show.
Postman Paul drank lots of coffee ate lots of food and DNW’d whereas the one sweet area of the day for me was removing a nugget from DNW who managed a lot less than me in the next peg hoorah. Breamy recorded another poor one and will perhaps listen to me when I told him he was peaking far to soon pre season and has failed miserably for the last few outings, I, on the other hand, am looking to peak somewhere by Xmas 2011 at this rate
Thursday back on worm alley but I assume without flow we will not see the Bream but you never know. 5.45 at the gate please.
Thursday 15th July”A” Section
6 fished, Moaner was late and given peg 2 or 10 as default he chose 10 and promptly won the match on pole and lollipop float because it ran, yes somewhere someone had some rain and the water moved and we all know what happens when the water moves on the Meadow, the Bream prick up their ears and noses and go looking for grub. Moaner had 3 and lost one for just over 12lb with back up from the odd Perch Roach and Eel.
In peg 12, one of the favourite pegs, Nesie managed a couple of big Perch some other bits and pieces and one smashed rig with a fish that stretched his elastic like a washing line across the river before parting company with a cheery wave and a chorus of ” is that all you’ve got mate” he managed 5lb 6oz for third which is still a fair weight for a 2 and threequarter hour match. Breamy in the middle of Moaner and Nesie on 11 had an even worse day and with barely 3lb got hammered from both sides, happy, he was not.
Compo had peg 8 which is a deep worm swim, Compo had one of those days where you just think that God hates hobbits, firstly he broke his pole on 2 sections for no discernable reason and then he used his “Yank and bank” pole and broke that as well for once again no discernable reason. When he did fish he had a couple of Eels one good one and lost a 4lb Bream which with the odd Perch he caught would have put him second but on the day unhappily he tipped it all back as he was not in the frame, and went home mumbling that he was an OAP and it was’nt fair that God picks on Hobbits etc,etc.
I was on 7, once again deep on the inside, an out and out worm peg, I had the odd Perch up to 6oz and then a 1lb Eel, for the last hour when the stream picked up I went on the tip and had 1 good Bream and got snapped up by something that got very angry when I hooked it and one unfortunate side effect of fishing under a bush is the bush is still there if you hook a big fish, I have a feeling that it was a very big Eel as we have seen several hooked recently but very few landed. Anyway I managed 6lb 9oz for second on the night.
Postman Paul our Iraqi man had peg1 all to himself and cocked it up in the grand manner with a did not weigh, I must admit I thought 1 would frame if not win.
Our river is now completely turned to a worm base, big fish hunt on a Thursday night as very few silvers are present (and we all know why), but the head of Bream Tench Eels and Perch now means you must look for them and the waggler is almost redundant as an option for these short matches. However 12lb 6lb 5lb is a very reasonable return for such a short period at least in a river it is.
As an aside I also managed to sneak a practice on Sewell’s and had a fish a chuck on the whip for 5 hours with some very nice Roach in the afternoon on seed for 15lb plus. Very promising for Sunday, but thats been said before I do realise, however meet at the gate opposite the football pitches in Brampton for 8.15 at the latest, draw at 8.30 fish 9.30 to 2.30 but let me know if you are coming, Brampton have 4 fishiong and I have 5 definites and 2 maybes but if you are coming Brampton charge more for their matches and you will need a day ticket if you have not got a season ticket (day tickets are £3)
Details for next Sunday 18th, Sewells Lake Brampton
Nick, the Brampton club Secretary, has very kindly offered to run a joint StIves/Brampton match on Sunday at Sewells. At the gate for 8.15 draw 8.30 fish 9.30 to 2.30. bring a tenner at least for day ticket and pools. Nick tells me that last Tuesday evening was won with over 11lbs of silvers with 10lb plus for second which cannot be bad in a 3 hours match, it does fish well this time of year for skimmers, Roach and Perch with the odd big Bream or Tench as bonus. As someone who does not like commercial waters this lake is as good a natural venue for match fishing as you can find.
I do need to know numbers so let me know please text or phone.
Sunday 11th July Meadow Lane
7 fished with Nevey turning up for his annual match, we have one or two of the occasional match angler variety apparently the Bombardier Pankhurst made an appearance in my absence last week. In my infinite madness I decided to include 3 swims above the Chub Stream and mine was the furthest away, and it was not a day for walking fully loaded with kit, but a nice swim with a 6/7 foot of clear run down the middle in which I started well with Dace and small Roach I then had an 8oz Perch and 12oz Eeel on the worm line, bonus fish down the Lane are a must and sadly they seem to take the form of big Eels currently, then the sun got up and the Bleak arrived in their thousands and I refuse to bleak fish so it became very scrappy and I managed 4lb 2oz which was third on the day . Postman Paul or worm man as he should be called had his usual Perch catch on the long wriggley things for nearly 2lb with Mr Late Arrival, Moaner who had gone up “A” section because he does not look on the web site or in his card, Numpty, catching nearly 3lb but losing a big bonus Eel which Moaner said went 3lb plus.
The armchair anglers below the old river were DNW who had a couple of lb, Nesy with 3lb plus and a moaning Breaming who walked the bank for an hour and a half and still had over 5lb for second with Eels Perch Dace and Bleak and a small Roach or two, Nevie blew it from prime peg with a couple of lb leaving Compo winner yet again, he is annoying Breamy immensly as he keeps taking his fag money, with over 8lbs of mixed bag with some bigger Eels, good Perch, small Roach, Dace and Bleak plus even one or two Skimmers up to 4oz towards the end of the match.
We are going to try to get into Sewells at Brampton this week, if we do I will need names as usual so text or ring please, I have been told it is fishing well and as we are blessed with the Dragon Boats on Sunday on the Meadow, still water with NO boats sounds wonderful. I would suggest that the usual match fee will also carry a day ticket for non Brampton members and I might sneak a bit of a practice later in the week if the match is on. Thursday’s match will be “A” section as usual and now that the crop on the field has gone we might spread down depending on how many turn up. be there for 5.40ish gentlemen please as we want to start on time with the nights drawing in it will be Xmas before you know it
Lads, a quick bit for Sunday
A couple of things for Sunday firstly meet at the entrance to the lakes at 6.45 so that we can draw on the bank at 7.00 and secondly bring your wheels and platforms if you have them as I intend to put a couple of pegs above the Chub Stream, if there are the same deeper water pegs as were there last year, so a couple of us might need to walk 50 yards and some are not as fit as they should be. By doing this we will all be fishing the same stretch and not with “billy no mates” anglers down towards the old bridge like last time, that was me and Postman Paul.
I also think, considering the stretch below the lock is on our card and never match fished, its time we had another go, bank conditions allowing of course.
finally could you wonderful users of telephones or texts, I’m not fussy, let me know if you are fishing Sunday so we are not hanging round for the odd straggler at the gates.
All the other dates up to today, 8th July
Sorry about the recent lapse in information on this particular highway but I was away in Ibiza making shapes in the clubs and drinking Beer as you do, Cannot do tonight either as it is the wifes birthday and it would be more than my lifes worth.
Hopefully Compo who I left in charge, scary I know as he can only control vegetables but on second thoughts he should be fine with our merry band of neanderthals, has kept the match scene intact and I noticed some reasonable weights from “B” section last Sunday. This week they are on “A” section tonight and I shall rejoin at Meadow Lane on Sunday but I shall have to ring his Componess to make sure he has’nt let all the power go to his head and started switching venues just because he can.
Thursday 24th June “A” Section
At one stage before the draw on Thursday there were so many anglers milling about I wondered where they had all come from and why did they have to turn up on a Thursday when I have no time to organise things. In all seriousness it was excellent to see 10 anglers for a Thursday besides the usual suspects first outings of the century were enjoyed by Milburn Snr and Jnr with Nessie also turning up with a complete new fishing wardrobe and even the lesser spotted Spotty Whitehead coming back after serious illness so between him and Senior Sicknote we now know where the budget goes for the health service and why taxes are going up to cope. the trouble with 10 is trying to fit them in especially on hot nights as there is always some numpties swimming in peg18 and in this case camping for the night as well. ex Postman Paul drawing the literal short straw being next to all the noise. he was a predictable DNW and oh by the way the real DNW Smallhookzorromalling is yet to appear so far this season, this time due to being stuck in a French airport, the lengths that bloke will go to avoid paying £5 for a match fee.
Nessie was in 16 and like many others caught one or two through the match and then a bite a chuck as the light faded in the last 20 minutes which prove the fish are there and we need lots of rain and a few dull days to get anything like the best from the river. Nessie weighed 2lb 5oz but Milburn Jnr spotted even less than Junior Andrews recorded 3lb12oz from peg 12 mainly Perch with the odd better sample. The mighty Compo drew 11, good peg, and weighed 6lb 9oz for second with a few Perch, Eels and a nice Tench that would be mainly worm then. Sicknote was on 10, not such a good peg should have stayed on the small stuff but realising it would never be enough went after the bigger stuff and failed miserably at both weighing 12oz the crowing about beating me has stopped for the time being then. 8 and 7 are out and out worm pegs but neither peg could find a real lump bonus fish that you would need to win on the night and Moaner on 8 had 2lb 8oz with Spotty on 7 finding some bigger Perch and a big Eel for 4lb 5oz and third on the night, a triumphant return for the occasional matchman.
Milburn Snr sneaked a big skimmer late on when all of sudden Bream were all around us on pegs 1,3 and 5 but literally the last 15 minutes as it moved into dusk with really low light he wieghed 2lb15oz and Mr Hot Streak, Breamy in 3 failed miserably with 12oz, I knew the bubble would burst he has peaked to soon you see no stamina but does he listen, never. Personally I doubt there remained a fish within 20 yards of him after he took his shirt off revealing a body that has not seen daylight since 1976 when he had to have a bath, against his better judgement of course.
That would leave me in peg 1 a good peg made for worm, deep on the inside where for the first 90% of the match I had very little in fact with 15 minutes to go I had 5 small perch on pole and 2 Roach on feeder, then Bream rolling and bubbles everywhere and I managed to connect with a really good conditioned fish which must have been close to 5lb, next 4 casts 4 Perch one of which was over a pound to weigh 7lb 7oz and sneak the win. Very enjoyable night proving that warm nights and low light makes a different river even if it is very very clear.
10 fishing is an open, based on recent times so I will be interested to see how many turn up for what will be a very warm Meadow Lane on Sunday meet 10 to 7 at the gates near Mick Georges who according to his advertisement still skips, not much of a manly hobby but each to their own.
Sunday 20th June “B” Section
Well surely it would warm up by Sunday, not, it was bloody freezing, I had 2 pairs of trousers,T shirt, sweatshirt and coat on and did not take them off until I got back in the car at the end of the match. 6 fished again in fact the same 6 that fished Thursday so no new introductions needed.
Pegging was well spaced to say the least to try and get the deeper clearer water, myself and ex postman Paul was opposite the rowing club which is fine until the rowing club turn up and they are all their leaping about in their lycra by 8.00 which is ridiculously early in fact only stupid anglers are up that early on a Sunday as to the fishing Postman Paul had lots of new rods and reels and he seemed to unwrap a new one every 30 minutes throughout the match but recorded 6oz which I, having hammered out 35 fish, beat managing the princely sum of 1lb 6oz with 1 Perch of 4oz and 34 Dace for the rest that would be mainly small then.
Senior having drawn the last swim out of the bay sat like some heavily insulated garden gnome for 4 Perch and 12oz not good but more importantly after 3 reversals in a row I have restored the natural order of things and can sleep at night. Breamy, Moaner and Compo were on Church Hole well actually Breamy was with some bigger Perch for 3lb plus and second. Compo on the other hand had 1 Perch lost the rig on a boat and left muttering the usual early season banter ” no bloody fish left in the bloody river”. Moaner on the other hand ( thats lots of hands by now) had walked the length told everyone he had caught one fish, the smallist gudgeon he had ever seen, and this left a great deal of scope for some serious moaning which he does so well. On his return he then caught a Tench and a big Perch of 2lb 2oz and a couple of small Perch to record the win with 5lb 10oz which proves that his moaning can get a positive response if you keep at it and Moaner is a professional moaner the clue is in the name.
Thursday back on “A”, the forecast is a lot warmer for the week with more importantly warmer nights up to 14 degrees which is twice the weekends effort, I hope the Tench might be more interested as the water temperature improves and I assume the last hour will be the best hour which last week it was not in fact the last hour was the coldest hour and the expected late run did not happen except for spawny eyed Senior. Be there as early as possible draw 5.50ish and fish 6.30 until light fades.
Thursday 17th June A section
6 fished for the first one of the new season, water gin clear it was always going to be hard as the night temperatures are well down on normal and despite day time sunbathing weather its affecting the fishing.
The winner predictably Breamy with you guessed it one small Bream about 2lb a big Perch an Eel and a couple of bits for 4lb 4oz. second and yes, I do feel sick at this point, Senior who had all but packed up and then decided a feeder under the bush in deep water where the Perch might live would be a good idea, you think, last 5 minutes 1.5lb Perch to beat me, as he pointed out for the third time in a row oh the shame. Mick weighed 2lb 13oz of Perch I had 1lb 15oz of small Perch a couple of Rudd a few Dace and Bleak for third.
Peg 1 with Compo failed to weigh more than 1lb peg 2 with Moaner less than half of that, the mighty Paul the Postman made a re entry to match fishing and failed to score outside of 10 oz that is from the favourite peg 8 and that was that. It had got cold by 9.30 with coats going on flaming June it may be, flaming hot at night it isn’t.
Sunday is “B” section, hard is the word I’m looking for in expectation of a similar grinding match to find any fish, meet at Hemingford end at 6.50 and we will drive down and check out where to fish, I have seen fish topping opposite the rowing club but thats grasping at straws, as always time will tell.
Just a little bit
So I lied, Senior rang from Hospital, he was receiving an award for the most costly individual ever in the NHS, did I want to get a few hours in as it was first day of the season, running water, wagglers, stick floats etc etc. So, me and the sicknote are doing a fact finding misssion at the top of the meadow tomorrow and yes it will be great to get the old running line out and leave the pole in the car for once as that is the real thing as far as fishing goes in my humble opinion.
DNW, Compo and Mr Crabtree are over at Staffords Bridge, which is in Outer Mongolia and should fish well for Roach and maybe the odd Tench but a bit to far for a couple of hours and to be fair mid week on the Meadow is lovely as the boats are fairly low key in June and although I have no great expectations of the fishing (but as always you never know) just being there is enough and lets be honest first day of the season is a religous holiday as far as I’m concerned just don’t tell my office Manager where I am.
NO fishing this week but the big day will soon be with us
Its not really a headline at all more of a statement really, as usual the lovely coloured water that the river has had for the past 3 months is falling out rapidly to give us the usual first day and early season conditions i.e gin of the ginniest clear water. Unusually for me I shall not be on the bank first day due to the dreaded work committments.
The first match, as mentioned below, is a Thursday evening which with fading light might produce the odd surprise later on or more so if we get a flush through with heavy rain.However as always certain aspects will not change and a few of these are
DNW will forget stuff, and when I mean stuff I mean anything from Rods, Reels, bait and keepnets to where he lives
Breamy probably will win the first couple of matches as he is in a very hot streak and unlike last year may well keep his nickname as he has been catching Bream so far, he will also be wearing several layer of summer thermals as he has thin blood.
Senior Sicknote will cry off from fishing due to his health or lack of it, it must be worrying to have the grim reaper walking so close behind you that you can hear the swish of his scythe.
Compo will smell like his allotment and leave several matches early to go and sing to his lettuce’s
Moaner will be, well as nature meant him to be, moaning, personally I cannot wait until he draws peg16,17 or 18 on A section as you will be able to hear it in Needingworth.
Mini Me Myring will continue to get lost on “A” section until they cut the hay
I will draw like a drain for some time, as now I am in a rut, its good to set a trend early then I don’t get to disappointed with my 1lb 1oz usual early season weight.
Nevey will fish1 match, as usual, then go and lie down in a dark room for the rest of the season as he has overdone the fishing thing
Bombardier will ruin his and several surrounding pegs with an early grandbait barrage, if he really loses it he will probably flatten most of the surrounding countryside as well.
Mr Crabtree, our esteemed Chairman, will fish a couple of matches smoke a shed load of Bacca in his pipe and then go back to Ramsey to fish there.
In addition we will shout at Swans, Cormorant, boats, rowers, swimmers, dogs and know in our heart of hearts that the whole world is against us, but we will have a lot of fun and most of us would not swap any of it because its proper fishing.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the new season and tight lines to you all.
Sewells Sunday 6th June
Glad to get these 2 matches out of the way mainly because I have fished like a numpty and it does show when you fish against people who don’t stop fishing on the 14th March. 5 fished, Senior dropped out due to not enough people who could offer full medical services being available for Sunday.
Nick Marriott drew the corner of the shallow bay where a Bream shoal was in residence at least for a while and he had a good 30 minutes early on and that was that with 11lbs plus for the win. Breamy fished well for 9lb and second place, mainly on long distance waggler which not everyone can do any more in this world of pole fishing.  I also used the long wag but my only success was on feeder at range with 6lb ofn bits and 2 large skimmers.
Still, as I have said to Breamy he is using up all his luck before the season proper and I will have the last laugh or at least thats what I keep telling myself or its Ebay time again for the keepnets. So far Sewells has cost me one snapped in half shimano Antares feeder rod and this week I dropped my Shimano 2500 reel in the lake and it got slower and slower winding in as the day progressed, still a little bit of 3 in 1 oil seemed to sort it out, add to this that Breamy has taken 2 firsts and a second and all in all its been less than a great start. However, the glorious 16th looms large and we are on “A” section for our first Thursday evening match on the 17th June, meet at the Hemingford end of the Dolphin meadow for as close to 5.45 as possible draw at 6.00 and fish until dusk and may the bets man win i.e not me at the moment.
Just as an extra for the match fishing lads I will have this years licences with me on the first Thursday (£16) for anyone else licences are already available in Petzone in St Ives and will be available at Stanjays in Godmanchester this week.
Sewells practice wed 2nd June
Poor but not suprising, 4 fished and we should have gone in the shallow bay and did’nt, closest to the bay, a certain Mr Gowler, had Bream in front of him for 20 minutes, had 3 and a few bits for 12lbish for an easy win, Compo lost one and had a couple of late Skimmers I was the only one who caught on pole and had 22 fish and lost another 22 for about 3lb, mainly small then, Mr Crabtree had 1 skimmer yes it was tough.
HOWEVER, when we packed up we had a look in the shallow bay and there were Bream everywhere and I do mean all over it, several hundred in fact, on the surface as the sun had brought them up so yes we fished the wrong bit and yes I will tell the lads on Sunday where we need to peg the match.
So Sunday 8.30 draw  fish 9.30 to 3.30 same as last week hopefully without the wind and with all those Bream would be lovely, there is even a rumour that Senior has gathered his medical help and medivac helicoptor and will be attending.
Sewells match 30/5/10
I hate windy days anywhere and I hate windy days when fishing on a big lake even more so, so Sunday it blows a complete “hooley” as our Irish brethren would say. 7 turned up and the conditions were awful. The winner, Breamy again with 1 proper Bream and a few bits for 5lb 2oz, this fast start will come back and bite him on the bum once the river season starts, or at least it better, he’s earning a second wage from fishing currently and has more fags than he could ever smoke currently due to his new found wealth.
Nick Marriott had a few Perch for 4lb plus and second place and then nothing more than 1lb for the minor places. I think a mixture of a lot of cold rain coming in and a gale force wind made life very difficult. Now, I’m not a moaner well at least not as bad a moaner as Moaner and Senior Sick Note but I had the day from hell, second cast my Shimano feeder rod snapped in half for no reason and I had no other spare feeder rod with me which meant I spent nearly 6 hours wrestling with 11.5 m of pole which insisted it wanted to look like a bannana, I could not get a bite for love nor money on the inside and the worm line was out in the hurricane part of the lake, I hooked and lost 4 fish when after hooking the wind caught the pole and whipped it out of the water and stripped the hook from the fish, the last one was an 8oz Perch which I was just about to net having played the fish under water all the way in but as soon as I lifted the top set to land the fish the Perch converted into a kite and I was played a flying fish for a fleeting second before the hook gave up the ghost.
By the end of the match I had lost the will to live and both my arms had died about an hour earlier, it was better than a full gym workout. I threw my 2 Skimmers and 1 Perch back in disgust.
DNW DNW’d and was worried about breaking his new pole and the other Brampton lads struggled and all in all it was a big disappointment
but never mind another practice is scheduled for Wednesday with the mighty and great turning up with Compo, Senior and Mr Crabtree plus myself The Marriott and legend in his own lunchtime the Gowler in attendance, hopefully the great wind will be restricted to Compo’s bottom area and the warmer weather forecast might and I do emphasise might make the difference again and the fishing will improve, as always we shall see.
Sewells Practice match
In the end an intrepid 4 turned up for the first proper thrashing of water of the year ( I cannot bring myself to say new season because my traditionalist heart says that isn’t until the glorious 16th). The water was warm with a fair right to left chop on it. Nick spaced us out so that we could get a feel for which part was fishing the shallows or the deeps or neither or both.
DNW started off like a house on fire with big Perch Skimmers and bits whilst I in the next swim watched and caught diddily squat on the pole, Breamy went out on the feeder and had the odd small skimmer and Nick in the shallow bay caught small stuff from the off. DNW caught fish for the first couple of hours and lost several large things which all stretched his string, Bream slime all over the line in one case being a give away as to what the culprit was. Breamy being on a hot streak, recent 1st and 3rd at Pidley, drew the deeper water and after accepting he was not getting among the Bream which he loves reverted to the pole and caught Tench which he also loves in fact he loves all fish that help him take my coin. 3 Tench and 8lbs of bits for 23lb plus, good weight on the day and more than enough for the win.
Sneaky Marriott in the bay on the shallows had a proper Bream a nice Tench and bits for 13lb 4oz which to my surprise as I thought I was last, just beat me with 12lb 10oz with one proper Bream and some nice skimmers up to 1.5lbs all caught on long range feeder which I did not start until 2 hours of fruitless pole fishing, its always the way isn’t it , this left DNW weighing about 8lb and really regretting 3 lost big lumps that could well have put him in contention for the money.
All in all a really nice day out everyone caught and all areas of the lake seem to have started fishing early after the recent hot weather, I would also suggest that the fish may well have spawned as all fish that we had seemed clean and none were carrying spawn at all.
So we look forward to the first match on Sunday draw 8.30 fish 9.30 to 3.30 I actually do look forward to it which means it will be awful because thats the rules when you think its going to be good.
Sewells practice match Wednesday 26th
Match draw 8.30 fish 9.30 to 3.30, Nick tells me that one of the local anglers had some Bream out of the shallow end last week which is promising. 4 St Ives members are booked in to the practice and 5 for the match Sunday, so far, Brampton are providing 2 or 3 as well on both days so an interesting little match. It will at least brush the cobwebs off for those among us who have not been fishing regularly on the commercials in preparation for the glorious 16th.
I noticed that Breamy had a result at Pidley last week clearing out several of the great and the good in the process. Its good he gets that out of his system before he starts fishing the river so that he will have also used all of his fishing luck up prior to the real season starting. That will be him and Senior relegated to minor places and gives me more chance to take the cash.
Bramptom match 30th May
Nick has now given me times for next Sunday Draw 8.30 fish 9.30 to 2.30. I do need to know who is coming so please contact me if you wish to participate. We do intend to fish it mid week to see if anything is moving so hopefully with all this forecasted increase in temperature over the next few days it might get the Silvers moving up into the shallower water and help the weights.
I walked the length of the Dolphin meadow yesterday at lunch time and was pleased to see lots of small fish, hopefully last years new generation have survived the winter floods and we will see them in the next couple of years as a new Roach stock, I still doubt it with the predation but you have to live in hope.
Ring me re the match
A Brampton bit
Nick Marriott, Secretary at Brampton has confirmed 2 joint pre season matches at Sewell’s lake for those who may wish to hang a line before the glorious 16th.
30th May and 6th June are confirmed, both Sundays, with timings to be announced, Sewells does fish better the hotter it is and June might be a bit early but we haeve had some good weather and we might get some more, £3 peg fee if not a member but the Brampton book is only £20 and Sewells can be a great haven during the hot months when the boat traffic makes the Sunday mornings very difficult at times.
This is not a Carp puddle it is a proper natural lake on the Hinchingbrooke park and at its best is full of Skimmers, Roach and Rudd with big Perch Tench and Bream around plus some very big Carp, for matchmen it is a proper silver fish lake and very comfy to fish with 5/6 m whips to hand being very popular.
As mentioned below we also intend to fish a couple in August to get away from the rowers, DNW will be pleased.
AGM 29th April, Thursday commencing 8.00 pm. venue The Dolphin Hotel St Ives and a bit of fishing
The good men and true gathered for our annual discussion of all things relevant to the angling club, 10 attended with Moaner in the Maldives no doubt telling all and sundry that its to hot and he was in the wrong water villa and why does he always get the wrong one etc etc etc.
However on the decision front the cost of permits remains as per last year so thats my Maserati gone for another year. We have also agreed to have a bit of a pre season bung in Sewells lake at Brampton with 30th May and 6th June as provisonal dates and a couple more in August to get a rest from the river traffic which gets diabolical at that time of year.
On the fishing front I picked up the rods for the first time yesterday at Pidley with the esteemed Senior Andrews for company after he was medi vaced to the lake with usual; medical team in attendance. NIce days fishing shame about the rain late on but enjoyable none the less. Senior thrashed me 50lb plus to 30lb plus as he went Rudd bashing for 4 hours and had a good 20lb plus of the red fins up to 10oz. I struggled until the afternoon when the feeder was produced and this worked well for the last couple of hours and at least made the result look less awful from my point of view Small Carpto 3.5lb 3 Barbel and a Tench made up my net and the Barbel are growing with one specimen being 2.5lbs and fought like a Carp twice that size. Mick had Rudd, lots of, and a few Carp in between all on maggot and usually up in the water using his top 3 only.
So, the first fiver goes to Senior and thats a trend I have to nip in the bud very quickly, I still think he has used up a whole seasons luck in one day with foul hooked fish landed and winning the draw as well but I am not bitter, not yet anyway.

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