Matches 2013/14

Another bit

There are officially a couple of spaces left for Sunday as I was informed in a message from Torban last night, 6 are booked in 7/8 might be allowed at a maximium or so I was informed. Dont forget you will be charged for a day ticket as well as the £5 for the match.

Another bit

Muchos apologisos amigo’s, apparently Torban’s contact mobile is as follows 07549 025090 re booking in for the Bally Hole match.

A very early bit

NO2 Torban has asked me to pass on that a match will be held at The Somersham Bally Hole on Sunday 30th March, draw 7.00, fish 8 until 1 with 6 pegs available, silver fish only, no Carp. To register on a first come, first served basis give him a call on 07557 681246

There is a further match on the 13th April same details as above and again first 6 booked in fish, for this one however pre booked are






13th and 14th March The Big Meadow opp Nobles Field

The last two days of the season were very good for me, Thursday 13th I arrived late in the fog and fished opposite Nobles hoping that the traditional Bream shoal was in situ and so it was although not as big as in many years and certainly not feeding as manically as in some years. However, I had 10 proper Bream and 12 skimmers between a 1lb and 1lb and a quarter for just over 40lb all very satisfactory and lovely to see the tip go round most of the day until the sun got high.

Thursday the calvary turned up, Senior Sicknote accompanied by Junior Junior Sicknote came in the same ambulance and fished two of the other platforms opp Nobles with me fishing the same one as Thursday. Milder night and fishing by 8 in my case meant fish being caught earlier at least by me. Unfortunately the sun got through earlier as well and promptly stopped the fish feeding as there was not a massive amount of colour in the water.

At the end Senior had 1 Bream, Junior Junior 2 Bream and a Skimmer ( Yes Mick beaten by youngest son, and he is a learner) Compo fished lower down on the Stake peg and had 1lb Chub and a 1lb skimmer then moved up to us on a shallow bit and failed to register another bite. I , on the other hand had 15 Bream and 2 Skimmers for over 50lb and two very good days to end on which considering the floods, Seals and Cormorants was fairly unexpected.

So thats it for another season folks, we will return in June with some trepidation as there is a Seal on the Hemingford waters and he will eat that head of fish easily and quickly then it could well be our turn which could be cataclismic.

The odd commercial session is bound to occurr so some of the further tails of fishing woe are liable to go into print prior to the glorious 16th. So until whenever gentle reader and tight lines to all who dangle one.


No matches but lots of pleasure angling going on . I had 12lb of mainly 4 to 8oz Roach last Friday from the Waits, No2 and Breamy had 18lb and 14lb respectively at the Doddington lake the lads have been frequenting mainly good Roach again. I also know Mighty Sicknote and son had an excellent net of small Roach from the Ballyhole in Somersham last week. Bombardier texted me yesterday to say he had two big Chub off the Meadow at 4lb 10oz and 6lb 4oz great fish and good to hear about them, I have noticed that there is an angler there again today so I will assume it is the Bombardier.

I have Thursday and Friday off and am toying with the idea of going on the Meadow and having a go for the Bream on Nobles. The weather leading in to the end of the season appears to be clement and mild at 13/14 degrees so BREAM ho. My expectations therefore would be two small Perch and a kitchen tile which is pretty much what I caught last time I fished opposite Nobles this time of year although I have to say the kitchen tile fought so well I thought it was at least a Chub.

Last chance saloon people before the river season folds on us yet again, tight lines to all who brave the lovely weather and wet a line.

3/3/14 An apology for poor attendanceI

ts all been a bit hell and damnation really on the fishing front

I’ve been once since the Fur and feather and that is terrible but in my defence the knees have been awful and the river is still flooded and options on where to fish have been very limited at least locally.

I do intend to have a go this Friday but where I’m not sure plus I am taking two days off next week to finish the season. The chances of creating a local match still being minimal as our normal fsihery for the winter has been either under water or just too wet to access for the last two months or more.

Add to the tail of woe, Seal problems in the Marina and also seen sunning itself opposite the Hemingford Grey Church then our fish stocks will have taken a hammering although Compo and Middle Earth Sam think it has gone hopefully back to the damn sea where it belongs.

I might just see if the Waits is worth a go Friday but the water is still hammering through on the quay as I type and over the wall at the Waits as well.Maybe a feeder and worm approach might sort a couple of the few remaining Bream out, who knows. I shall report back next week after hopefully re connecting with some of the chaps again somewhere on a water side bank with a bit of match fishing in mind

A Bit

its all gone and got a bit fragmented really some of the lads are venturing on to the Cam on a Saturday and having good Roach days. Compo and Sam are currently resident in the Spitway in the Deeps at Jones most of the time it seems. they are recording excellent nets almost every trip with well over 20lb being landed by both on most occasions.Bombardier and Breamy have had a mini break at Doddington and have had a good session on the Roach to punch. On a personal;level usual Xmas man flu plus a badly twisted knee has limited outings to 1 since the Fur and Feather so not exactly over tasking the gear to date.

I am hoping that the Spit will dry out and we can revert to an old school match as the water is nice and coloured and I have a feeling the Tench may want to feed by now. I will have a look at the Spit before the weekend but I think the mud on the grass will prove a no no for us lads at least for two more weeks and thats only if we have no more rain.

So in summary match fishing has fallen off the face of the earth around St Ives waters of late but I am hoping for a return in the near future however the weather gods appear to be bent on denying us any access to any water so we shall see, watch this space gentlemen.

Sunday 15th December Fur and Feather The spit

Game of two halves the bit when the sun was out and no one caught and the bit when the sun went in and some caught the odd one or two. Not a prolific day by any means but a good win for Senior with 9lb 14oz several Perch and one Tench late on sealed the deal for the eternally hospitalised one. Leading the pack for several hours but falling at the last fence young Bombardier who, despite throwing half his pole in early on managed two Perch and a nice Tench for 8lb odd which was way ahead of Breamys 6lb plus all Perch.

I scrapped and I do mean scrapped 4th place with one bit, one fish, good average, which was a nice Tench of 4lb 14oz, after that it was the retired brothers with Sam weighing 3lb of Perch and the bi-centennialcompost man chucking back a couple of lbs for a big DNW despite the Santa outfit.

Colins sloe Gin went down a treat before the start and we all took home something from the draw at the end and so another year draws slowly to an end. Next week, no match as far as I am aware, lots of people either out or entertaining but we will fish in the week and the Sunday after details will follow in due course I should think.

So to both of the Readers and the Numpty anglers who star in this bankside soap every week have a truly excellent Xmas and to all a goodnight.

An interesting bit

Sometimes you get handed your coat when fishing by the angler on the next peg and he nicks it by a few grammes sometimes you get handed your hat, coat, gloves and clothes as happened to Middle Earth Sam with Compo on Wednesday. Foggy day, reasonably mild, ideal for the Spit as opposed to sunny days when as is currently its a waste of time due to very clear water.

Sam 9lb odd, nice Tench, a few Perch happy days you would think but no, his Compostedness 8 Tench a few Perch and 36lb plus.

This Sunday if the forecast doesn’t change overcast and wind off your back, if could be good, we , as always, will see.

Senior are you fishing, confirm please

Sunday 8th Dec the Spit

5 fished the crock list is currently impressive No2 foot injury, Senior leg injury, geesemaister both knees injured and the Bombardier slipped discs.

However the Bombardier and myself soldiered on and attended although Bombardier might have wished he hadn’t.

Very bright with very clear water equates to difficult off the Spit and so it proved to be. Sam had one bite, hooked and lost it, The bombardier had a couple of Perch for 1.5lbs and nowhere. In third place, Breamy 1 Perch at 2lb 2oz nice fish with Compo in second losing three fish and landing 1, a Tench at 5lb 2oz with mumblings about being bitten off twice and it must have been a Pike.

In first place and now completing his hatrick much to Breamy’s disgust ME. Two lines of attack the Pole obviously and feeder right across in among the boats. First fish took a worm on feeder as I gently pulled it back and it was a Pike of 2lbs, always get 1 at least every year, second fish as I lifted my pole float I connected to a Tench and managed to land it at 5lb 14oz. back on the feeder with worm a gorgeous 3lb Perch and later l lost another smaller Perch and that was it but if you were going to catch two fish only they could have been a lot worse. I wasn’t counting the Pike of course.

The current water conditions does really mean we need very overcast weather as the water is crystal clear and hopefully next weeks fur and feather Xmas match will have that.

Confirmation of those who are fishing please. At the most 8 can fish and the following are down to attend.






3 places left and do not forget on the day a draw prize for the end or if you are Breamy and cannot read, bring the draw prize next week that you brought this week and get the date correct, numpty.

Also for next weeks attendees Sam is collecting to purchase some vino for the marina owners to express our collective gratitude for being allowed to fish the venue each year, so bring a spare £5 if you are a regular attendee.

Another bit

The Bombardier will be among us Sunday despite a slipped disc apparently, hard as nails and poured scorn on Sicknotes hole in leg opt out from last week. I hardly dare mention my knee and Achilles issues for fear that they would , in the words of Monty Python, be judged as a mere “flesh wound” and get yourself back onto the field of battle young man.

Also a quick reminder, that with access and weather and wounded soldiers attending, next week is the Xmas match we will have room for possibly 8 max. This is bring a “decent” bottle or some such for the draw which takes place at the end and bring a spare pair of lungs for after the Sloe Gin offering that is Compo’s home made fire water at 8.00 in the morning stuill it keeps you warm for a while.

Hopefully above freezing so who knows what we might catch, dont forget I’m still on a hat trick. Sicknote are you fishing ?????

This weeks bit

After last weeks dodgy dealings I’m loathe to say anything but Middle Earth Sam has said the car park at Jones’s is now usable and so we shall try again Sunday, Please contact re fishing currently down as attending






After conversations with people who have been down to Jones this week I have decided to cancel the match for this Sunday. There is no longer any access avaialble to the spit as a trench has been dug and the back car park is now full of various boating paraphenalia. Hopefully ths will be sorted out shortly but for this week the lack of parking and issues regarding getting on the site even if we can get parked has led to this late, yes I have brought bait to, decision.

A further bit

Anglers out for Sunday so with new ones flooding in, well both of them anyway, the anglers in the line up for Sunday are now full of professionals and Senior Sicknote.

So at the draw will be

Senior ( slightly before closing down for hibernation)

Compo ( back from the wilds of Bristol or Compost Corner as it is known)

Breamy ( Top Gears car owner of the year, eventually he will buy one with an engine)

The Bombardier ( He lives, god dammit, he lives, must have landed recently)

Geesemaister( kiss of death I know but a win this week will be my hatrick, so thats a biteless Sunday I’m sure)

Legends all, anything could happen and probably wont. one place left NO2 and Middle Earth Sam to scared to fish with such competition has left an opening. Let me know.

A bit

Sam and Breamy made the effort Sunday and fished with the Somersham lads 12lb then 10lb then 8lb silvers no carp and very little other information. Our two were not in the top three so no blaze of glory for either of them.

Sam’s not fishing this week so two places available for Sunday, currently. let me know Senior I need confirmation.

Sunday 24th November

No idea, I did not fish due to bad knee and I have not heard, I assume it was the Ballyhole at Somersham but I also assume that not many St Ives chaps were about due to various other committments.

This week back to The Spit several already booked in limited numbers as before currently booked in are





ME (subject to the health of my right knee)

Very limited in fact one place left and that may have gone already.

The Spit Jones 17th November

6 fished and it was hard for most very little colour in the water did not help but a much lower light than of late did encourage a few fish to feed. Breamy made the early running missing 5 bites in a row with everyone being the usual sympathetic selves, NOT. he fianlly did manage one nice Perch and a couple of small ones for 3lb odd but out of the reckoning. Senior next to him could only watch and admire as he was pretty much biteless fior his 5 hours diligence.

Third place went to NO2 who had one nice Tench on the tip for 4lb 7oz and third with Sam the man sneaking up in the last hour with several nice Perch for a total of 7lb 7oz and second on the day.

I drew peg 1 and with heavy heart resigned myself to a day watching others catch and for two hours that was it, not a touch. Then a bite missed and a fish on and lost, once again you could feel the love from my fellow anglers mixed in with hoots of derision, still the last laugh and all that. At the end I weighed 19lb 7oz with 3 nice Tench and 4 lovely Perch plus one small one. The Perch went 3 at 2lb and 1 at 1.5lb lovely fish plus one small one right at the end. It was good to see the Tench again and the four that were caught give a certain amount of hope for the Tench fishing which has been slow to say the least for the last couple of years in the marina.

As a final though I must mention Sam fished the Spit Thursday and Friday in the week and had some lovely Perch cumulating in a 3lb 2oz

magnificant speciman on Friday afternoon.

Next week we are in the Bally hole at Somersham apparently fishing against the Somersham Olympic fishing team, Sam is organising this one but if youo want to fish let me know and I will pass on Sams details.

Another bit

6 swims for Sunday all taken I’m afraid, the attendees are as follows


The Geesemaister


Postman Paul


Senior Sicknote

I’ve been done today to check where we are allowed on the spit and Sam was fishing, as he does on the first available day each year, Apparently he started at about 8.30 and had a very good hour and then struggled a bit going forward, a lot to do with full on sunshine and not a geat deal of colour in the water I would think. Having said that he still had about 18lb of quality Perch in his net with 3 over 2lb and several at 1lb plus, Sam had also lost 3 good Perch so we know they at least are feeding. However no fish topping anywhere and no sign of a Tench or Bream as yet.

Meet at the gates for 8.00 Sunday fish 9 til 2 the usual format. no rakes required Sam aassures me that he has raked through 4 seperate swims and no weed was found in any of them.

A Bit

The boats are coming out and Middle Earth Sam is in charge of us getting in for Sunday on Jones Spit as I dont have any time much this week, us poor workers.

So far I am assuming the following are fishing





The Geesemaister.

Posrtman Paul

I think we will struggle beyond 7 swims and those who have fished all season get first dibs. You have been told people.

“B”Section Sunday 10th November

November and winter is truly upon us despite lovely sunshine the wind was cold on Sunday and with frost on the windows and extra cold water boiling through we all headed for the bay on “B” for a shed load of Bream or nothing

So, 5 hours of nothing later, we packed up with the only sign of life in the water being a much dreaded Seal god knows what damage that has done.

As to the match I won having 1lb with 2 Perch, Breamy had 1 small Perch he diidnt know he had on and NO2 had one bite that he missed on his lollipop. Coxy failed at the first fence as he could not trust getting his car through the gate where some agency is digging and has laid waste to the drive in spot. God knows if we had done it there would be hell to pay. Anyway after much slipping and sliding we all got out.

Next week I’m not sure we might be in the marina at Jones, it will be a watch this space but the spaces are taken by those who have fished all year with the club and as Sam has informed me spaces this year will be limited due to new plants and grassy areas being planted in areas we normally sit or push our trollies.

Sunday 3rd November the Ballyhole Somersham

No more than average really. Apparently fished well in the week with several of our lads having a practice and Senior reporting 17lb of mainly skimmers but as usual we get to Sunday and it has rained a lot and the wind is cold and in your face and blowing a gale plus we are all cold and shivering and now we have all remembered what winter is like to fish in, nasty.

6 fished and all caught to some extent, Senior toping the list on the day with 7lb 9oz beating me with 6lb 2oz just sneaking in front of Torban who managed 5lb 15oz. In shows how a lot of the fishing was similar in that everyone had a fish now and then and even 2 or 3 in a row but could not get them going properly at all. Skimmers and Roach were the order of the day with several Carp being hooked and Breamy landing two much to his disgust as that was 6lb that would not count.

Next week we are on “A” section or “B” depending on flow and colour, NO2 had a couple of Bream off peg 11 in the week but we shall see possibly the bay and Nobles Field might come into play or peg 11 and 12 with 16,17 and 18 also being considered.

Meet at the gate at 7.45 Hemingford end and let me know if you are fishing prior please

Onward to the next bit 28/10/13

No match last weekend and now we start into the bits and bobs fishing where we frequent several places that we do not ordinarily fish. This coming week we have the pleasure to fish at Somersham Ballyhole. Now this is a maggot and pellet water as the carp do not count and there are a lot in there. Not allowed in the keepnets so I am told.

So this Sunday the usual times 8 draw at Somersham fish 9 til 2.  Numbers are limited and you will need to pay a day ticket on the bank plus the usual match fee £10 in all I think. We have been allocated 6 pegs and to date the following are fishing

Middle earth Sam




Senior Sicknote

So one space left which will be allocated to whoever asks and has fished with us this year. Jones Marina time is soon but I fear numbers will be greatly reduced to fish this year due to restrictions for space in the marina area, time will tell and all will be revealed in due course.

20/9/13 “A” section

6 fished and the water ran hard all day except the last hour. The wind was over the left shoulder and itt was mild plus there were fish in the swims at the platforms end at least but the stream was too heavey for seed baits and presentation was poor. On pegs 1,2 and 3 we lost Compo and Coxy 2 early with DNW and Sam on 1 made third with 4lb 7oz with the odd nice Roach but mostly Dace. Postman Paul had ventured out as the Pike fishing was not on this week and chucked back a couple of lb from peg 10 the first and unfavoured platform.

So it was down to No2 and myself on 11 and 12 respectively, Torban started better and had some Roach on seed but it was a struggle with no regular fish coming to the net, I had a good first hour and had 5/6 nice Roach on seed but then the pace of the water picked up and Torban moved ahead from an inside line when I caught very little. The crunch occurred in the last hour with No2 breaking his last section on his pole so not able to get out far enough and me on pole catching very well with 20 Roach in the last hour to finish on 8lb 10oz for the win with Torban on 7lb 11oz. Not a brilliant day and in fact very frustrating with Roach in the swim all day but not on the feed due to the flow.

Next week is cancelled due to lack of anglers available and the following week could be in the Somersham ballyhole dependent on permission being given, so watch this space.

13/10/13 “A” section

Sketchy details really, so I’m not at all sure they are real as they come from the mobile of the great unwashed one Compo which runs on a mouse treadmill basis I moved house last weekend so did not fish and probably was quite glad when I saw the weather. Now, I know some people fished but all I have been told is that Moaner won with 18lb from peg 11 and NO2 was second from peg 13 which is interesting as we do not peg 13 as a rule. The reason for the worrry is Compo is lost once counting gets to double figures so No2 could have been anywhere. I am assuming seed caught Roach were the culprit for such good weights and I do know that Moaner had between 20 and 24lb of good Roach on friday last week pleasure fishing in 11 I believe.

So late as this is, I’ve been busy, the intention is “A” section on Sunday and as the weather forecast is very mild indeed for the time of year seed may well be the answer.

8.draw fish 9 til 2 please let me know if you are attending as at this moment in time I know nothing on numbers, I have no land line as we speak so mob 07967 354804 to leave a message or speak so I know who we will be expecting to see Sunday.

6/10/13 “A” Section

7 fished not quite as good as last week but still ok. Breamy slaughtered it with 12lb 7oz of Roach from peg 12 for 1st place with Coxy doing a Senior off 11 with 1lb 14oz and been handed his hat and coat by Breamy see how the roles reverse just in a week. Stans hole and the next peg were NO2 and myself not favourites it has to be said and we drew with 4lb 4oz each but in both swims in the last 30 minutes we started to catch Roach and another couple of hours would have seen good nets from both swims but time ran out. At the top end Senior of the golden drawing arm managed peg1 instaed of peg 12 and had 6lb for second place but losing 5lb of quality Perch in the process. Sam took 5lb 14oz from peg 3 but Compo retired to the compost heap early from peg 2 and was a “did not weigh” on the day.

Next week I am moving house and may/may not fish. The match will occurr and will be on “A” section with the usual 8 draw and fish 9 til 2 at the moment Breamy, Sam, Colin and Torbin are certainties with me a maybe but if anyone else wishes to attend let me know.

29th Sept “A” Section

Only 4 fished but good anglers so it was always going to be interesting based on the fact that all four would have a good or reasonable swim to have a go at.

Last place from Peg 12 would you believe Senior, who has drawn this big favourite at least 4 times in the last 6 outings. He had 5lb 14oz and for last place that shows how well the river fished. There is a weird brown copppery colour to the river which must be an algea bloom of some sort but highly unusual for this time of year. Must say though it does not seem to be affecting the fishing in anything other than a positive manner except for when Senior is in the swim. usual threats of giving up, nets on ebay, staying in bed next week etc etc were given out but hopefully he will be with us next week moaning from peg 12 as usual.

Breamy drew 2 probably least favoured of the 4 and weighed 7lb 4oz which would have been a winning weight on many a Sunday but not today. Compo wagglered on seed from peg 11 , another highly rated swim, and did do it justice handing Senior his coat in the process with 13lb 6oz of good, never seen a hook, Roach in the main for second place.

However even Compo’s sterling efforts could not beat me on peg 1 with early good Perch to 1lb plus a bonus 1lb plus chub I had 5lb plus in the first hour and a half and then moved on to feeding out on the waggler with hemp and wheat to catch a further 10lb of nice Roach to total 15lb 8oz and a highly enjoyable days fishing for most, except Senior Sicknote of course.

Next week we wil stay on “A” section and hope the conditions are the same with the colour, a drop in wind speed would be welcome because long pole was not an option with a 20mph wind speed and the 13m length could well have been the place to be in several of the swims fished. However for those who can waggler fish it just shows the advantage of old school fishing experience as first and second place was on waggler today.

Next week draw at 8 fish 9 til 2 let me know if you are attending.

Anderson cup Meadow Lane 22nd Sept

9 fished and we crammed them in at the Chub stream end. The reult pretty much relied on what depth you had in front of you with the shallow pegs being full of very small fish and the slightly better quality coming from the deeper end around the first bend. I had peg 1 for instance and manged 97 fish for 2lb 15 oz not big then. Coxy in two had 2lb 7oz despite him throwing several fish back as the keepnet principle seems to have by passed his brain It was like watching someone play darts and hitting the wall all the time..

Compo had the first deeper swim and weighed 4lb 14 oz on the feeder with Torban having a similar small fish day as me with 3lb 15oz.

We then get round the bend to the deeper water and Stan with 6lb 7oz and second But Neve blew his good draw with 2lb 8 oz but with Breamy on 5lb 15oz and third and the winner Trevor from Stan’s shop on peg 9, never fished this season to date, the winner with 7lb 4oz with some better quality Dace small Chub and the odd better Roach it was fairly apparent which end was the better. The boats were painful as the sun shone and as much as I love an Indian summer I cannot wait to lose the boats from the river.

This week we are on “A” the weather forecast is mild all week and maybe we can get a go at some seed fishing, as always let me know.We will stay with the 8 .0 clock draw and fish 9 until 2 as we enter in to October.

Sunday 15th Sept “A” section

6 fished cold and windy and poor fishing for most except the usual two platform swims 11 and 12. Visiting club fished the section the day before and in hindsight Meadow Lane would have been a better option for us . I went home early a dozen tiny Bleak and two just as tiny Roach as did Compo and Sam the platform drawers stayed and the winner was Breamy with 7lb plus and second his next door neighbour NO2 wth 5lb plus who had also won the day before with 14lb plus off peg 11 the winning peg for Breamy on the Sunday.

No Roach elsewhere its got to warm up for the seed to be useful again.

This Sunday is the annual Bob Anderson cup on Meadow Lane the only cup we present all year and that is done on the bank. I hope Senior is reading this as I expect him to do two things for Sunday, firstly bring the cup with him and secondly lose badly so I can listen to his tirade of self aimed abuse, such fun.

Please try and make it if you can gentlemen, Bob was one of the reasons our club exists as a rivers edge landowner and this cup is in respect of his memory.

I assume the following will attend





Postman Paul


Others would be welcome but please let me know if you are attending  leave a message on my mobile 07967 354804. I have spoken to Steve Anderson and he will be asking his fishing friends if they want to have a go. In defference to the non anglers draw time will be 8 o clock and fish 9 until 2.

SO everyone please note 8 O CLOCK DRAW be at the top of the gate by the lakes at 7.45. We do move to an 8 oclock draw once we enter October anyway so this is just a practice at lying in for an hour longer.

Sunday 8th September “A” section

You know sometimes, not often, but sometimes everything that you think should happen happens and you fish really well at the same time, Sunday was one such day.

5 fished, a few away, and as we drew, for once, by the time two were left I knew both peg 11 and 12 were in the bag so both platform swims were in which meant as opposed to drawing terribly as I have done nearly all season I would get a good swim. Sam took peg one, last weeks winner and had no seed with him but weighed 4lb 10oz of mainly Dace. Breamy in two did have seed and fished Wheat later on to have a couple of hours catching 4 to 8oz Roach, all in beautiful condition, and weigh 11lb 3oz for second.

Now, Senior Sicknote has drawn peg 12 most weeks lately and has not done the swim justice, his words not mine, this week he drew 12 and I drew 11. I offered to have £1 on the outcome but he refused noting the pressure to perform would be “too much”. Ladies and gentlemen when we reached our swims Senior had an aquarium of Roach topping all over his fishing space and mine was deathly still.All to play for then and off we went.

Worm down the side gave me 3lb of Perch in the first 40 minutes and had lost one or two better fish but in the meantime I had been feeding hemp and wheat into the waggler swim and from 9.45 until 1.00 I had Roach feeding on seed. Mick weighed 6lb 6oz and was suicidal with much threatening of giving up fishing, you know the usual stuff we all do when we have been slapped several times by the next peg, I weighed 24lb 7oz with 5 skimmers about 6oz a couple of lb of Perch and the rest quality Roach up to 10oz but mostly about the 4 to 6 oz mark.

Not a mark on any of these lovely fish and they have never seen a hook thats for sure. A great mornings match fishing hugely enjoyable except for Mick that is.

Next week we have a visiting club on the Meadow on Saturday and we shall fish A section Sunday hopefully with the Roach still in situ and if I could make a subtle suggestion bring some Wheat or Tares with your Hemp, Sam knows what I mean.

Still 7.00 dtraw fish 8 until 1 for a couple more weeks reverting to 8 draw and 9 until 2 after October

Teams of 4 results all of the Meadow

I have written this once and as I am such a computer genius managed to lose the lot. So you must excuse the terse and much smaller offering. Bloke on peg1, 14lb plus of quality bread punch caught Roach wiped the board with everyone and Stanjay gold won the team event.

The top end did not fish and the Roach were not in pegs 2 to 12. Opposite the Church fished better  and the deep water out of the bay recorded a section win of 8lb plus again some Roach and Perch.

Very clear and lots of Pike activity means those with either deep water or weed cover see the action and this was exactly what happened on Sunday with very few fish in open water at all.

“A” section on Sunday but with a twist with a drop in temperature I intend to put in 17 and 18, so bring your wellies if you are fishing. I would be grateful if those attending would confirm attendance, at the moment I am assuming






Any others please call me on 07967 354804, thank you

Teams of 4

Stan has requested me to ask if we have a couple of spare anglers to help Stanjay make up their 2nd team, Coxy you are in if you want to be let me know. Torbin , please talk to Andy from johnson mathey.

Should be 4 teams so 16 fishing which means we shall use “A” section and possibly a couple of pegs on Nobles Field.

Stans bit re Teams of 4

After talking to Stan we have agreed an 8.30 draw on the bank at the top of the Meadow fish 10 to 3 (this will give time for any raking if required) Hermingford end. Hopefully Stan will have two if not 3 teams and we will have two so aprox 20 anglers on the day expected.

Sunday 25th August – ‘A’ Section

Following the deluge of the previous 2 evenings the consensus of the four fishing, was to fish the pegs most likely to provide an even chance should conditions prove difficult, namely Peg 1, Stan’s Swimming Hole and the two farthest platforms. It was widely hoped that the fresh water would provide ravenous shoals of Bream. Predictably, it didn’t. Instead, it only brought a consistently strong flow and a lot of Flotsam.

In Peg 1, Postman Paul who had only rowers and dog walkers for company, did what he does best and plundered over 30 Perch a 10oz Chub and an Eel on worm for 6lb 12oz and 2nd Place. Worm’s O’Toole indeed.

Breamy in Stans hole caught perch at his feet and also decided to fish mid-river on his 7gram lollipop, over-shotted and held back hard on the deck. No2 paid a visit halfway through to hear moans of sucked maggots and indistinguishable bites. No2 unsubtly suggested that 9grams of lead and 7 grams of float resistance might be a little much for 2-4oz Roach to pull under. He finished with 3lb 7oz.

Coxy II, on the middle platform, must have known it wouldn’t be his day when he caught a 4oz dace fist chuck, then liberated it to the margin during unhooking. He suffered a couple of Pike attacks and then struggled to 13oz off what is very much a favoured peg.

Finally to No2 on the farthest platform. He got off to a flying start on a 2gram lolly (Breamy-take note)  before breaking off on a roach/pike combo and then struggled for a couple of hours as the fish had seemingly moved out. A further loss of roach/ lollipop to Pike indicated that the Roach which were present but clearly very nervy. Having fed hemp and wheat consistently and once the sun emerged, he started catching plump Roach (2-8oz) on Wheat but continued to have huge pike problems. Almost every Roach connected with was ambushed within a few feet of the surface, sometimes by 2 pike which were clearly visible. 5 Pike in total were fought in the last two hours, there were multiple near-misses with and one landed which was returned 100 yards downstream. The only was to get the very wary Roach out was to stick the Black Hydro on, a 3lb hook-length and literally drag the Roach to and across the surface as quickly as possible. Probably not very good on the Roach’s mouths, but at least they weren’t gobbled-up, 7lb 15oz was the result, which could and should have been more, but enough for the win.

The great news of course is that seed is at last working and the Roach seem to be on A section in numbers. Once this water drops off a little, we could well have a good Autumn and end to the river season.


However to things vastly exciting(ish). Sunday 1st September Teams of four probably totally on “A” and “B” section and St Ives for the first time for many years have submitted two teams, which I have picked so sorry in advance as my England manager future potential is minimal. I have yet to hear from HIJAC who are the organisers with Duncan Ray being the main man in this process.

The St Ives teams will be as follows

St Ives A “has beens”              St Ives B ” might be’s”

The Geesemaister                   Senior Sicknote

Breamy                                  Bombardier

Kate                                       Postman Paul

No2                                        Middle Earth Sam



Andy Peters

In assuming, I also know it is stupid to assume anything, it will be an 8.00 draw poss 8.30 fish 10 til 3, team prize, main pools and individual prizes. Total entry cost probably £20 per head.

The above might be fluid and it would be great to find two more anglers and get a third team in but we shall see.

A bit

Ireland was still there, wet and windy as always, unfortunately drop in temperature and lots of new cold water upset the sport somewhat. We all caugfht every day but mostly 20 and 30lbs at best so moving on

No official match this week but the HIJAC Teams of 4 are on the 1st September and I need names of those interested. A decent turn out would be appreciated so call me on 07967 354804 if you are available, the match will be “A” and possibly some of “B” section dependent on numbers

Thursday 8th August The last round of the Coote cup 2013 “A” Section

It all got a bit nail bitey before the end but although last on the night Moaner took the title from the chasing pack by 1 point only.The points tally is below but a special mention to Breamy who came out of nowhere to take joint second place with Stan and No2 by winning this round and the last one. Granted he drew well on 11 and weighed 7lb 10oz with 1 quality Perch and a net of silvers, Perch and an Eel to back it up not a bad weight for a match that was less than 3 hours due to the lack of light, we fished until 9 and even then had to use car lights for the weigh in. I took second on the night from Stans swimming hole and also have crept up on the outside rail to miss joint second by 1 point in the series.I had 5lb 5oz but could not get good enough quality Perch after one big one at 2lb in the first 20 minutes a few silvers on waggler and an Eel made up the rest. Stan did well from the high bank with 4lb 14oz pipping Sam who was on the other platform who took 4lb 14oz.

No2 scrapped 1 point but weighed 4lb 10 oz so with weights very close a couple of fish would have swung it. The title winner drew peg1 , last weeks winning peg, and promptly came last with 3lb 10oz of bits so we were all very sympathetic, not really.

Moaner received a scattering of applause on the bank in the pitch black and that was that for another season, Sundays only from now on.

The next couple of weeks several of the normal match attendees are on hols and therefore the next two Sundays are matchless. watch this space for the next date with our rivers boats, rowers , swimmers, dogs, sheep and maybe the odd fish.

Sunday 4th August Meadow Lane

No2 slaughtered the rest with over 9lb of chublet up to a 1lb early on, Perch and silvers later with Compo in second with 4lb 2oz of silvers from the fancied bin peg. The rest of us, very hard, me , Breamy , Senior, Postman Paul, Coxy2 all recorded less than 3lb but thats life this time of year and the trouble with the Lane is it is relatively narrow and not very deep hence the first big boat and your middle lane has been kicked into touch and fish spread far and wide never to shoal up again for that morning at least.

The shape of the season now changes with the last round of the Coote cup this Thursday and just Sundays after that. It is also holiday time therefore matches are in the hands of others for the next couple of Sundays with several away. I think there will be some casual knock ups with 2’s and 3’s fishing but not much beyond that until late August. personally the chance to fish somewhere else for a few days is welcome as Ireland has no boats, no rowers, no dog walkers, no ramblers, no children climbing your pole or swimming in your swim. In short in Ireland it is silent except for cows mooing and sheep baaing and it is great. I would mention it also rains permanently and the wind blows a gale every day in several different directions and wet weather gear is normal day wear in August

So, dear reader, the excitment of our very own Champions league finale is upon us, will one of the three front runners win it or will one of us also rans run off with the points like last week, personally, could’nt care less, its just a bit of fun and the chance to take the mick out of Stan which in itself is worth the cost of being there for.

See you Thursday 5.30 sharp draw

Thursday 1st August “A” Section Coote Cup

OH the theatre the drama the knuckle biting who’s going to win and its down to the wire ladies and gentlemen. Suffice to say the 3 leaders crashed and burned Thursday night with No2 scraping 1 point and Stan and Moaner none between them, oh how we laughed as always with them and not at them, yeah right.

Breamy took Gold with 6lbs plus from peg 1 with an excellent performance by Postman Paul on peg 9 with a flat 5lb for second, thrashing me into third with 4lb 15oz. Compo made up 4th with 4lb 9oz of skimmers and silvers from much favoured platform peg 12 knocking No2 back into 5th with 4lb 8oz. Moaner did beat Stan with 3lb 12oz and 3lb 6oz respectively but nought for 6th and 7th in this game. Sam bought up the rear with 1lb 3oz and a struggle off peg 6. Most of the nets looking the same with Perch and Eels predominent but some Dace, small Chublet and silvers for those on the high bank.

SO, the points now look like this with one match to go

Tony    20pts

Torban  18pts

Stan     17pts

Chris    14pts

Paul     14pts

Nigel      7pts

Colin      7pts

Paul       4pts

Sam       3pts

John       2pts.

Next week who knows, limited time, dark by 9.10, so its a sprint not a marathon now. Oh what fun !!!!!

A “so you know” bit

As always the St Ives club is the last to be told the Teams of 4 dates, this year it is the 1st September with no County Individual or practice match beforehand due to other HAJAC commitments.

Next Sunday 4th August

Decision made, the club match in the book is TBA therefore I have taken the slightly dictatorish and undemocratic view that Meadow Lane currently offers some very fair fishing with winners possible from several pegs as has been proved this season already.

It is tempting to take a look below the lock on “D” section but so much work is needed to make any of the swims fishable its a non starter without big machinary as in many places there iis no route down to the water that could be called remotely safe with very high banks and me with several pensioners and sick people to look after on a Sunday morning.

Sunday28th July “B” section

8 fished a good turn out around holiday time. We pegged 5 on and around Church Hole which isn’t a hole anymore and the other 3 at the back end of the bay. I won it from the old Church hole swim which is now 6ft deep at its best and full of weed. However I would add it also holds a lot of fish due to that cover and despite the sunsoaked day fish were still caught. I weighed 6lb 4oz with 2 Eels one of which was nearly 2lb, two good skimmers around 1lb and 12oz and lots of small Perch with a few bits of Bleak Rudd and Chublet thrown in. Sam took second from the much favoured swim opposite the entrance to the Sea Scouts with 4lb 14oz again with a big Eel involved. Coxy2 had 4 same sized Eels and a couple of Perch for a good third with 4lb 7oz.

After this the weights were consistant, Compo 3lb14oz, Bombardier 3lb 9oz No2 2lb 15oz and Breamy 2lb 8oz with only the mighty Sicknote a DNW but even he threw back over 2lb. The main problem seems to be a complete lack of Roach at this end and very little in the  way of silver fish in general as opposed to “A” section which stll seems to hold them. All the swims on B have small clear areas near the bank and these are full of fish Senior having several 8oz Rudd wandering around under his feet and I cauight 6 Perch and an Eel right under my feet as well.

Next week who knows we might take a trip down the Lane again as the silvers are down there and are feeding or at least were.

Thursday night the penaultimate Coote cup round all to play and all very exciting draw at 5.30 be there as early as possible as the light is getting worse, yes thats summer gone then,and we will struggle to get much beyond 9.15 finish.

Thursday 25th Coote Cup round 6 “A” section

Well its all going on for some that is, Moaner continues to draw like a dream with the much favoured platform swim with Stan getting the other one and Breamy platform peg 10 which is a bit of a dog if you want the truth and was again Tursday so consistency in all things. Moaner won it with Eels Perch skimmers and other assorted silvers and 7lb 9oz trimming up Stan in the even more favoured peg 12 who managed 6lb of silvers. That little contest seems to be on its own at the moment with the other pegs providing the also ran weights.

I managed third off non favoured peg 3 due to 3 small Eels some early and late Perch and some far bank Chublet and very small Roach with the odd better Dace for 4lb. No2 drew peg 1 and raised the river bottom with his groundbait by 6 inches looking for the non existent Bream apparently, he struggled to 3lb 2oz drawing with the bombardier in peg 5 who recorded the same weight with lots of early small Perch and very little else later on. The re opened swimming hole housed Postman Paul with a couple of lb who put the skids under the aforementioned Breamy in his most hated ever, even more than Meadow Lane apparently, peg 10 who struggled to 1lb 15oz. Compo chucked a few back and that was your lot ladies and gentlemen.

So the points with 2 to play are as follows

Tony      20 pts

Torban   17 pts

Stan       17pts

Chris      11pts

Breamy    9 pts

Nigel        7 pts

Colin        5 pts

Sam         3pts

John         2pts

The top three must have it sown up between them somewhere.

Finally best wishes to Fizz post op here’s hoping he is keeping you furnished in tea and biscuits and yet knowing in my heart of hearts he isn’t. Get well soon hun

A Bit

Sunday I intend to move the match to “B” section on or about Church Hole as several reports of good fishing have been given, it seems mainly due to a good weed covering. Gentlemen be warned bring a rake you will most probably need it even though our own “bob a job” man  No2 has raked 4 swims in the area. He fished the other night and had a good net from one of the raked swims and we do not want to fish the same stretch of “A” all the time.

The Coote cup has 3 rounds to go and its anybodies game currently, the draw is all important with certain swims more productive than others at the moment. the current no stream at all might be slightly changed after the deluge two nights ago but I doubt it will do much other than run straght off the ground and down the river well before Thursday.

Sunday 22nd july “A” section

7 fished and we ended on “A” due to people pressures lower down the stretch. The sun did not shine so the many pints of hemp, tares and wheat were superfluous.

Realitively speaking the fishing was good with the two platform swims very much favourite, No2 won from peg 11 with an excellent 11lb plus which made Senior Sicknotes 2lb very sad indeed from peg 12 with much moaning from Senior about ” I cant hold on to a 13 m pole its too heavy ” what a pathetic speciman of fishermanhood Senior has become, this is meant in a nuturing way obviously. ” cant get through the Bleak” was another diatribe from him despite an 8 gram pole flloat which in theory he could have sat on and rowed out into his swim.

Enough, I promised I would not be too hard on him so thats a done deal, you had better shape up for Ireland thats all Im saying.

2nd place and very well done went to Postman Paul with 4lb 10 oz of Perch and Eels with me third with 3lb 15oz of small Chub even smaller Roach a few Perch and good Eel right at the end. Breamy weighed 2lb and some, Compo chucked 2lb plus back and Coxy blew up on peg 1 which is an out and out chopped worm peg and he with no chopped worm very difficult for 1lb.

Thursday, the Coote cup warms up considerably and at this stage I would like to pass on my best wishes to Fizz who is having an operation Thursday. We are taking bets on where Stan will, be Thursday night. We are also taking bets on which Doctor he will cross palms with to ensure fizz wakes up Friday morning.

The usual 5.30 draw for Thursday on “A” section with next Sunday being “A” again

Thursday18th July “A”section

9 fished and the venue was very fair with the odd exception, Stan again haha, we are laughing with you Stan not at you and of course we care that you lost, badly, again.

Breamy in prime peg 12 won with 6lb 6oz mainly skimmers up to 6oz but all night good to see a head of Gudgeon in the river as well, Moaner turned up late, I dont know why I bother I should leave the last peg in the draw and Moaner can pick it up when he gets here, to cap it all he maintains he was working in Hemingford Grey all day with his gear with him and yet he was still late, unbelievable.

I snuck third out of Stans Polyruff swim from last week with 4lb 12oz more than half of which was waggler caught in the last 45 minutes if I had another hour I could have won but life is full of if only’s and maybes ask Stan he lost a big Perch which could well have won him the match early doors and finished out of the points again, oh the horror, sorry went to see the Rocky Horror stage show on Wednesday cannot get the “its behind you” thing out of my system yet.

Well I absolutely hammered No2 he had 4lb 10oz but all he is worried about is beating Stan points means prizes guys except in this case they don’t, just the Kudos of winning is all there is

Compo rattled up just over 4lb and in fact the venue was very fair with everyone catching and in some cases losing fish.

The points race is as follows and its all getting very exciting with Stan being knocked off his Perch ( a 3lb one he said ) by No2 and Moaner in a combined assault, All to play for still with 3 more rounds to go

Tony      15

Torban   15

Stan      13

Breamy   9

Chris       8

Nigel       5

Colin       5

Sam       3

John       2

Sunday is now “A” section as I have seen an email confirming a million screaming scouts on the sea scouts island and another million screaming kids from peg 18 down to and including Nobles, at least at the top end we get slightly less disturbed, to hot for people to walk that far. let me know if you are attending, currently known participants are






Postman Paul

Coxy 2.

Bring your sun tan lotion its going to be a hot one.

A Bit

Sunday gentlemen bring a rake if you can, the weed has now grown on “B” section and despite NO2 ‘s swim clearance most areas still need some clearing

I intend to peg around the Sea scouts island but only if the island is not screaming with Sea Scouts plus the end of the bay where again a rake could be required.

Attendance list for Thursday and Sunday has reverted to completely unknown. As usual, once the early season eagerness to book in has worn off, its anybody’s guess.

Sunday 14th Meadow Lane

8 fished, no stream and the Dace fed but fitfully. Stan broke his recent run of poor form with an excellent 8lb 8oz of Dace and some Bleak for a convincing win with Sir Michael Of Hinchingbrooke, that well known one man medical budget, in second with 5lb 6oz of mainly Perch with some Chublet and Dace. I was failing miserably until my much planned for Eel line sprang to iife and I finished in third with 4lb 12oz half eels and half small chub and dace with a few Bleak


The Lane did not fish as well as before but very little flow coupled with stupid boat driving in several cases did not help at all. It is one thing to miss the rowers but at least A and B section are wide stretches of river compared to the very narrow stretch down the Lane

Next week is B section and now that the Meadow has been cut we might try opposite the Sea Scouts and Nobles Field we shall see, Usual stuff gentlemen for this venue 6.45 at the gate Hemingford end.

Thursday 16th July “A” section

Thank you Mr Senior for your kind comments so 9 fished and it did fish better than of late with Moaner the winner from peg1 with 6lb 6oz mainly Perch and Eels. Second was No2 from the last platform with 5lb 6oz and third the Bomabardier with a dead 5lb from peg 3. the only other item of note is that Sir Stan drew peg11 the much fancied platform peg and caught, wait for it, 1lb 12oz of mainly Polyruff and last in the list of those who weighed in as Compo threw 3lb back as he was next to the winner with second place on his other side.

As a further point of interest I am led to believe that Stan came last in his own final on his own lake on Saturday which shows even the mighty can and will fail.

Current standings in the Coote cup are

Stan        13pts

Torban     13pts

Tony        11pts

Chris         5pts

Nigel         5pts

Paul          4pts

Colin         4pts

Sam          3pts

John          2pts

Thursday usual stuff start dates as seen draw 5.30 are you listening Moaner

Saturday oh who cares

Due to unforeseen admin error, Thursdays report is delayed till The G Man gets off his arse.

Sunday 14th July is now Meadow lane meet at the gate 6:45,bring some sun cream and a hat -:)


Sunday 9th July Meadow Lane

Just like last time a very fair fishery with silvers in every peg if you can fish for them. 5 fished and at last I fished like an angler and not the idiot of recent weeks to record the win with 9lb of, almost exclusively, Dace. excellent fishing despite the boats. Breamy ran me very close with a similar net plus a couple of Chublets for 8lb 8oz with Sir Sicknote venturing out for third with 6lb 2oz which included a big bonus Eel of 2lb and a lot of shouting about not being able to hit the bites and missing hundreds, same old story.Both Coxy and Postman Paul did not bother to weigh and that was about it. the boats were bad but not as bad as it gets once summer hols are upon us but the Dace fishing is becoming very good indeed and if we can stay Cormorant and Seals plus Otters free we will have a very good silver fish fishery indeed in the next couple of years and as I intend to revisit Meadow Lane next week I am seeing a double figure winning weight if all goes well.

Let me know if you are attending, currently booked in are as below. So Sunday14th July Meadow Lane is the venue and not “D” section as mentioned in the permit





Postman Paul



Thursday 4th July “A”

Stan hit the top spot again with just over 6lbs a good result on a difficult evening for many. Breamy took second and had 5lb 14oz from peg 12 on the platforms and Torban stole third with a late eel. Sam had 2lb plus as did Moaner with myself and the Bombardier having a very poor go with less than 2lb each. Postman Paul DNW’d and is having a bad run but there is always another day

Even with e few absentees we had 8 on the bank which is pleasing to see despite the fishing being very hard at times.

The current league tables are as follows

Stan        13pts

Torban       9pts

Tony          6pts

Paul           4pts

Chris          4pts

Colin          4pts

John           2pts

Nigel           2pts

Sam           1pt

Currently Sir Stanley of Goddy running away from NO2 but its not over yet people

Sunday 30th June “B” section

The great and the good came among us lesser mortals on Sunday with the appearance of Junior Whatling and he plus 6 others suffered somewhat. In fact me and Tony drew out the bay and my theory that the lack of weed on this stretch keeps all the silver fish out is vindicated with Tony who is a fine angler a DNW. I struggled next to him as well with 2lb 1oz but 1.5lb of that was 1 Perch. Torban had more fish but no bonus stuff for 2lb 9oz and Breamy won the match well into the bay in among the streamer weed where he picked off 3 big skimmersa and one smaller one plus some Perch with one good one well over a 1lb, Breamy recorded 8lb plus for a win. The fish are in the weed people

Now the other three were pegged opposite the Sea Scout island and luckily did not have a million screaming kids to deal with. Lots of weed in this area ergo Sir Stanley fills his net with silvers for 5lbs plus and third. Postman Paul failed to bother the scoreres but lo and behold the senior staff member Coxy part two just back from his medical issues manages a proper Bream and smaller cousin for 7lb 9oz and lost another one which would have pulled him the win.

Thursday “A” section as usual and next Sunday we are having another go on Meadow Lane which as long as the weed has not sprung up too much might well give another very good account of itself. What i like about the Lane is that despite the lack of big quality it is stuffed full of silvers and everyone has a chance, small Chud,Dace,Bleak amd small Roach are in abundance and at least 6 or 7 of the swims could be and indeeed have in the past been winners.

So names please for Sunday, Thursdays list is a known I think with a couple of absentees this week.

Thursday 27th A Section

11 yes 11 turned up it was like a Saga bus outing. Stan the man won with a superb perch around the 3lb mark and 5lb of silvers for over 8lb with Compo second at 3lb14oz with a late eel stealing second place from Moaner in the next peg who had 3lb 10oz of bits. the rest of us all had a few but it was very hard plus it chucked with rain alll evening until we weighed in which was something at least.

Compo has now had 3 outings two firsts and a second, apparently during his long lay off he read books on fishing and has returned as a reborn Ivan Marks. Two things I would like to know firstly who the bloody hell took it upon themselves to teach him to read at the age of 235 and, secondly, how did they manage to have the books written in Northern so he could understand any of it.

I was on the fabled peg 1 and saw one Bream way up stream with Bombardier next to me saying they can swim at walking pace. I think we had the old people equivalent of bream swimming left to right and up and down rather than any closer to me. I struggled tp 2lb 10oz Bombardier slaughtered me with3lb 4oz No2 had 3lb plus and Spotty,Middle Earth Sam and Postman Paul didnt between them. Breamy had a few but it was just a few.

All in all disappointing no bream bigger tha 12oz anywhere and the silvers were not quite on it and certainly not as good as Meadow Lane.

Current Coote cup points are

Stan    8

Torban 6

Chris    4

Colin    4

Tony    4

John     2

Nigel    2

This Sunday we are on “B” section again but I intend to fish 3 out of the bay and the rest on the Church Hole area. List of attendees to date are





Postman Paul

Coxy no2

Please let me know if you intend to fish, 6.45 at the gate for the drive down fish 8.00 til1.00

Sunday 23rd June Meadow Lane

6 fished good all round silvers day with the old man of the allotment, Compo,winning two Sundays in a row with 11lb 12oz of chublet up to 1lb great to see such a nice net of small Chub its been a long while since I have seen any net of small chub from our river but great signs for the future. Sir Stan second three good chublets and lots of Dace for 7lb 5oz just pipping me in the next peg with 6lb 12oz of dace and not the Chublet which would have made the difference.

Third Breamy with 6lb 7oz and Coxy no 2 back from his hand op and Postman Paul making up the also rans, see horse racing theme in honour of Ascot, this blogs not just thrown together you know.

Thursday A section let me know if you are coming 5.30 draw 6.15 to dusk and who knows or probably cares either

So I missed last Thursday bit

First Thursday match of the season and I miss the report the flack I have had, oh well, apologies all round and here we go.

8 fished  a few missing Sam and Compo at Ascot, if ever there was a scene I could not envisage that was it with the exception of Compo gathering horse crap for the allotment  don’t know what the attraction was. Anyway, No2, peg1, 2 Bream, game over 10lb 6oz with me next

from peg 11 with 1 big Bream and bits for 7lb 2oz and second. Sir Stanley was all silvers for 4lb and third with the immortal and rarely seen in public Spotty Whitehead third with another good Bream and a couple of bits for 3lb 14oz. Moaner showed up moaned for 5th and 3lb 6oz of bits.

Bombardier, Breamy( I hate peg 10 too Paul ) and Postman Paul made up the following pack with Postman Paul the Ferox hunter landing a 5lb Zander whih did not count of course.

Dont forget first 5 score points 8 rounds to fish , game on.

A Bit

Unfortunately we have an error on the permit re Thursday evening Coote cup matches. The permit states section C but all the matches are scheduled to take place on “A” section at the top of the Dolphin Meadow. Therefore it will be section “A” unless advised otherwise probably from this blog as the Hunts Post do not want to know us lowly anglers anymore. A situation that I personally find disgraceful as so many of our and other angling club members use ( or should I say used to use) the Hunts Post to see, both, what has gone on and what is going on re next weeks fixtures.

On the plus side Spotty Whitehead phoned and has got an evening pass for a go in the Coote Cup round tonight so huzzah. We are looking at 7 with a possible 9 fishing in the new first 5 score points system, so good stuff. AND yes the winner gets 5 points, you have to tell them because first three was comfortable,1,2,3 all big fingers but five is getting near end of fingers time and transferring the thumb in plus divide by the residual and add the first number that they thought of can and will stretch many beyong there limit.  You only have to watch Stan adding up in the shop to know what I mean he asked me for 12 shillings and sixpence the other day and had I got change for a groat.

Sunday 16th June B section

The results don’t reflect the pain really 9 fished and we pegged from the rowing club down into the bay. First thing I did forgot my bait had to go home could not find my bait came back and there it was hidden behind my box cracking start then the quickest set up of gear ever and on time we started, I shouldnt have bothered.

Opposiite the rowing club was awful Kate had no bites, Breamy had 1 small Perch, I had a good Perch and a Polyruff for 1lb 5oz, No2 had 14oz and Postman Paul a good Perch and a very small chub for 1lb 4oz. This was the crap section.

Stan the man was next and third with 3lb 14oz and was starting to catch good 8 oz skimmers at the end moaned about my watch keeping and so I shall create Stan time in which he cannot start until 5 minutes after us and must finish 5 minutes before or he will be disqualified hopefully that might shut him up but I doubt it. Middle Earth Sam had the last platform coming out the bay had two bites two good Bream and struggled thereafter but weighed 4lb 14oz for second. In first place and celebrating his return to the match fold our new Chairman the Compost Maister himself, Compo with a couple of bigger Bream a couple of Eels and bits for 5lb 10oz.

I did have one bit of excitment when a good double figure Pike grabbed my 1lb plus Perch on the way in but other than that it was bloody turgidly awful.

However one bright note my mate Robb strolled past about 11.30 having been on the old Church Hole swim which is now no longer a hole and had caught 10 Bream up to 7lb for around a very nice 50lb net of fish. Jealous, much, I should bloody well think so

Thursday 5.30 or as near as possible at the top of the meadow fishing close to 6.15 as poss until dusk which should give us to 9.45 weather permitting. I do need to know who intends to be there




Geese maister


No 2

Sir Stan

Postman Paul

A Bit

Working party on the bank Wednesday 7 turned up which was good and in council tradition 6 of us watched Pete Milburn do all the work with his petrol strimmer. Not really true, No2 waded in to several swims chest deep and removed Lillies and reeds and Breamy threw several tones of iron mongery into the water to retreive very little. the weed has not grown as the colour and depth of water has keep the sun from reaching the bottom and triggering the growth spurt. Now, Im not sure about this yes it allows a float running through but without any cover will the fish be there. I have to say during the 2 hours we were on the bank very few fish topped and what did top was small.

So my gut feeling for Sunday is as follows, the odd Tench and maybe the odd Bream or big skimmer, small Perch and Eels with some Silvers but not a great deal of Roach maybe a few small ones and some small to medium Dace. I hope I’m wrong but a winning weight maximum of 6lb and maybe less but as always I am usually wrong and hopefully will be wrong about this.

Meet at the top of hemingford end for 6.45 to drive down. As yet the farmer has not cut the usual swarth about 4 m wide beyond the Dolphin marina so a small walk might be involved but no swim clearance or dragging will be required. we draw at 7.00 fish 8.00 until 1.00.

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At least 9 for the first one, good lord its an open and we shall be paying at least 2

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