Matches 2011/12

The end is nigh
Wednesday 14th last day 6 fished with DNW ending the season in a blaze of glory with just short of 30lb with Tench being the main fish. We all had a few with Breamy at 20lb and second Compo with 4 Tench for third but mainly smaller much as my 3 Tench for fourth and Sam a couple from peg 6 with The Bombardier also getting a couple all in all not the worse day in the world for fishing but not glorious either. in fact the high light was Compo’s announcement that he had had a dodgy tummy from a nasty curry and had just followed through on his box which explained why he was now sat 3 inches higher than previous. The steam coming off his general area should have been a give away plus the facts that all flowers within a 5 yard circle had immediately shed their petals and birds refused to fly over the contaminated area. I fully expected to see a biological fall out team arrive in full anti contamination suits to clear up the area. Instead Compo’s answer was to shed the aforementioned underwear turn them inside out and back to front and put them back on,GROSS.
Thursday we nicked an extra day based on the stupid what is classed as still water rule and does not have a close season because of it. A very frustrating  day as one peg  creamed it with the Bombardier in situ for 30lb again with the rest of us looking at him and not catching. We introduced two substitutes one of the bench in No2 and one out of the intensive care unit at Hinchingbrooke Senior ” there is not an illness left for me to catch” Sicknote. In fact Senior lost and missed several and could have given the bombardier a run for his money but Senior being fresh out of hibernation was still a bit slow on the uptake. The rest of us, very little, Torban managed a Tench and a good Perch but the rest of us did not amount to very much at all and we shuffled off in disgust glad for the rest that close season brings.
So thats it another season in the bag and what have we learnt, we learnt Stan floats but his fishing gear doesnt we learnt Compo creates his own compost and digs his underwear into his allotment to get best use of his soiled pants. We also learnt that Senior is now the total NHS budget and if he dies this country will return to former glories but he would have to be buried near Cheynobel due to his drug stream where his blood used to be possibly leaking into the ground and contaminating it.
Things we come to expect from the new season would be Breamy peaking to soon as usual and winning several matches in Sewells before falling apart later in the season. DNW progressing to winning a match on A section something he has yet to do and Compo fishing a couple of hours on the first few Sundays before disaappearing down the allotment to commune with his Lettuce.  Senior will fish when the temperature reaches 85% or more so his hands stay warm and rarely seen things will fish the odd match Coxy, Spotty Whitehead, Nevey etc and as always very welcome they will be.
So thats it, for those who are regular readers of this rubbish get a life and for me I am going for a lie down in a dark room for some while and then clean the gear probably to venture into the world of the dreaded commercial on the odd occasion but as always this is not my idea of fun. Tight Lines to all who continue to fish through the close season and commentary on the weird and wonderful that is St Ives Matches will recommence in due course.
Sunday 11th the spit
Sun was out lotion was on the bald head to protect from the rays and on the intrepid 6 went. winner by a military mile and ruining my and several other peoples day was Breamy with 5 tench a couple of big Perch for a nice days fishing and nearly 30lb everyone else was pants. Sam had a Tench and a couple of good Perch for 10lb I had a Tench in the last 5 minutes for about 5lb ish and that was it. The Bombardier one perch DNW one Perch Compo no bites let alone a fish.
Theories abound and will be tried on Wednesday as we have an end of season effort for the great and the good plus in many cases the sick and infirm if they can get there, all hail the mighty sick note with a new ailment for the NHS to spend its dwindling resorces on, a bad back, some might say if you lay on something for too long its bound to hurt, nuff said.
Wednesday AM is full 8.00 draw and fish 9 til 3 with a similar situation on the Thursday as the marina is classed as still water and the boats don’t go back in to the weekend you could in principle fish it all year round and I know because i asked the Environment Agency to confirm which they did as long as you are not within 20 yards of the river, have you ever heard of a more ridiculous set of rules in your life.
Best of luck to all who venture out for the last week for a final effort before the rod hanging ceremonies.  .
Sunday 4th march the spit
Well it rained and then it rained and then it rained some more just in case we missed the first bit. we all got wet and cold as the temperature steadily dropped as the day went on. The fishing was hard and the Tench difficult to find but the Roach did feed if you could find a few with the Perch not showing hardly at all.
6 fished with the winner being me with 2 Tench 1 good 12oz Roach and 15 or so smaller Roach for 11lb 13oz with the much improved DNW in second with 2 Tench and a Roach or two for a big 8lb plus. Senior had 6lbish with one big Tench last knockings and a couple of bits. Breamy failed miserably and Torban out Jonahed himself with a lost Tench a couple of Roach and a reasonable Perch. Bombardier had a couple of lb of Roach and that was all she wrote.
So yet again promising much and delivering not much but we live in hope last week of the season and all that, temperature is supposed to rise by the weekend. Saturday’s temp in Huntingdon is 13 degrees with 8 degrees overnight so it could be good, Whats the point really, I have no idea it could be good it could be crap and often is but its the last throw of the dice for the Sunday angler so thats that.
The list for Sunday confirmed is currently
Sam, he of the middle earth
Senior Sicknote
NO more room is available so the line up is confirmed. 8.00 draw fish 9 til 2 and if there is a god, mild, overcast a gentle breeze and NO rain hail or Snow please.
Spring is sprung
How do I know because the mighty Senior Andrews is fishing tomorrow, obviously written permission has been sort and given by his medical team and he has only been allowed out if a reheating capsule is placed alongside him in the case of extreme hypothermia which he is liable to suffer if the temperature drops below 65 degrees. Overcast and mildish tomorrow could be good, heavy rain for Sunday but mild could be also good but as per last week probably pants.
Its so sad when I’m right
At the bottom of the last piece you can see what I really think when the fishing gods seemed to be stacking the odds in the anglers favour. 7 bright eyed fluffy tailed and extremely eager anglers filled all available spots on the Spit Sunday and it was cosy to say the least. The colour was still there but it was very bright so the Perch were off the menu striaght away. The Tench were caught in very limited numbers with no real evidence of any shoaling going on as most were the more solitary males of the species.
Still it was a lovely day and a nice day for a good cigar, in fact considering the distance between bites you could have smoked a several foot long version and not been inconvienced.
The result, Bombardier end pegged fished at 14,5m loaded the swim with particles and had two Tench for 8lb 14oz to pip an unhappy Breamy with two Tench for just over 8lb after then it did’nt really matter but No2 had one Tench I had 1 Tench Compo had 1 Tench and a small Perch and Sam had one good Perch. DNW had his chance for one something but lost it to record a DNW which as he said on the day is now slightly unusual as he catches something most matches. In fact this week he managed to catch the floating island in the marina with his feeder and just missed his head when it came back after much pulling. Put into context I had one bite No2 had two bites and DNW had 1 bite and two little knocks on his feeder, it was hardly as Compo said “knicker wrenching” stuff.
This week same again names on the list as per this week with the exception of Senior Andrews as a newcomer with Compo not fishing this week. we mght as well retain the 8 draw for the rest of the season and fisyh 9 til 2 as per recent weeks. No forecast for how this will fish at all I’ve given up as it appears to be a law unto itself.
Anglers for next week
A good bit(ish)
So me and the bi centennial man go fishing Thursday because the sun was out and it was warm and the Spit fished well on the Sunday before. I walked down the Spit to see his majesty just catching his first tench of the day.All excited I kitted up and then spent 2 hours  watching the great one empty the place he had 25lb before I had a bite. So long story short I did’nt do that bad in the greater scheme of things, 3 big Perch with 2 around the 3lb mark and 5 Tench for about 30lb, good day I hear you say except the old git had 15 yes 15 Tench 2 perch and to top it all a Pike on an 18 hook that must have weighed 18lb and was in absolutely pristine condition. Total with all fish caught probably 90lb so yes I had my backside handed to me in a big way but it was lovely to see the fish finally coming out.
The reason seems to be that there is now a heavy brown algea on the marina and the water is now coloured like a flood is taking place.
Therefore optimism for Sunday is high and 7 trusty anglers will all attend and probably catch bugger all, 8 draw fish 9 til 2 guys and it is fully booked.
Sunday 19th the Spit
We fished a rover on sunday with 6 in attendance, 3 fished for the Roach 3 fished on the Tench side and the Tench side rinsed the Roach side. Breamy even had a Bream in a very good net of tench and Perch for a total weight of 36lb 9oz and a very convimcing win from Sam in the next peg who had an early lead of 3 tench before petering out and weighing 18lb 2oz. I was the other Tench side angler about 3 pegs away and managed two small perch caught down the inside for less than 5oz, oh the embarassment.
The Roach boys suffered, no sunshine, wind in their faces and no fish for quite a while. No2 played a big fish for 20 minutes on a 20’s hook and managed to land an 8lb Pike which obviously did not count and oh how we sympathised,not. No2 still had 30 small Roach for 3lb 9oz and that was a lot better than DNW with 1 Perch for 1lb 9oz although he did lose a Tench and Bombardier had a few small Roach in front of him for an hour and had a 1lb.
Next week with promised mild weather we are on the Tench side of the spit, all spaces are booked I’m afraid so no need to call
Less snow less ice huzzah
There is a danger that by the weekend we might even get to dangle a line in Jones, I have just checked the Met office and the next 5 days warm up as we go along with an expected 9% on Friday. This should see off the ice which must have got fairly thick in the last couple of weeks.
So gentlemen, gird your loins, shiver your timbers and prepare to do battle, or at least let me know if you are fishing Sunday usual 8.00 draw fish 9 til 2.
Less Snow but lots of ice still
Another no go week I think, the odd mentalist is talking of finding a bit of river to wet a very cold line on but once again people it won’t be me. Hopefully , because its now starting to irritate badly, next week the promised milder spell will kick in and we will all get a go. -4 tonight and day times struggling to get above freezing with -2 for Saturday night are very unhelpful in the ice melting department. Hopefully I will venture out again before the end of the season which approaches rapidly people.A nice mild 15% would be lovely for a couple of weeks with enough water to colour it up a bit, perfect world, no chance.
So it did’nt happen Sunday, I have had an email from NO2 saying him the Bombardier and A N Other went on the Cam for very little but that was a wipe out of a weekend which is annoying if you have just purchased £40 quids worth of bait oh that would be me then.
This week its in the lap of the very cold Gods as we speak the snow is melting reasonably rapidly but the nights are all minus numbers this week and Ice could take over from snow by Sunday and yet another week could be lost. As last week I suggest a phone call to myself early to note you are fishing and later Saturday to see if its on for Jones
As an aside No2, in one of his many other aspects of fund raiser at the Over and Swavesey angling club, has asked if we can put a team in for their quiz night 25th Feb. Teams of 4 minimum 6 max at £5 per head with a Bar raffle and silent auction of fihing tackle apparently. The quiz is general knowledge so that knocks two thirds of our membership out striaght away but you can still turn up for a diet coke and packet of crisps. This is for a good cause to enable the club to fit platforms on the river stretch that they fish. If you wish to attend please let me know
Further update Weather warning
We have real Ice problems at the moment and depending on whether the nice Mr Jones might break it up a bit, but if that does not happen Sunday may well be a non starter. I suggest all combatents give me a call first sometime Saturday afternoon/early evening.
Updated List for Sunday
I don’t understand why more people want to fish in the very cold but the list for Sunday now is
No 2
The Bombardier
So 8 in and thats alll she wrote folks, ice breaking gear a pre requisite although a thoroughly warm 7% is promised for Sunday. Roach side gentlemen and Breamy you can chunter on as much as you like but thats where we are fishing, he dislikes catching fish that look the same apparently.
Still Jones but not the Spit
Compo had a magnificent match with 250 fish for just over 20lb and a slaughter of the rest of us who attended. Breamy moaned a lot about his 8lb of roach with 1 good Perch and DNW enjoyed his 6lb plus with lots of small stuff again mainly Roach. Middle Earth Sam got the big Polarus float out and bombarded the area for 5 hours with 1 big Perch and a couple of bits for 3lb and bits. I on the other hand had a nightmare, fished it all wrong trying to catch on worm for 2 hours as it was very overcast and Perchy everyone around me had Perch and I could’nt catch one of the damn things. Having cocked that up I then proceeded to break my 14.5 section in half for no other reason than I lifted it up so thats £400 gone down the swanny. I threw back my two best Roach by missing the net and did catch eventually although the last in the line to do so. I was so annoyed with myself I threw back over 5lb in disgust not that it mattered taking into account we were only paying one and the great Compo had annihilated the field.
Next week. no idea really -4 being the night time temp on offer for Thursday and Friday, Ice breaking issue I would think and maybe Roach could still be caught and a hole will be required.
Fishing to date
NO 2
I have’nt heard but will assume Breamy, Compo and Sam will also fish Ice permitting.
Jones but not the Spit.
6 turned up but 5 fished as Breamy wanted to use his worms the rest of us sat at the car park end and all caught fish despite conditions which were eventually horrendus as opposed to just bloody awful to start with, the wind blew a hooley all morning.The bombardier caught more than most well over a hundred small fish on mainly whip for a winning 8lb with me second with 7lb but not daring to bring the pole out due to the rampaging wind and lots of iron work about me.
DNW had several nice Perch in a big 5lb but Compo had a bigger 5lb next to him with Sam suffering with 3lb on the end peg.
Just for the record Breamy had 5 Perch and lost 4 good fish so there were some about.
Next week Jone’s somewhere hoping against hope that the water rises and the colour comes in and the Tench and Bream have a go would’nt that be wonderful. If not Roach fishing may well prevail with a lot hinging on the weather I think.
As a final news item NO2 has been in france this weekend and has picked up 8 stitches and a broken nose the girl guide in question has been asked not to do it again but she did note that he kept leading with his face.
Hopefully all will let me know if they are fishing usual terms & conditions apply.
A Bit
So that those taking part are aware, the intention is to take a vote on which side of the Spit we fish Sunday and I would expect the vote to be heavily in favour of the Roach venue. I know Breamy gets humpy if he’s not on the big fish but the rest of us like to see a bite more than once an hour and the Roach are feeding with Compo and Middle Earth Sam both catching well in the week. I would add that weather conditions will also be taken into account as a fair wind is forecast from a WNW direction which could be ok for either side running right to left with no rain and 9 degrees, well thats the kiss of death for a forecast if I ever heard one expect Snow, Hail and typhoon Mary to show up on that basis.
Recorded as attending for this week so far
No2 on parental duties, I believe, so unable to defend his new title of “King of the small Roach” from last week. One place up for grabs
Ring me if you are attending.
8.00 draw fish 9.00 til 2.00
15th Jan The other side of the Spit
Second hand as this information is it is still good to confirm that the Roach long absent from the big fish part of the lake in fact nearly as absent as the big fish themselves this year. BUT, 4 fished Sunday and fishing in the area of water behind the spit No 2 took the honours with 14lb plus mostly smallish Roach with one nice Perch with Compo second on 11lb plus with the difference being he waited an hour to start catching and No2 did’nt he was in from the off.
Towards the car park end Breamy and Middle Earth Sam tried their luck and caught but to a much lesser degree with Sam managing 3lb plus having not had a bite for half the match and Breamy with over 5lbs of Roach as well. Considering the sunny day, gin clear water and big frost this is an excellent result and throws up the arguement of where to fish going forward I suspect we will be Roach fishing for the forseeable because unless we get some very mild weather or a flood to muddy the water I am struggling to see how the Tench fishing will improve or the Bream fishing will even start.
So this Sunday usual 8.00 draw fish 9.00 till 2.00 probably on the alternate side of the Spit depends on the weather and prevailing winds to some degree but let me know if you are attending.
The Spit 8/1/12
6 fished and it really is hard work for any Tench with Breamy catching the only one but what did show in the odd swim was Roach with Breamy the Bombardier and Compo all getting some. they did not appear until half way through the match and only at the one end of the spit so No2 and myself were well out of the running although I had a nice 12oz Roach on a bit of lobby. Our end in peg 1 & 2 was hard work but there were Roach in the marina behind us and even to the side in the little boat alley that seperates the two main sections. I heard a fish top and for the last 30 minutes dropped my pole line in the 3 foot of water and had a bite a chuck from Roach up to 3oz amazing but it shows the Roach are still there.
As to the winner Breamy with 8lb odd second the Bombardier with a big 5lb and third Compo with a small 5lb good fun for them a watching brief for the rest of us.
Next week will be on the spit somewhere Compo is in charge as I am having a day off, God bless you if you fish and hopefully you all survive the experience. 8.00 draw fish 9 til 2 but let me know if you are fishing as I will keep his compostness informed for numbers.
A Bit
Varying odd individuals had a go over the Xmas period I of course had my annual man flu ebola like illness amd still managed the smallish sweep stake on the spit mid week where middle earth Sam walked it with several perch and 3 Tench for approaching 20lbs, Breamy somewhat behind with a few smaller Perch and two Tench with very very little after that. a couple of others tried and had some perch and the odd tench but the marina is not fishing well and will not fish well until we get an influx of new brown water at which point I would not be surprised to see Bream and Tench being caught but as we do not ever get enough rain thats a pipe dream only at the moment.
Well then Sunday is the Spit again 7 spaces max 6 already booked usual rules on who can and cannot fish apply. 8 o clock draw fish 9 til 2 to try and get the warmest part of the day which at the moment seems to make zero difference, but who knows and certainly not I based on current personal performances.
Happy New Year and tight lines to all of us who angle
The Fur and feather
Junior Milburn one Perch a lonely orphan among fish about 1oz and worth £45 now thats an expensive Perch, 9 fished one bite says it all lots of nets going on E bay very soon.
Somewhere between Xmas and new Year I will ruminate on the season just going, not gone obviously, but highlights such as Stan the England mans swimming lessons on A section and the trible somersault off the back of his boat into my swim by an unnamed idiot rower do come to mind
Sunday this week Happy Xmas, we have a Thursday 29th December sweepstake unfortunately fully booked already draw at 8 fish 9 to 3 on the spit again the Sunday is gone with New Years day but we will start all over again the following Sunday with some of us getting desperate to put a fish in the net you know who you are No 2, and Pike fishing does’nt count not in our matches.
We still need that now fabled high brown flood water to get things going and if we get that plus the milder weather some spectacular stuff might and I do emphasise the word might happen
Happy Xmas to all and to all a goodnight and if by some terrible miss chance Compo is on your roof Xmas Eve night he’s nicking something not bringing present’s.Seriously, just for a minute of course, health and happiness to all and hoping that you have a great New Year, tight lines one and all
A bit
Entries for the Fur & Feather are as follows to date
No 2
Junior Milburn
Senior Milburn
Please let me know if you are fishing Sunday Yo ho ho ho and all that crap. also don’t forget slightly later draw at 8.00 so we can see what Compo looks like before we fish and get over the shock.
Sunday 11th the spit
As usual we get down to the valiant few this time of year with 3 fishing we had a bit of space on the spit. Compo drew highly favoured peg 1 and failed miserably with 1 Pike and I good Perch for a couple of lbs I had the middle swim and had Perch on the go from the off in fact the first 45 minutes was a bite feast with several lost and missed and a few caught as well, I also lost 3 good fish later in the match which annoyed me no end and got Breamy’s teeth out in a huge smile every time it happened. I finished with two big Perch, 2.5lbs plus each, a couple of 1 to 1.5lb and several smaller versions for about 9lb odd but not enough to trouble Breamy who managed two Tench and several small Perch up to 12oz for approximately 13lb plus and an easy win.
Next week is the Fur and Feather so come one come all and see Compo in his 200 year old santa outfit. we are on the Pike and Eel marina as is traditional plus any participants need to bring a draw prize. Due to the dark mornings we will draw at 8.00 and fish 9.00 til 2.00. I do need to know numbers for this so please let me know if you are participating in the general Bon Homie and seasons greetings, I’m even hoping Sicknote can get a morning pass from the hospital where he has donated his body to science because the Doctors cannot believe anyone that ill can still be upright and breathing and now believe he could house the secret to eternel life.
Sunday this week (11th)
Yes we are going on the spit even though recently very poor but apparently according to Fizz in Stanjays everywhere was poor last week. The forecast is 8% with light rain so overcast and a SW wind which is directly behind, who knows it might perk up. Compo Breamy DNW and myself are down to fish any others let me know.
Sunday 4th Dec The Spit
Compo said to me you wont have much to put on the blog this week, he won with 1 Perch. Next week, no idea yet. Humbug hate the weather hate the clear water duvee looks more attractive every Sunday morning.
Sunday 27th Nov The spit
7 fished enough room, just. No2 and David for the first time and it was poor unbelievably clear water and a strong sun made for poor conditions most of the fish being caught earlier on but still after a couple of hours as usual. Prime peg no 1 last in the bag for senior and he caught very little had Roach in his swim the odd smallish perch and that was all she wrote for the great sick one. David next door fared some might say worse with a couple of Perch and Roach and several missed bites. me next and a close run thing indeed with breamy in the next peg, Breamy landed a Tench and a couple of Perch I had two big Perch one going 2lb10oz and several Roach and small Perch but I also lost a Tench at the net much to the merriment of all concerned, they are always laughing with you never at you or at least thats what they say to your face. the upshot of this is that we both weighed 6lb 2oz for the honourable draw.
No2 had a couple of Perch early doors on the little used waggler or at least little used in the marina but could not follow it up and had a couple of lbs only with Compo taking a couple of Perch out on the tip for 3lbs and third. the final participent being Sam, he of middle earth, who managed to save his duck with a couple of smallish Perch late on when the sun ducked down a bit.
All in all very poor but with a bit more low cloud and a lot of rain it would and must get eventually better, unfortunately the nights are now getting colder according to the Met Office this week so we shall see.
The names booked in for next week on the Spit are
No 2
Unfortunately that means that all places are taken for this week usual draw times and start times, who knows it might even fish
The line up
as we are currently struggling to fit any amount of anglers on the spit it is restricted to seven for this week and they are
No 2
David Milburn
And I am afraid no amount of telephone calls will change anything, 7.15 at the back gates for a 7.30 draw with an 8.30 start as usual.
Sunday 20th the Spit
We all went for a practice Friday some pre baited and went Thursday, Tench everywhere Friday sam had 11 DNW 10 me 7 compo 4 plus big Perch good day all set up for Sunday and what happens freezing bloody fog and 1% when all week the Met office had set 8/9 at night 13 plus through the day, typical.
6 fished and to be honest  more than 7 will be difficult this year with the boats as they are. DNW drew his practice pag and had 5 Tench a load of small Perch and Roach for 28lb to knock everyone else out of the water however he could have had double the weight as he was sat on a shedload and it was very peggy with Sam in two only having 6lb 8oz with 1 Tench and a couple of perch. I managed an astounding 1 bite which was a tench I then lost so a big fat DNW for me. Compo also had very little and stomped off early something about compost corner etc. 2nd place was very close with Breamy having one big tench and a very small perch for 6lb10oz and third buit second went to Senior who had a tench two perch and one good roach  for 7lb 5oz.
Next week please leave the weather alone, 6 are already booked in one place left.
Sunday 13th November P&E marina
7 fished and role reversal for where the fish were happened again last weeks disasters were this weeks winners with me catching 25lb plus for the win lots of Perch, Roach and a few skimmers Breamy had a very good 19lb plus for second further along the same bank with moaner turning up for third with over 15lb next to me and moaning obviouisly that he was being done up like a kipper and could’nt catch big enough fish etc etc.
DNW caught but small for over 10lb and No 2 failed for once with nearly 7lb in the swim that won last week. When we arrived Cormorant were on the water and I think the fish had been herded into our end in fact where Compo and myself drew last week was alive with fish all day. talking of Compo he had peg 7 and caught for a while but the fish did not travel up to him for long enough and he threw 25 odd fish back all caught in a short spell when fish were topping in his swim.
So thats that we now move onto the big finale(maybe) in Jones for the next few months once again there are no spaces available as they have already been booked.
Usual dates and times for Sunday for those who are fishing.
Sunday 6th November P&E marina
As stated on match of the day this was a game of two halfs, unfortunately Compo, myself, Worms O’Toole(new name for postman Paul as he has’nt been an actual Postman for 5 years) DNW and Coxy were in the end with zero fish and Breamy, No 2 and Sam sat on a shedload.
However for the record Breamy won with 24lb with No 2 in second place ( see there is a symmetry to these nicknames)  21lb 12oz and third was Middle Earth Sam with 10lb 8oz. Compo and myself took an early bath we were right at the wrong end with 4 fish between us, the others all had a few but interestingly the fish had moved along and the red hot swims of the last two weeks just did not perform at all.
We have one more week in the marina and then things get proper interesting with the annual Tench fest on Jones (please if there is a god a wet and mild winter please). Places are already booked so no phone calls please it is way to late. This event has become as long winded as planning your summer holiday with anglers noting their interest in the summer. As previously said its an all year round attendance that gets you a place nothing else.
Places need phoning in for Sunday as I left early so let me know.
As far as I know
The list for Sunday is
No 2
Senior Sicknote
Middle Earth Sam
If any are not fishing in the above list please let me know at the earliest opportunity as we have at least 3 reserves currently for a place.
Sunday 30th October P&E Marina
Part two of the four week match feest, couple of last minute drop outs left 5 fishing with the winner being, wait for it, Senior who drew one of the two successful pegs from last week and had an excellent day recording 24lb 2 oz with quality Perch and Rudd in the mix. No 2 had the other prime peg and took second with 18lb 2oz and so it seems to be these two pegs and you win or second elsewhere is much harder work. We found a new swim on the same platform but Breamy had a bit of a Pike issue and struggled , if that is the right word, to 13lb 12oz of silvers and perch but less quality than Senior and No 2. Myself and DNW had a personal battle on the corner and after a 90 minute wait we started to catch, I had a good Perch line at the end of a boat and between some good Roach and skimmers up to 10 oz weighed 15lb 12oz for third with DNW managing 10lb 2oz for a very commendable last place, 10lb plus for last place is good fishing when its silvers and an average of over 16lb per angler is excellent.
This week, same again, 3 others are back so we will be at full compliment of 8 for the venue. I do apologise for those who would like to fish and have telephoned me but we are very restricted for numbers with people still sleeping on boats and turning up mob handed is not allowed
7.15 for 7.30 draw and usual quiet running rules apply
A further bit
Knowing how clever match anglers are in general, yes I am speaking to you Breamy and Compo, DO NOT FORGET the clocks change Saturday night and we get an extra hour in bed Sunday morning, if you arrive at the marina in the dark you have changed your clock the wrong way and will have a two hour wait, this, of course, is based on any of you owning a timepiece and being able to tell the time I do leave Senior Sickman out of this tirade as his life is run by clocks for his medicines, tablets, operations, clinical consultations and all things medical. Also No 2 as he has to travel to London to work which means he can read a train timetable which puts him way up the evolutionary ladder compared to Breamy who can’t navigate past Godmanchester with or without a map.
A Bit
I have had several enquiries regarding fishing on Sunday by anglers who do not fish very regularly with the club and have turned them away taking on board the limited numbers who can fish I do need to know urgently if you are attending the list below is current as far as I am aware
No 2
Middle Earth Sam
DNW Smallhookmarkofzorromalling ( to give him his full title)
I’m assuming Coxy and maybe Compo and if so 8 is about it I’m afraid. Discounting Bombardier and Moaner plus Postman Paul who re enters the shady world of Pike match angling from this week.
Sunday 23rd October P&E Marina
This is a difficult venue when you are trying to be fair in the draw because the fish shoal up and some get the fishing better than others as was demonstrated very well on Sunday. Compo and Coxy drew either side of the slipway traditionally a more than good draw but not today. Compo had 6/7lb I would think and Coxy less which on other days would be a good weight, but in this marina,it is not as was proved by Breamy and myself who were no more than 15 yards away with Breamy weighing 23lb 15oz for the win with me adding 19lb 12oz to the scales for second. Further down DNW managed 6lb 8oz of Perch and silvers but he was cleaned up by Postman Paul who sat opposite and weighed 10lb 14oz for third again with lots of big Perch up to a 1lb and a few nice Rudd and skimmers.
Breamy’s net was superb with a selection of good quality Perch to a 1lb and more importantly lovely big dog Roach to 12oz which I could not catch for love or money but I did try the worm and was catching him up on good Perch at the end.
The slipway pegs will come into their own when it gets really cold as the fish do shoal up tight in the marina when this happens, however I do not think that will be for the next match as the forecast is still relatively mild. So next week on the marina call me if you are fishing and much the same as this week we crept round without barely a noise so as not to upset those who still sleep on their boats.
Meet at 7.15 draw 7.30 fish 8.30 to 1.30 as usual
A Bit
So I rang my good friend John at the Pike & Eel who has kindly consented to our annual 4 match fest and the annual Xmas match for which we are very grateful. He also allowed a few of us in on Thursday for the usual “lets try and find where the fish are” practice. Suffice to say they are in the usual place close to the slipway. Roach, Rudd, Skimmers and Perch bite a chuck from start to finish for me but I was closest to the slipway end. Over 20lb by the end mostly small Roach and skimmers up to 4oz the odd better quality Rudd, Roach or Perch to 12oz and God was in his heaven, the sun shone, no seals came to play, we watched King Fishers flash by and fished 6 metres to hand on a whip in 3 feet of water which at certain times during the day must have contained 2 feet of fish. Sorry got a bit teary eyed there it was almost like the good old days on the river. Compo sat next to me and grumbled for 2 hours that he “could’nt buy a bite” and then they moved in and he had a bite a chuck and weighed somewhere over 15lbs of identical stamp fish as I was getting.
Middle earth Sam struggled for over 10lb yes people I said struggled for over 10lb and Senior Sicknote turned up for a couple of hours claiming to have forgotton his bait which 5 minutes earlier he had got out of his boot and put on the grass, however he did forget his groundbait and it became apparent that you really do need crumb to retain the fish in your swim. Mr Crabtree also came for a go tried a seperate section of the marina and struggled very badly even though when we packed up at 3.30 there were fish topping all over the bit he had fished in.
So for those who fish matches we are in the marina for a 7.30 draw fish 8.30 to 1,30. One caveat I must know you are fishing so contact me and please please be quite when you come for the draw as people are living on some of the boats and would not take kindly to an early morning wake up call from an angler any day let alone a Sunday.
As a final annual comment PLEASE NOTE the marina is not on our card and we are allowed in by the largess of our esteenmed President who owns the place so a big thankyou also goes to Rex Wadsworth for the permission he grants us each year.
Please do not ring me and ask if its all right to fish either the P&K or Jones marina because it isn’t, we are allowed to match fish only on these privately owned waters and those that surport the club at matches through the whole of the season are the only invited participents. Unfortunately in both cases the owners have had issues with anglers turning up without permission in the past hence the very limited access and as usual shows what a few disrespectful individuals can ruin despite years of building excellent relationships by the more caring anglers.
Thats enough of the soap box back to the fishing and may the best man win Sunday, as long as its me..
Sunday 16th Oct Meadow lane
We were only down the Lane due to dire warnings regarding rowers on “A” section plus thinking we would not suffer from cruisers as, lets be honest, its the middle of October. How wrong can you be it was very busy yet again. However 7 brave souls turned up and it was hard what with a frost and pure sunshine combined with the usual gin clear stuff to fish in it was always destined to be a bit difficult at the least.
I won with 73 fish for 4lb 1oz mainly Dace from Breamy who managed 2lb 3oz and despite moaning for England as to why and how he hates Meadow Lane was very pleased to pip Compo with 2lb 2oz. The Bombardier started catching in the last 5 minutes just a tad late I think and he had 1lb 4oz completely slaughtering Torban or No 2 as he is now known who weighed 1lb 3oz. Postman Paul also showed his face with a gap in his Pike matches allowing him to catch 1lb 1oz with only DNW recording a DNW, well , why do you think thats what he is called. In fairness to DNW he did catch about 1lb but it was a very poor swim full of weed and very difficult to fish so allowance will be given for this week only.
Next week is a bit open, it might be the PIke & Eel marina or “A” section if we cannot get in so watch this space and let me know if you are attending.
Sunday 9th Oct “A” Section
Congrats to Torbin Wimbinolliepetangpetangbuiscuitbarrel, for those who ever folowed Monty Python you will know what I mean however for the sake of my doubtful typing skills Torbin is new bloke number 2 and we don’t even know where new bloke number 1 has gone.
Torbin was in Stans swimming hole and managed some good Perch consistantly backed up with small fish for 8lb 3oz with The mighty Breamy cocking up peg 12 where, according to Senior, the Roach were lining up in their thousands to be caught he still found 7lb 6oz for second with me third with yet another 6lb of Roach on a mixture of Wheat and Tares having not had a bite for an hour in peg 9 and getting very fed up watching Torbin pull at least 2lb ahead I barraged the hemp and all of a sudden 2 hours in the odd Roach. I needed another hour as they were starting to have Wheat properly in the.last 45 minutes.
DNW drew 11 good peg and caught all small but with one big Perch of a 1lb for 4lb 14oz. The even more mighty middle Earth Sam had just over 4lb from Coxy’s winning swim from last week and the Bombardier struggled in 2 with Sicknote struggling even more in 1 as that end seems to have gone off completely. I would add that the weather did not help with a pig of a downstream wind which in my case blew at least 2lb of fish off the hook when my pole tried a bannana impression.
We were told by one of the passing rowers, oh and only a handful of other boats all day after last weeks armarda by the way, that they have visiting clubs rowing on the water next Sunday so Meadow Lane is looking favourite which is a shame as the forecast is mild for the week and I think the Roach would be on it with the seed on “A” but never mind. If the venue chnages it will be on this blog but at the moment it is meet Maedow Lane gates to the lakes at 7.15 for a 7.39 draw and fish 8.30 to 1.30 as usual.
DNW, Senior and Compo (if he has learnt to read) fishing Thursday meet at the gate at 8.00 for fun and frolics, bring the seed, game on
Sunday 2nd Oct “A” section
Interesting weather for the time of year and yes the Roach tried very hard to feed but the boats were unbelievably bad with the rowing club out in force and the local day hire people also doing massive business it meant the fishing though still ok was no where near as good as it could have been.
Coxy having returned to the fold post the annual wasp invasion won from an unfancied peg on the high bank with a Wheat and Tare 9lb 4oz which was along way ahead of Breamys 6lb 3oz of silvers and one good Eel from peg 8. Compo and myself were in 11 and 12 and though we thought we would get a sack full but it was not to be with Compo catching 5lb 7oz of silvers and me with 4lb 14oz of mainly Roach on Wheat which I spent 3.5 hours trying to get to work and nearly but not quite ever getting there but never mind.
The Bombardier had 101 fish for 5lb 1oz so mainly small then and then there was Senior who spent the day getting taller and taller on the box complaining he had to evacuate his bowells or else it was all going to end in tears, finally packing up 40 minutes from the end as he could’nt stand the pain any longer and was last seen holding his legs together to stop a very nasty accident.
The weather will be different next week and god knows the boats have to be less so we will have another go and see if the nearly arrived Roach are still feeding.
“A” section 7.15 at the gate for a 7.30 draw fish 8.30 to 1.30 and let me know if you are coming or not.
Current list is
A small sign of hope
Lovely weather lets go fishing, cooked some Wheat grabbed several cans of frenzied Hemp and checked Senior Sick Note out of his clinic for the day, nurse Gladys says he is so much better now and not to get him to excited, the foaming at the mouth scares the kids.
Top of “A” and Roach Yes people real Roach to seed from about 12.00 after having caught several lbs of dace Perch Bleak and the odd Roach I piled in the hemp and some wheat and caught Roach for the rest of the day with the odd, very odd, one at about 10oz. Senior moved swims twice came back to his old swim on the platform peg 12 at 3 and had 8lb of good Roach in 3 hours. I managed 15lb plus not quite the halcyon days of 10 years ago but a very good sign that the fish are there and growing.
The amount of Raoch in the two swims by the end of the afternoon was astounding fish at all depths and all over the swim as well. Not ever so big with the average about 4oz but great match size.
We are on “A” Sunday and it will be hot no doubt no one will see a roach on wheat, but me and Senior did, he went back to the clinic a happy man only complaining that catching all those fish had made his back sore, you can’t win.
Anderson Cup Meadow Lane Sunday 25th Sept
8 fished with the Anderson team being somewhat smaller than usual but it was a fun morning with everyone catching a few. The river flowed all morning for no apparent reason which was odd but the silvers were there if you could catch regularly. The winner and proud holder of the cup for the next twelve months was………. me with 7lb 3oz comprising one good Perch of 1lb plus and lots of mainly small,1 to 3oz, Roach which was good to see, mainly on bronze maggot over small balls of groundbait full of squatt.
The previous cup holder Moaner caught lots of mainly small stuff with well over 100 fish for 6lb 13oz and second with new boy Torbin following up his first week second with a second week third if you know what I mean with a mainly Dace 3lb 10oz on a venue he has never fished a very laudable result. Nevey had two good Perch and a lot of Gudgeon but very little else for 3lb 6oz and Breamy pipped Compo by an ounce 3lb1oz to 3lb 2oz. Just to complete the frame the Bombardier struggled with Steve Anderson for a DNW each.
So thats Meadow Lane for another year I think the consensus is that fish are there and in good numbers but still small if the Cormorant ignore the water for another 2/3 years it might become a very good Roach and Dace venue again.
Next Sunday a go on the mighty “A” section with a new draw time of 7.30 as we have moved into October by then. fish 8.30 to 1.30  please let me know if you are attending.
Sewells lake Sunday 18th Sept
Lots fished in fact a total of 10 on the bank. Compo won it on the deep end peg with 91 fish for 9lb 6oz and No 2 New bloke, Torbin, did well for second with 5lb 8oz from the other end peg in the shallows. Breamy and Ollie  tied on 5lb 7oz for equal third, DNW gutted that he had missed out with 5lb 2oz despite the biggest Bream much to Breamy’s disgust.
Nick suffered with bits and not enough of them I threw back about 3.5lb, which is what Nick caught, because I could hear what was being caught either side and Postman Paul finally realised that Sewell’s hates him as he recorded yet another DNW from the venue. Coxy had a few and did not get stung so that was a result, possibly for the wasp rather than Coxy. Sam, he of the middle earth drew well and had 2lb 5oz for a less than well result
Next week is the Anderson Cup plenty on the bank please as it is embarassing if Steve Anderson turns up with more anglers than the club.
Please let me know if you are attending usual phone number. The draw will be 8.00 on the bank so 7.45 at the top gate by the entry to the lakes and don’t forget the buses are now running and you could get run over. Fish 9.00 til 2.00 and then the cup presented on the bank as long as Moaner turns up with it.
Currently booked in are
Compo, Breamy, Torbin No 2 New bloke, Geesemaister, Senior Sicknote, Nevy, Bombardier.
Now I need to know about Moaner as he has the cup, speak to me oh great Moaning one
A pre Sunday bit
We are on Sewell’s this week and I do need to know that you are attending, Please call and let me know currently we have the following on the list
Coxy, yes contrary to rumour he has not joined the foreign legion but has been avoiding the wasp menace due to his waspstingitus.
New Bloke No 2 ( nickname yet to be ascertained)
7.45 at the gate draw 8.00 fish 9.00 til 2.00.
I would also post a pre match notice for next week as it is the Anderson Cup on Meadow Lane and a good turn out of anglers would be required.
Sunday 11th September Teams of four “A” section
The teams of four very quickly became the teams of three due to the general lack of anglers at the match. 3 teams fished with St Ives “A” transferring DNW for half a small tub of worms to Stanjay “B”. So,9 anglers very poor turn out which with the weather could be forgiven huge downstream winds, full on sun and a full moon the night before.
In fact considering the weather it fished ok, I managed first from the middle platform with 7lb 2oz of small Roach, Skimmers and the odd Chub,Gudgeon and Perch. Senior professional Stan was second with 6lb 14oz with the only bonus fish I saw which was a 1lb Eel and a 1lb perch. This of course peeved my team colleague the mightl Moaner as he had 5lb 14oz without bonus fish and he was third. After that there was a couple of 5lbs and a couple of 4’s as well everyone caught with the last anglers recording nearly 3 lb.
As to the team situation St Ives “A” walked it with two section wins out of the three and we are now the proud owner of a cup in fact in my case I am the proud owner of two cups oh happy day.
The seriously poor bit is that less than 5 years ago this fixture would have been 12 teams of four fishing three different sections and the lack of anglers Sunday is indicative of the down grading of priority to fishing the rivers any more which is a great shame as its where any angler will truly learn his water craft. It seems that any muppet can sit on a commercial and catch 100lb of identical looking Carp with very little training or expertise but ask most whether they could fish a stick float in running water, its a different answer mainly.
Rant over, next Sunday is Sewells let me know if you are coming and bring the Hemp and Tares.
Teams of 4
A message to the other St Ives team members for Sunday, meet at the gate for 7.45 8.00 draw. Depending on numbers the fishing will be 9.30 to 2.30 or 10.00 til 3.00. Stanjays also have asked if anyone wants to fish they have a couple of spare anglers and could we make uo a team of odds snd sods, emphasis on whichever name suits best. If you would like to fish Sunday call me today preferably on the number below after 4.00.
Early notice
I have agreed with Nick to have a match in Sewells at Brampton on the 18th Sept apparently the Roach are on the seed 7.45 at the gate draw at 8.00 fish 9.00 til 2.00. Anyone fishing book in with me please, 01480 531036, so that we have numbers.
County Individual 4th September “A” section
8 fished which is very sad but not surprising considering the lack of interest shown by the HAJAC people in running the thing in the first place. All eight were St Ives anglers with very few other people knowing the match was on apparently so it turned into a glorified club match with Moaner winning from peg 2 with 7.5lbs and all silvers and Perch with Compo second with 6lb odd and a Pike on 9 times. Breamy managed to do me by 2 oz with 5lb 3oz to my 5lb 1oz but it has to be mentioned that Breamy managed to forget all his bait and had to go and get it, a DNW trait of years ago that we all thought had been dealt with but hay ho it is Breamy after all.
After that all had bits with new Bloke on peg 1, nick name still to be ascertained,having 3lb plus so well done for a first time out in the alien environment that is St Ives match fishing
Next week is the teams of 4, we have only managed one team and it should be two but still the odd one going away. I expect HAJAC should organise this somewhat better than this weeks debacle but who knows, watch this space for details
A bit
How time flies when you are enjoying yourself, just returned from Ireland, fishing ok, weather variable, company dubious. Senior did’nt die Compo told the same joke 37 times and Breamy did’nt catch a Bream, usual stuff.
This week it is the County Individual on our water with the teams of 4 the following week so hopefully I can relax and let someone else run things for a change. If you want to fish the individual get your name down at Stan’s with Roy Wincup who is running the shop this week as Sir Stanley of Goddy is fishing with the great and the good in foreign clim’s so best of luck to him and the British team.
Sunday 14th August Sewells lake
Full Moon always upsets the fishing and this was no exception Ollie was the winner at Sewells with just over 6lbs of silvers with Moaner 2nd with 5lb 8oz and me third with 4lb 10oz and yes I did listen to Ollie when he yet again said that DNW had a Bream and I wasted an hour on the feeder, I should have learnt by now but me and Moaner both fell for it.
Still this week no matches at all the Thursday matches are gone and late summer looms and with so many on holiday Ireland or otherwise no one is left to attend or run the Sunday match. Still all will return to normal in a couple of weeks and we have the County Individual and teams of Four to look forward to.
Going for a rest in a nice dark room for 12 days see you soon.
Thursday 11th August, Coote Cup final round
It should have been a glorious end but instead it was a bit of an anticlimax. 8 fished which has been a feature of the whole 9 matches that the least numbers have still been around the 7 mark. The winner, Moaner who on his return from various exotic holidays had a very nice net of silvers from peg 3 for over 6lbs and an easy win from Stan who managed 4lb 2oz from his favourite swimming hole. I had Perch and Eels for 3lb 12oz and third and after that it was a lot of 2 & 3lbs with no big fish and the Bream did not show.
So in summary the final places were
!st equal (would you believe) Compo and the Geesemaister 11pts
2nd Stan the man 10pts
3rd Breamy 8pts
4th Moaner 6pts
Plus the odd other point here and there as recorded below.
Its been good fun and my thanks to all who have attended, on time in the main and now its Sunday only but as some of us are in Ireland over the next couple of weeks the matches will be less well attended than usual. This Sunday we are in Sewells and several will fish as St Ives will supply possibly 5 with a couple from the Brampton club. Draw 8.00AM and fish 9.00 until 2.00.
The Sunday (21st) after will be matchless and we will start again on the 28th with the County Individual and teams of 4 to look forward to slightly later on.
A Bit
Sunday is saved for those who fancy a go as Nick is running a match in Sewell’s with an 8.00 draw, fish 9 .00 to 2.00. If anyone is going please let me know so I can let the Brampton guys know how many to expect.
Sunday 7th August “A” section
4 fished it two by Eggets fence and two on pegs 11 and 12, I was on 12 with Senior Sicknote on 11 our mini match provided me with revenge for Thursday when rolls were reversed. Sunday I had 4lb 14oz for third and Mick chucked his back but as ever the story was about , not Stan this week, but a rower, yes people you know how much we love these users of the river, firstly he stops in my swim and starts to turn round on being asked, very politely, by me why he was turning round right in front of me it was because others were coming and he could see them, now, I have no idea who these others were because as far as I could see there was nothing else on the river, however as our intriped skuller finished his sentence he then for no apparent reason did a double back somersault off his boat to go for a swim, obviously a distant cousin of Stan’s. 4 more boats then gathered for a chat and off swam the rower boat in tow having trod water in my swim and then Sicknotes for 15 minutes. The best bit was that the senior rowing guy came past 10 minutes later and I told him what had happened and he said and I quote” but we are getting better, arn’t we?”

A picture of the famous “I’d rather pull it than row it” rower is pictured below thanks to Senior’s photographic skills

Compo won the thing from peg two silvers all days with some nice Perch despite the wind which was absolutely awful and bending poles into some very alarming shapes. Breamy threw his groundbait out to 13m plus and then could’nt fish over it because of the wind so Compo managed 6lb 12oz with Breamy second with 5lb 6oz and that was the days fun all done.
Thursday we have the last of the Coote cup rounds with Compo still in the lead and me second but with Stan and Breamy both on 8 points its anyones game as they say. As much as I hate to say it the nights are pulling in and we will not get much past 9 this week I would think.
Sunday I am not sure if there will  be a match yet as Compo and Breamy are off to Ireland and me and Sicknote are following a few days later. We shall see watch this space.
Thursday 4th August “A” section Coote cuo round 8
Breamy has finally had his day with two good Bream in the last 5 minutes for 9lb 12oz and a win over Senior Sicknote who also had a small slab for 5lb 4oz and second. Stan drew his second favourite swimming hole having turned up in his racing goggles ready to swim the length of the river to recover lost gear from Sunday’s dive in, he managed 4lb 14oz for third with a big Eel 3lbs plus going awol after biting Stans hook off which as always with Stan “would have won me the match”.
Compo, Sam, DNW and me all had one or two I got massively frustrated with Bleak and went on worm and sulked but I did lose one good fish and snapped up on the feeder on another when the river ran a bit harder later on.
So, next week is the last mid week match of the season and its all to play for with Compo on 11pts me on 10pts and Stan and Breamy both on 8pts.
The decision for Sunday is to fish “A” section with the usual timings of 6.45 at the gate, as always let me know if you are attending.
Sunday 31st July “A” section
7 fished with The Binge contingent growing to 3 with his better half and Ian Benton fishing in fact the winner was Ian from a good draw on peg 12 with a Tench and bits for 8lb 8oz and a clear win from the Bombardier with a good 4lb 9oz from peg 2 just nicking second from Fizz who had 4lb 6oz from peg 11 wasp nest and all for the third spot.
BUT this is not really the tail of this match, Stan the man drew the difficult to get into peg 9 and got his platform in, at about the mid point of the match much shouting and thrashing about was heard from Stans general direction as his front leg had slipped down the muddy slope and Stan had taken a full double twist and inverted pike into the water. At this point the water had suddenly dropped 3 inches which I thought was odd but easily explained as Stan had gone in with his mouth open and that was the net effect of the mouth filling up.
Everything went in pole, box, net ,bait the lot he was stopping boats to salvage stuff and spent some time swimming around collecting various lost bits of kit, we then had the unfortunate experience of Stan stripping off and poor Breamy who was pegged next door is now suffering from hysterical blindness  but the doctors are hopeful if they can remove that awful memory of Stan without clothing that his sight will return, its enough to put you off your food. So, now on the meadow we have Stans hole in peg 1 and Stans swimming hole in peg 9, well done Sir Stanley two pegs named after you in one season is some sort of record I’m sure.
After that we also had to listen to Stans lost fish that he had caught already and had done a runner when his net went in he swears blind he had 6lb plus and would have creamed second easily but as was said on the bank “might haves and could ofs never won nothing pal” usual sympathies being exchanged of course.
So all in all the sun shone Ian took the money everyone caught some fish, we won’t even mention that Breamy managed last again and is SOOOOOOOOO beyond caring you would not believe on the positive side for Sir Stan he might have lost his fish and broke his pole
but he did get his 50m without arm bands badge which is not an award our club gives out that often.
Thursday back on “A” for the penaultimate, thats last but one to you lot, round of the Coote cup with all to play for.Please call if you are attending 5.15 at the gate and Stan will be in his speedo’s of course.
Thursday 28th July “A” section
7 fished again and it fished well for mainly small fish. I grabbed the win from peg 11 wasp nest and all with 8lb 8oz which was a nice Tench and 4lb of bits of which there were lots and lots, I had Skimmers, Roach, Dace, Bleak, Gudgeon, Rudd, Perch and Tench for a real old fashioned river mixed bag and it was very enjoyable I even found a way through the Bleak more often than not by using a heavy float on the 6 metre whip. Next to me in peg 12 and also with a very similar mixed bag was the Bombardier who also enjoyed his evening but fortunately for me without the bonus fish for 5lb 15oz of silvers and a bite a chuck for the whole match giving him a well earned second place.
Further down the fishing was still reasonable with Middle Earth Sam on peg 1 with 5lb 12oz for third with a couple of quality big Perch and Breamy managing to pip Stan the man with 4lb 12oz to 4lb 10oz. Stan yet again drew peg 2 which combined with peg1 is his home from home on “A” section apparently. Postman Paul drew the out and out Perch peg 9 and had 3lb 8oz of, predictably, Perch, plus the odd small Eel and bits and pieces.
Compo took the early ride home throwing back a couple of lb but knowing he was’nt even in the frame at that end let alone my end.
So, with 7 rounds completed the standings are as follows, I bet you can barely contain your excitement dear reader
Compo               11pts
Geesemaister     10pts
Stan The Man       7pts
Breamy                5pts
Moaner                3pts
DNW                   3pts
Bombardier           2pts
Spotty                  1pt
Middle Earth Sam  1pt
Very close at the top and with two matches to go its probably between the top three now
Sunday, The Arthur Wallis Cup which is always on “A” section meet at the gate at 6.45 and let me know if you are fishing.
Sunday 24th July Sewells Lake
Very windy but nice to have lost the boats for a week at least, we were down to 3 St Ives bods and 2 from Brampton but fish were caught with the mighty Marriott first with a big 9 nearly10lb with some quality Roach on seed with Breamy catching some very big skimmers early doors but nothing of substance later for second with 8lb 8oz. Ollie managed third with 5lb odd and me 4th with a big three, if that is possible, Postman Paul falling off his recent good run with 2lb plus but everyone caught and me and Ollie wasted a lot of time thinking Breamy had as reported 5 Bream and not 5 skimmers and reality is I spent nearly 2 hours on tip or my worm line for 1 Perch because I thought I needed bonus fish and could have doubled my weight in silvers as could have Ollie but that will teach us not to listen to bamkside gossip.
It was excellent to see some quality 8oz Roach in Nick’s bag and the lake would fish its head off, if we could get some sustained warmer weather, to seed.
This week another Thursday night another meet at 5.15 at the top end of the meadow, Sundays are struggling for numbers currently with Holidays and other time restraints but Thursday has keep its number consistent between 7 and 10 anglers which is very good. Having said that please let me know if you are attending
Thursday 21st round6 “A” section
The attendance for our Thursday evening series have been consistantly good with 8 fishing again this week which to be honest is about as many as you want to weigh in in the gathering gloom on the meadow at 10.00 in the evening. Compo and Stan the man took  the honours with 7lb 6oz each and a tie with compo getting a Bream late on and bits and Stan getting Eels perch and silvers for his net.
I managed third with 3lb 7oz of silvers very frustrating as I struggled to get through the bleak with any bait but when I did small skimmers Roach, Dace and Chub could be caught. Absolutely minimal flow on the whole evening did not help and the clarity of the water is a subject that will not chnage until we get the next 7 days of consistent rain.
After me it was a “mis mash” of similar weights all around 2lb to 3lb but I must mention Breamy who managed one from last last Sunday last the previous Thursday and joint last last night with Middle Earth Sam. Never have I heard a man make so much noise about not caring that he was last, AGAIN. God knows how much row he would make if he really cared about it.
Postman Paul once again finished in the top 4 with 2lb 10oz and is finally throwing some results together and as he said last night “I’m no longer the whipping boy” Now I wonder who that would be at the moment but even if he was he would’nt care about it and would take 30 minutes telling you he did’nt care as well.
The Bombardier drew Stan’s hole and watched the Bream go past him late on and with DNW on a favourite Perch peg at the first bush I thought he might sneak a second result but again not to be.
This week a few holidays and other bits getting in the way but we are at Sewells in Brampton and if you are coming I need to know, details as below. As the rowing club ladies were terrible last night hitting the bush in front of me at least three times and stopping for a chat in other swims on several occasions plus one keen lady trying to remove Postman Pauls keepnet I will be glad to fish somewhere without boats or rowers or dog walkers, joggers, WI days out, old people, young people, duck feeders and Polish Pike anglers yes its nearly August school hols just about to start and hell breaks loose on the river, lake, here we come.
A next Sunday bit
Taking into account the current state of the river, gin clear, no flow,very little to be caught I have taken up the offer of a match on Sewell’ s this Sunday instead of “B” section with boats,happy campers, dogs, more boats, hire boats, canoes, rowers etc etc we can fish a lake catch at least a few hopefully but in full peace with only the slight buzz of the A14 to listen to.
Please let me know if you are attending I assume it will be an 8.00 draw fish 9 until 2 with the Mighty Nick Marriott in charge, £3 day ticket plus £5 match entry or just the £5 if you have a licence for Brampton which I would say is worth it for the fishing at Sewells alone.
Sunday 17th “B” Section
A bit thin on the ground now due to holidays, school fetes and summer sales etc. 4 fished and we decided to try the deeper water opposite the rowing club and coming out of the bay towards the rowing club.
I’m sure the full moon issue is still causing problems but Postman Paul on the last platform coming out of the bay had a Tench for 3lb 2oz and lost another bigger Tench but as these were his only two bites of the day he was somewhat disappointed however he was pleased with the second place and the fact that he had not caught a river Tench on a rod and line for many a long decade. I was next door to Paul and distinctly unimpressed with my draw but I did see a few fish top at the start and a Tench rolled in Pauls swim several times early on. Just goes to show you should’nt be so quick to judge as I won the match with 8lb 8oz with one big Tench over 5lb and 3.5lbs of Perch, Roach and Dace. I also lost another big fish which could have been a Tench but as it was on my pinkie kit with a no 4 elastic and lots of weed my hook and me soon parted company. In addition I managed my usual annual Pike on worm which was warmly welcome as you can imagine.
Compo and Breamy were in 11ft of water opposite the rowing club and struggled badly all day with Breamy weighing 1lb 5oz and adding another venue to those he “hates” as I said on Sunday he will be running out of any club water to fish at this rate as he will soon hate them all. Compo on the other hand threw a few back and departed late on to pick Green Beans down on compost corner.
This week no full moon maybe a bit of flow and who knows Thursday could have the odd fish in it. 5.15 at the gate on “A” section gentlemen and please let me know who is attending.
Thursday 14th July “A” section
7 fished, hols beginning to pick the odd angler off. The winner, on a rare Thursday evening appearance was DNW Smallhookzorromalling
with 4lb from the deep Perch peg 8 and yes it was hard, Compo kept up his recent run of form with second and 3lb 6oz from his favourite peg 6 which he draws every week currently in fact nearly as many times as Stan has drawn peg 1 (Binge’s hole as its now called) which he did again last night and managed 2lb 14oz and third.
After that, very downhill, with the Bombardier and Postman Paul fighting each other to a standstill and weighing 2lb 8oz each from the platforms 11 and 12 and then into the also rans I was on peg 2 lost a match winning fish in the first 30 minutes got bitten by 3 Red ants and wieghed didily squat for 1lb 12 oz from a peg which I have never liked. Howver I was’nt last that honour went to Breamy on peg 3 who also lost a better fish but weighed 1lb 6oz and thanks for trying.
Full moon was up and everyone knows fish do not feed with a full moon.
Sunday we are trying something new for this season which will be the top end of the meadow or bottom end depending on how you see it. I expect to put in 2/3 swims opposite the rowing club and 2/3 coming out of the bay so that all anglers should have some deeper water, it 11/12 feet opposite the rowing club so bring the long rigs if you are pole fishing. I have it on, well actually very dubious, authority that Skimmers have been caught in that part of the river recently so we shall , as always ,see.
Meet at the Hemingford end at 6.45 and we will drive down and check out where all the wasp/ red ant nests are before we draw. I would still bring a drag just in case as well. All those fishing please ring and confirm I currently have Breamy, Compo, Postman Paul and myself on the list.
Sunday 10th July Meadow Lane
Only 4 turned up as we had a couple on hols and a couple fishing for Stan’s lot this weekend. Breamy sneaked in from in form peg 1 with 4lb 15oz of the traditional mixed bag. Paul had most of his fish in the first half of the match before the boats got too bad. Compo got one of the deeper pegs on the striaght and had a few nice Dace and bits for 4lb 6oz and second with a joint third between myself and the Postie on 3lb 15oz his being mainly Eels mine being almost all dace with the odd small roach and baby Chublet.
Meadow Lane really does not hold quality fish much any more but it does hold a significant head of Silvers and is very fair despite the win coming from the same peg in the last 2 goes there. The silvers are spread all along the stretch the main issue being the lack of depth in many places and the amount of weed on most of the stretch as well which is unbelieveable in fact completely chokes the river in many places.
Still only 1lb between first and fourth shows the fish are there.
Thursday back to “A” section for another round of the Coote Cup the current points totals after 4 rounds are
The Geesemaister 6 pts
Compo                 6 pts
Breamy                5 pts
Stan the man        3 pts
Moaner                 3 pts
Spotty                  1 pts
All to play for then gentlemen
At the gate for 5.15 on Thursday nights are drawing in soon so we will try and get started asap after the draw.
Thursday 7th July “A” Section
9 yet again fished and we are still managing to fish until 9.40 so with a 6.15 kick off its a reasonably good length match. Having enjoyed various bigger fish over the last couple of weeks it was back to earth with a bump with this match being mainly small stuff with Bleak being an absolute pain in the backside. Compo pulled the win with nearly 6lb from the same peg as two weeks ago with a few Perch one of two of which were reasonable stamp the odd Eel and silvers. The Senior England International drew peg yet again, I’m going to check him for magnets next time, he has pulled this prime peg so many times in the last couple of years its in danger of becoming Binges hole. Stan managed the same type of mixed bag as Compo for a big 4lb plus and stuffed Breamy out of sight by 1, yes 1 oz, and as we were paying two Stan coming second was applauded mightily by Mr Breamy, once we wrestled the sharp objects away from him.
After that it was good to see Postman Paul drawing an out and out worm peg in 8 and catching nearly 4lb for 4th. The Bombardier introduced us all to a new hobby, fishing darts, in which his Waggler is cast out disconnects from the weighted end and he tries to hit the dart board in the reed bed on the other side of the river which, to be fair, I did’nt see him swim across and place earlier on but it must of been there because he did it twice. When he was fishing Bombardier managed a few good Roach on tares for slighty under 3lb which is a novelty almost as much as fishing darts but you never know it might catch on. In the battle of the platform swims 10.11 and 12 Middle Earth Sam failed to impress with less than 2lb and myself and Moaner managed 3lb and 3lb1oz with me winning by an 1oz
The river is full of Bleak in 10,11 and 12 but neither Moaner or me could bring ourselfs to have a go, Once I got through the Bleak there were lots of silvers to be had but very small and mainly skimmers but tiny llittle blades. Both of us also wasted for to much time on the worm lines with very little success with no big fish having anything to do with it but never mind, oh and Moaner broke his pole so he was happy as you can imagine.
Cannot possibly finish without mentioned Senior Sicknote who lost a big, 1.5lbs , Eel last knockings which with his 3lb 2oz could well have pushed him into second place.
Meadow Lane Sunday as advertised below, once again please inform me if you attending.
A Quick bit
As I managed to forget in the previous report, Sunday 10th is on Meadow lane or DNWSmallHookZorroMalling Alley as its alternative title,. meet at the lakes gate for 6.45 usual fishing times. Please let me know if you are attending as we will be locking gates behind us when we move across to the river bank.
Sunday 3rd July “A” Section
Well thats it as soon as Sir Stan of Godmanchester turns up he then turns up again with his much better half Fizz and take 1st and 2nd in the match, all very distressing as Senior Sicknote stated on the day we got Binged. Very reasonable weights considering the usual gin clearedness and some slight flow which helped. It is fair to say “A” section contains a good helping of silvers and all 9 yes 9 again weighed in.
Stan had two good tench Eels Perch and bits for a very good winning weight of 14lb 8oz and with one of his Tench having my 14 hook in it from earlier in the day. Fizz had 8lb 1oz with a good Tench of 5lb 2oz later on in the match. In third was Moaner moaning as usual about how poor his peg was then weighing 5lb 12oz for third so really poor then. Breamy also did well on silvers from unfancied peg 2 for 5lb 2oz and then me from a good peg 12 with 4lb 3oz and the lost Tench that would have given me 9lb plus but hay ho that will teach  me to use light weight bottoms on my worm rig when there is a lot of weed in front of me. Compo snatched out nearly 4lb and Ian Benton struggled from peg 1 with 3lb dead and Senior on the first bush struggled even more with 2lb 12oz and bringing up the rear was Postman Paul trying a whip for the first time and will in time graduate to a pole I’m sure but on this day managed 1lb 10oz of bits having lost several reasonable Perch.
So we all wieghed in and no one went to the allotment early the weather was to hot and sunny for fishing but for once we caught some fish anyway, I would say the stretch is starting to fish but knowing that would be the kiss of death I won’t say that obviously.
Thursday same place 5.30 draw get there before and base time on my watch not yours, you all know who I’m talking to.
Thursday 30th june “A” section
Attendance for Thursday evening matches now attaining unprecedented levels with 9 fishing and even the mighty Senior angling athlete his royal personage Sir Stan of Godmanchester turning up. Spotty came back for another go just like spots do really and I have left the results at home so this is trying to remember 9 results as 9 yes people 9 fished. Even Middle Earth Sam crept out of the bowels for a go and struggled badly from last weeks winning peg for less than a couple of lbs.
Breamy had a Bream at long last and a tench and lots of bits from11 for the win with 11lb 11oz great weight on the night and he had all this despite fighting a rogue pike who was looking for tea. I drew 1 next to the senior old git England international Stan who usually draws 1 himself. I managed second with 8lb 11oz with a good Bream last chuck to seal the deal though according to Stan it was 10 minutes after the end and the usual abuse from all and sundry followed. in fairness to Stan he had 5lb 2oz off peg 2 and came third just knocking back Moaner on 4 into 4th place with 4lb 12oz,
After 4th in all gets a bit fuzzy but everyone weighed except guess who, His compost majesty who left on the final whistle well beaten in peg 10. I remember The Bombardier had 3lb as did Spotty. Postman Paul had nearly 2lb on 12 and i think that was about it.
Lots of small fish and when the light started to fade everyone was catching, good to see a Tench for the first time this season and Stan had a good Eel which have also been scarce on this section of late.
We are on the Meadow again sunday and a switch to “A” section is likely so that we all have more of a chance as there were silvers in every pag which is more than could be said for our last visit to “B”
Please let me know if you are fishing current list is
The Geesmaister
Postman Paul
Middle Earth Sam
Even Stan is threatening to turn up for another go.
6.45 at the gate draw at 7.00 fish 8.00 til 1.00
Sunday 26th Meadow Lane 
6 fished some sun bathed and we all got hot, Meadow Lane is very much silvers only these days with very little quality fish on offer.Moaner fished very well in peg 1 for a win with 8lb 3oz of manly small Roach Dace Bleak and the odd Perch. I sneaked second due to the worm line paying off late in the match with 4 Eels some Perch to go with small Roach Dace and Bleak caught earlier for 4lb 2oz. Compo’s net looked similar but without the Eels for a third place 3lb.
Next to me Breamy moaned about hating the Lane he never catches fish when he’s there and this despite having possibly the best peg on the venue he still got trimmed up by DNW next door 2lb 120z to 2lb 8oz all small bits. This combined with our newly most consistent DNW merchant Postman Paul was about it.
The boats were awful and the Lane is not a wide venue, I lost a complete pole rig to one when he decided to take a quick right turn in my swim. lovely weather is great for sunbathing in the back garden but it does nothing for us anglers on a Sunday morning.
Thursday “A” as usual please let me know if you are coming and have not let me know already. Be there before 5.30 for the draw are you listening Moaner.
Thursday 23rd June “A” section
The Bi-cenntennial man finally stayed until the end of the match and takes first place, Compo on the often un-favoured peg 7 managed a very big Skimmer a few nice Perch and bits for 6lb 2oz and a clear victory, he also managed to lose another proper Bream as well. At long last we had a river where the wind dropped below hurricane force as the evening drew on and it was dead calm by the time we finished. 7 fished and the favourite pegs 11 and 12 did not do the job for once with Breamy managing 3lb 4oz in 12 and Postman Paul 12oz in 11. Moaner for once a long way from me so I could’nt hear him had 2lb 15oz with none of these three having any bonus fish.
Senior Sicknote went home early, after Sundays lord mayors show it all wenet “Pate Tong” tonight with just a few bits from peg 8. Compo having won the thing in the next peg we then moved up to the Bombardier in 2 who insisited in listening to the tennis on his car radio and then wondered why everything had gone silent about 8.30 which was explained when he tried to start the car to go home and his battery had died. Anyway he had a couple of lbs and I managed 3lb 5oz of perch from peg 1 for second place and the beauty of beating Breamy by an ounce and taking coin which he thought was his cannot be discribed dear listener other than to hear the scream of anguish as he read the scales “read em and weep” Breamy son.
This Sunday we travel to silver fish alley or Meadow lane which has in recent years been a very fair venue with several swims being possible winners. DNW is even making his first appearance of the season as this is his favourite St Ives venue and scene of his best results over the last couple of years so expect full Zorro mask and gear attached to the back of his horse for the this one. Meet at the gate by the l;akes at 6.45 so we can get a draw done by 7.00 I have been told there is significant weed so rakes would be very sensible.
Please call me to confirm if you are coming, current confirmations are as follows
Postman Paul
Senior Sicknote
The Geesemaister
DNW Smallhookzorro
Sunday 19th June “B” Section
Awful, thats all that can be said really gin clear shallow ish water full and I do mean full of weed, sunny and very windy in a not very nice downstream direction and very few fish or so it seems. 6 hardy anglers gave it a go and there were 4 DNW, me, Moaner, Compo and Postman Paul with Breamy having 2 fish one of which was a large Perch for 1lb 12oz and the winner with several perch and 15 or so silvers was the ill man himself the mighty Sir Michael of Sicknote with 3lb 7oz and a clear win.
Moaner lost a Tench and I had 1 bite one small perch with Paul getting one bite as well. I hope its not a lack of fish but I have my suspicions sorry about the lack of funny bits but this really was not at all funny.
Thursday is on “A” again where at least last week everyone had a few hopefully a bit more raina nd some current in the water might induce a few to feed by Thursday, who knows, at Hemingford end gate by 5.30 if possible please
Next Sunday is on Meadow Lane and I’m led to believe this is also a very weedy venue this year so rakes will be required gentlemen
Thursday 16th June “A” section
8 fished a good showing for the first go of the season, several fossils showed up including the less spotted Whitehead who we all thought was now extinct. Moaner drew 12 and made the most with the win at 4lb 10oz with a late 1.5lb big skimmer swinging the match away from me in 11 with 4lb 4oz and nothing big just a lot of small Perch and a few nice Roach which was a surprise.
Spotty pleasure fished from peg one and managed 3lb 3oz for third with the bombardier taking 2lb 15oz for 4th. Even Postman Paul had 1lb 3oz all caught in the last 25 minutes when his swim came alive and he was a bite a chuck until the all out
Sicknote told everyone about his various current medical conditions and then threw his fish back becuse he had not had a lb and was not happy as his back, throat, chest, arm, shoulders, ears, eyes, nose, and throat all hurt. Compo drew 16 with lots of weed got very unhappy early on and went home by 7.30. Breamy struggled in the fabled peg 18 with 15oz mainly small stuff and was also in the Mr Grumpy club
All in all pretty much what you expect for early season these days, small fish in the main no Tench no Bream no big Perch very clear water and no flow. I would note however that there are fish there they are just not feeding yet and a warmer night or two will change everything.
Sunday is on “B” section we meet at 6.45 at the Hemingford gate and will drive down the field. Anyone fishing you will need a drag and I do intend to put aside the first 20 minutes or so after the draw to allow for much splashing and weed extraction which will be more than necessary if you want a nice weed free hole to drop the old float into. Fishing will probably be 8.15 to 1.15 after the dragging process has been allowed for.
Sunday 12th June Sewells
The last one of the series with 6 fishing. Sewells has not really lived up to the early season promise but without doubt it is very good when the hot weather comes then this lake will fish and we do intend to come back late July and August when the river traffic is awful and we have had enough of our verbal jousting with the rowing club.
As to the match a win for Moaner who stayed mostly on the long pole for 5lb 12oz of bits with me second with 5lb 8oz and one nice Bream plus a struggle for silvers with the usual caveat that the time spent either on the feeder or the worm line probably cost me the match. Third in a tight match was Nick with 5lb 4oz and Breamy having only lost two good fish early on managed 4lb 6oz so he could have won as well.
The Bombardier drew the swim that had won for the last two weeks and caught a princely sum of 1lb 12oz with much respect shown for such an outstounding effort as you can all imagine dear reader. Postman Paul struggled admitted he needed to buy a pole and did a DNW.
Compo on the other hand did not attend as he was selling a wheel chair at a car boot sale, now, you can read into this what you will personally I noted why would he be selling something that he is so close to needing on a personal level. Its amazing we still have to talk about Compo when he is not fishing due to the ridiculous things he does God bless him.
Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the big day arrives Thursday with several of the lads baiting up swims for some early morning or in certain cases all night Bream sessions. I noticed there was a shoal of big Bream on the quay at St Ives today but it is amazing how the colour manages to drop right out of the water just as we want to start again.
Season tickets are in Petzone in St Ives and will be in Stanjays Thursday.
The first match is Thursday on “A” section get to Eggets gate as close to 5.30 as possible before if you can and we can drive on as long as we keep to the cut strip. Fishing will be 6.15 to dusk which at this time of year will be 9.45 ish so late night, remember to tell your mummys you will be late home.
Please confirm with me that you are attending on 01480 531036.
Finally wherever you are “tight lines” for the coming season except my fellow match anglers of course.
Sunday 5th June Sewells
5 fished with Moaner and the Bombardier being replaced by Postman Paul and Compo. The fishing was difficult with a face wind which swerved left and right around the big island opposite which meant you were never quite sure where the next big gust was coming from other than Compo of course.
The mighty Marriott drew well, my peg from last week, and made up for his debacle of last week by winning this with 8lb 6oz including a big Perch for the hugely important bonus fish. I managed second with 6lb 5oz of silvers and very much regret wasting 45 minutes on the tip vainly trying to find the bonus fish. Breamy managed 5lb 13oz but should have won snapping on two fish which with 7lb bottom is quite hard to do. he had one good Tench but no back up with silvers.
Compo threw back about 3lb and Paul had a few bits all in all if the wind would slacken off I think the weights would increase quickly as the water is now nicely warm.
The last match of this series is next week draw 8.00 fish 9.00 til 2.00. we will return to sewells in Auigust for a couple more matches when the river traffic is at its height and the river water is at it lowest and clearest, dates to be advised.
Its then the big 16th start with our fishing commencing with a Thursday evening on “A” section drawing as close to 5.30 as possible and fish 6ish to dusk. Sunday matches will be 7.00 draw and fish 8.00 til 1.00 with the first match on “B” section. I would suggest anyone fishing “B” should have a rake for swim clearance as the river is very weedy at this time of year.
Sunday 29th May Sewells
A few were away and some had not recovered from Friday but we had 5 fishing and despite the wind blowing very hard we were fairly comfortable with the wind over our left shoulders for most of the match.
The fishing was slowish everyone caught early and it tailed off later skimmers amnd small Roach were the order of the day close in with no big Skimmers showing. I went out on feeder after 1.5 hours as I had put some bait out earlier and had several big skimmers with two properish Bream to take the spoils with 9lb 12oz with Breamy second at 6lb 9oz of small stuff and blaming the non fishing Compo for putting the fish off when he sat behind him.
The Bombardier managed 1 proper Bream and some bits for just over 6lb with Moaner moaning about his 4lbs plus and how he wasted time on the feeder, its always the way. Nick Marriott, Brampton club Sec, disgraced himself with a DNW but who are we to judge, yes just kidding we love to judge.
This week lots more sun and much warmer leading up to the weekend it could be really good as this was the weather we had about a month ago when the fishing became very Sewells
Draw 8.00 sunday at Sewells fish 9.00 until 2.00, let me know if you are Nick need the numbers
Friday 27th May the Spit Jones
Panicking as we were 3 of the 4 who were fishing Friday turned up Thursday evening to drag and pre bait 4 swims to keep our embarassment to a minimum for Friday. Up we turned before 7 as we had pre drawn swims and therefore knew where we were going. we started fishing at 7.45 because Capt Slow or Moaner as he is otherwise known takes so long to set up his 23 rigs.
Compos’ swim was fizzing like a jucuzzi and bubbles were to be seen in all 4 swims so surely we would be alright, would’nt we?. Well as it turns out all was peachy Compo had a Bream on within 10 minutes and then so did Moaner and then Coxy had 6 on in a row amd landed one for his new nick name Comedy Coxy Oh how we laughed well he did’nt but we did.
It was Bream everywhere with Compo’s trailing off first and Moaner catching and losing and missing God knows how many on the tip.. Moaner then gets out his latest £80 worth of fish finder that could’nt have found a fish in a bucket in fact we tried it in a bucket with a fish in it and it still could’nt find it. More money well spent just like his £600 worth of new anarak and leggings. the consensus was the fish finder came from the £1 shop and he should have had change.
As the day went on lots of Bream were hooked and a few landed but a lot were missed, suffice to say that when the 2 foot square so called aquarium turned up from the EA we could’nt stop laughing as 1 of the bigger Bream would have got stuck at both ends in it.
As Compo had well and truly lost by now he was put onto small fish snatching detail and had a good dozen small Roach we added Moaners Eel and a few Roach of a bigger stamp plus Coxy’s smallish skimmer and lots of small Perch and the tank looked all right but we threw back all the big bream and the weights for the match were as follows.
I won it with just over 60lbs including a 3lb Perch which ate at least 6 small fish whilst it was in my net, Coxy, despite losing loads, had over 44lbs for a good second. Moaner managed 24lb ish and lost at least the same amount and Compo had about 12lb for a long way short. The day was great and thanks to Mr Jones for the use of the marina and moving several boats so that we could get in. I understand that the water festival was a success at the weekend despite the weather and the contents of the fish tank were much viewed and discussed so fishing to order can be done, even if the order becomes a very small one when you see the receptacle that it has to go in.
Sunday 29th June Sewells
First match of the season will be Sunday draw 8.00 and fish 9.00 until 2.00. Please let me know if you are attending my new home number is 01480 531036. This is a joint Brampton/ St Ives match so a good turn out would be appreciated and it was fishing reasonably well.
Odd bits of late
Very odd one for this week in fact its been a bit odd all round recently on the fishing front. firstly after being told we could fish it, myself and Compo did an advance guard thing at the lake in the middle of Somersham, known as the ballyhole, after being told on the very best authority that it was all right to do so as long as we bought a £10 season ticket. We went, we fished, its very good for silvers and no we are still not allowed to fish their unless accompanied by a Somersham resident or become resident ourselves as told to us on the bank whilst we were there. I also think this lake is cruising for a very nasty fish problem as we had only 18 inches depth as far as we could chuck a 3BB Waggler and if the water continues to drop as it is doing plus the algae bloom that is notorious for this water another big fish kill could be on the cards without some very powerful oxygenisation gear in place. That would be an awful shame as the water has managed to recover naturally since the last big fish loss about 7 years ago.when all its big fish were just about decimated. Not that we can fish their again but I do wish the residents well who look after the water as it is exceedingly pretty and has excellent access with good quality fishing platforms in place with more going in, it would make an excellent match lake but probably never will be used in that way..
I had 75 fish with most being over 5oz and up to about 1.5lbs with some good quality Roach and Rudd plus hybreds, Carp and one nice Crucian all on Corn. Compo managed well over 100 but he snatched for some time at 1 rods length for a Rudd a chuck in fact 6 rudd to the maggot but he could not get the quality fish on the corn, he put that down to not enough features in his swim I put it down to skill and breeding and one very old feature being on the side of the swim.
However after that bit of fun and games we have a challenge, Jones Boatyard are hosting a big water hobby based do this weekend  and have a Environment Agency big tub coming which is made of glass so that people can see what sort of fish live and breed in the river. Only one problem I don’t think they have any fish to put in it and on that basis its more of a bath than an aquarium. So I have had a call to assist and I have made a few further calls so that several hardy souls have been contacted based on their alleged skill on the venue with a view to catching enough fish to make this glass thing look vaguely interesting.
Catching fish to order is a very dodgy concept and so far Sicknote has supplied a sicknote DNW is working and so is Breamy and its being left with me, Compo and Moaner. The Bombardier and Coxy are not contactable and I think the St Ives clubs reputation could crash and burn on Friday, so no pressure there then.
Its creeping up on the new season at a fast rate and we should be fishing Sewell’s for the next 3 Sundays to take us to the glorious 16th, details of these combined Brampton/St Ives member matches will be available shortly or contact me on 07967 354804 for details
Sunday 1st May Sewells lake
Blimey that did’nt take long to go wrong did it. 7 turned up all keen due to the previous Mondays results and it could not have gone more wrong for most with DNW’s for Compo, Breamy, DNW(of course), Ollie and Postman Paul. second went to Nick Marriott with a 9oz skimmer and first was me with 6lb 12oz being two bites one big Tench at 6lb and a 12oz hybrid.
Easterly wind blowing a hooley and making float presentation very poor and it was cold in fact a two coat job if you were out of the sun. Still, difficult to understand how a lake that seemed full to the brim of small and better skimmers a week ago could become so bad.
matches will be on in Sewells at the end of May when hopefully the fish will have returned.
AGM for St Ives I’m expecting this to take place on Tuesday 10th May at the Dolphin for 7.30, please let me know if you are coming Committee members are expected to attend so confirmation please
Monday 25th april Sewells lake
This is a bit early really but the warm weather has woken a few of the anglers early and Sewell’s lake at Brampton saw the mighty Bombardier catch about 30lb comprising of a couple of proper Bream 1 tench and a shed load of Skimmers on varying baits and at varying depths. Much encouraged I arranged a small sweepstake with Breamy, DNW and myself for bank holiday Monday. Breamy as usual pre season drew the baited swim and made full use finishing with over 17lb for 1st place, 1 big Tench and big skimmers up to 1lb and a bit being the main stay of the catch. I recorded 13lb 7oz but could not get the numbers of big skimmers and my Tench was 4lb not 5 and a bit like Breamy’s.
DNW caught lots of small fish but only 1 bonus skimmer and no Tench which meant he weighed nearly 5lb but probably had the most fish.
I have warned Breamy he will peak to soon and just like last year it will all go “Pete Tong”, anyway I can live in hope it does!!!!!!
So with this in mind and stupidly reasoning that next Monday is also a bank holiday we are going to have another go with an 8.00 draw  and fish 9.00 til 3.00 £5 all in. If you want to fish let me know.
I have also spoken to Nick Marriott and pre season Sunday matches will be on starting at the end of May with the 29th May and the 5th and 12th of June planned in.
AGM will be in the next couple of weeks, lateness is down to me moving house and other stressful issues but hopefully details will be available soon for dates and times

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