Matches 2014/15

Friday 6th March


The mighty Sir Michael and myself ventured onto the Dolphin Meadow in search of the Bream shoal that usually parks pre spawning on Nobles Field at this time of year. Well that was a complete bust then, I had 3 chub two of which were 4lb and 3lb with a smaller one at about 1lb 12oz plus a single solitary sad looking 1lb skimmer Bream and Mick had a 1 oz Dace, not the best of days then, I think the Seals have spread any shoal fish far and wide and I wonder how many of the Bream shoals have survived the damn things.


On a slightly more optimistic note the mighty Sir Michael tried the Waits on Sunday, mainly because he wouldnt have to carry his tackle very far, and had an excellent day with a photo on facebook showing someones net with 25lb plus if Roach in it. I havent spoken to him yet so I’m not sure whose net he nicked for the photo.


As the last week on the river looms yet again, I have stolen two days off to try and catch a few before the season finishes. So, to those out there this weekend tight lines and the commercials beckon for the next three months, o joy.






Horror of horrors but I went fishing, you may have noticed a lack of communication on the site for which I blame mother nature for winter and its constant floods. I finally manfully went on the meadow yesterday and caught diddily as it was still flooding through like a washing machine on max spin cycle. Nobles was the area of choice but to have any chance I ended up on peg 17 as it has a small slack. 50 gramme feeders was the weapon of choice any less and you could not hold bottom at all.


The miracle is I had bites in chocolate brown water in fact I had a dozen small Dace and two chublet when I went on worm which were 12oz and 1lb respectively. I also missed two good Chub bites as I was on the phone so obviously not my fault in any way.


The lads have been all over the place to wet a line from commercials to the Cam but St Ives will start again in June with the vain hope that I might get on the river before the end of the season as I have two days off to try.






As usual the EA cannot or will not assist in the Seal issue but Kye Jerrom, who is always as helpful as he can be within the EA restraints, has given me the EA report on Seal incursions plus the script for licence applications for shooting the damn things. It is unfortunately well proven that simply taking the Seals back to the wash does not work as they are back up the river quicker than the EA can drive back. I have read the criteria for such final solutions as shooting and it all hinges around damage to the fishery and open and closed season for such actions plus agreement from several other parties so that all is above board and legally/politically correct. Even the EA agree that seals consume 6kgs of fish a day so two adults and a pup will consume 15kgs a day thats 33lbs in old money and our fishery within two weeks would have nothing left so we might already be to late.


We will try all the official routes to help save our fishing but with usual time delays for anything of this nature I have a terrible feeling it will not matter..





8/1/15 Any thoughts from any one on this welcome


I have been informed of single sightings in Jones Boatyard and the small marina opposite London Road of individual Seals which is bad enough BUT I have now been told that THREE of the bloody things were seen basking on peg 18 at the top of “A” section probably having ate 20lb of Roach between them for a snack.


I have sent two emails to the EA and await an answer but if three Seals stay for any time at all the stretch will be totally devoid of anything over 4oz which is tragic as it was coming back to somewhere approaching reasonable form last season. As this is also the time that the Bream shoals move onto Nobles Field to spawn or at least at come stage in the next couple of months again the outcome would be a complete decimation of our Bream stocks.





Another bit of humbug, yes I love Xmas I really do


Sunday usual draw prize situation, every one brings one, everyone takes one home and some lucky so and so gets Compo’s prize turnip who this year is called Matilda. Senior Scrooge please increase your annual prize donation beyond the £ shop and dont try the old “but I’m only a poor wee pensioner” crapola either.


Yours sincerely


Ebeneezer Geasmaister



A Xmas bit ba humbug Fur & Feather Sunday 21st December


The Fur and Feather is very kindly being allowed on the Bally Hole at Somersham this year the participants are already logged in


Fishing will be



Middle Earth Sam



The Geesemaister.


And Senior Sicknote if he recovers from his latest bout of Ebola, to anyone else a cold


7.45 at Somersham draw at 8 start fishing at 9.00 watch Compo make a fool of himself for several hours and also watch him win the match then finish at 2.00.


Usual rules apply carp do not count and barbless hooks gentlemen.




Sunday 7th December “A” Section


3 Fished no one caught they all went home at 12 I stayed in bed who’s a clever boy then. This week the temptation, looking at the weather, is the same but we shall see. Jones is still unavailable and may well be for the forseeable future. we have a Xmas match planned for the 20th and no where to fish it as yet, hopefully we get a mild spell before Xmas.



Sunday 30th November “A” section


4 fished peg 17 and 18 plus two on Nobels. Unfortunately the river was still in full spate and with no slacks available Nobels was heavy feeder only with 50 gr being needed to hold bottom making hitting the Roach and Dace bites hugely frustrating and in the main non productive. So Breamy and my good self suffered with his 2lb 1oz beating my 1lb 10 oz despite there being lots of fish in both swims for most of the match. 17 & 18 was a far nicer place to be with Torbin doing well to weigh well over 6lb for the win mainly Dace and Roach being caught. The mighty sicknote persisted with the pole and managed 2lb 12oz although he probably should have fished the feeder but enjoyed himself more on the pole.


Next week, I dont know as I shall not be fishing, so it will be make it up as you go along lads. Hopefully the river will be very fishable by next week and might well be worth a go as long as it does not get too cold.



A bit


For those who still function on the river bank at this time of year the match scene for St Ives becomes very fragmentary as the river floods a lot winter time and we seem to be without some of our usual winter options with to many Seals at the Pike and Eel marina and no permissions currently forthcoming for Jones marina so, what do we do on Sunday when supposedly the weather is mild and overcast without rain.


If we can get on the top of the Meadow I would like a go at peg 16,17,18 and three pegs on Nobles field, These pegs are always a holding spot for Bream after a flood and the only question is have they moved from their summer quarters yet up at the lock gates at Hemingford where the very deep water holds them. So unless Jones opens up which looks doubtful the top of the Meadow at 7.45 will be the answer on Sunday or at least it is at the moment.


I would add if the river continues to rise and we cannot get on the Meadow then the Waits is the alternative with NO2 having 7lb of Roach on Sunday without great conditions as it was lashing with rain at the time.





Thursday20th a bit


Well, we were going to be in Jones and then we weren’t. The spit is covered in new grass and roped off and the deeps are out of bounds for at least two to three weeks apparently so no permission to fish could be obtained. Senior and I ended up in the fens at Benick and had small Roach with me catching some Perch and 1 Tench about 3.5lbs plus a 5lb Pike on worm. Compo and Sam went to Somersham and had skimmers but all a bit of an anti climax really.


This Sunday, no match as far as I am concerned due to family committments. Compo is fishing and I assume Breamy will to so if you wish to fish contact them.


The forecast for Sunday is horrible and probably will put the river over the banks so we shall see for the following week, I just hope we dont get a winter like last year when we were barely able to get on the banks due to floods for several months.


Th Waits might be the place for next week we shall see.




Sunday 16th November “B” section


Yes even the changed venue got changed due to flood water and “A” being suitable for watersking and thats about all. So we decided two in front of the rowing club and two on the platforms in the bay with 4 fishing on “B”, see simple maths its all clever stuff.


I had 3 skimmers in the first hour and thought I was on for a shed load and wasn’t, in the bay. Roach moved in very hard to hit on a 44 gr feeder which was needed to hold the steam but I had about 7 plus an Eel that with the skimmers gave me 3lb 11oz for the win. I slaughtered Breamy who fished opposite the rowing club and had Roach and Dace for 3lb 9oz and lost a zoo creature on tip as well. Plus he thought we had packed up at 1.30 when he saw me and Senior putting stuff in our cars so he packed his pole up and noticed we were fishing again as what he had seen was me and the mighty one getting gear in the cars out of the rain that had just started what a numpty he is.


Compo never got going and took an early bath and Senior had 10 bites and missed them all on feeder but the last couple which were small Roach and Dace under his feet on whip. I think if he had found them earlier he may well have had a couple of lb minimum./


So, the river is brown and this week we get our first outing in Jones, so hoping against hope that the river does not burst its banks as we will not get in if it does. Sunday have booked in the following and this means no spare pags at the moment I’m afraid









The Spit takes 6 at a maximum and that really only works if some of the incumbrent boats get moved so we will see.




Thursday The lagoon


Like I said best laid plans and all that, 3 of us turned up to give the Lagoon a go and to say it was not good was an understatement. We all fished the roadside bank leading to the Meadow Lane gate. Compo first chuck hooked and lost a very big Perch and we all thought here we go. Indeed we did go, home at 1.00 as that was the last bite any of us had but never mind you have to try these things.


Personally I think the silvers have preobably moved into the deep water where ever that is and of course the preditory Perch would have followed them.


So, adjustment for Sundays match we will be on the Meadow “A” section with an 7.45 meet 8 draw, Compo said the river has some colour and a bit of flow so we will have a look Sunday before deciding where to fish.


I would also note that next week the Meadow is booked by the Preiditor lure angling people with an expected 20 plus being present for their Xmas match. We should be in Jones on the Spit if all goes well so watch this space.





A bit


Gordy Howes the lakes owner has kindly given me a bit more information re the Lagoon for sunday and as much as I am cynical beyond belief regarding how good things are i will dangle this littele nugget of a Facebook message in front of those who are fishing.,and i quote


” One bloke has been fishing the road bank for Perch and silvers this year usually on the tip. He has had multiple catches of Perch between 2lb and 3lb and I mean dozens at a time.His biggest this year is 3lb 14oz. He has fished maggot on the tip and in between the Perch he has had a silver fish every chuck.”


So we can fish the bank we drive down to the lane so no carrying tackle and its full of fish which are rarely fished for and are in huge abundance. Now I know we have heard such things before but its worth a go at the very least.


Fishing I assume are








Worms O’toole or Postman Paul would be in his element by the sounds of it but I think he is Piking, shame




Sunday 9th November


St Ives took the win Sunday at Somersham with the two teams of 6 recording 58lb and 52lb on what turned out to be a very hard day fishing but good fun otherwise with a first mince pie of the season being much enjoyed. Breamy took the win with an excellent 18lb plus of mainly skimmers on a day that skimmers were very hard to come by. However those of us in Carp corner had a very mixed day suffice to say I had 8 of the damn things on and Paul from Somersham to my right had 6 he weighed 2lb odd and me nearly 5lb the two people either side of us who had no carp issues weighed 11lb and 9lb, frustrated, not much in a foot of water every carp cleared the swim for 15 minutes of all fish on that basis I lost two hours plus the carp playing time which was thankfully not long on 4 elastic and 20 hooks.


Many thanks to the Somersham lads for organising the event and we look forward to having them back on our river next year for a summer version of the event.


My intention for this Sunday is the Lagoon and I still wait for Gordy to confirm but his original message did that all ready. So,Sunday at the Meadow Lane gate at 7.45 and I need names. currently I expect








8 draw fish 9 til 2 and it is fishing or so I’m told, however, I have been told that before.




Another new bit


After this weeks effort in Somersham I am hoping to take Gordy Howes, the owner of the St Ives pits fishery, up on his kind offer to fish the big lagoon which apparently holds huge amounts of silvers and some very big Perch. It could be very interesting, once again as this is a personal invite and as long as Gordy is ok with  next Sunday I will make available pegs up to 6 in total. Usual match anglers getting preference in reward for turning up every week during the season



Details to follow as a date is yet to be finalised





Sunday 2nd November”A” section


The last semblance of summer and the first rains and breezier days were felt by the 3 who fished with a very low turn out we decided to fish the high bank with the two end pegs obviously being favourite and guess who yet again drew like a drain and had the middle peg, yes me people. I have had a very poor year with the draw bag but that is the way life is.


On the day No2 slaughtered Breamy 7lb 8oz to 7lb 7oz both catching lots of smallish Roach with the odd better Dace and Roach plus the odd small Perch. I tipped back 5lb of similar fish but it was an interesting enough day for all and despite the fishing never acheiving great things we all had bites for most of the time.


Next week, see below, we are in Somersham at the Ballyhole draw is 8.00 and Sam says be there in time I would suggest 7.45 at the latest



A preliminary update


Middle Earth Sam has informed me that on the 9th November we are playing away from home against “the olde enemy” Somersham at the Ballyhole. Actually they are very nice people and the olde enemy thing was from when I used to play against them at football for St Ives.


The details of the match are 8 o clock sharp draw, fish 9 til 2 with up to an extra 30 minutes being allocated at the start if people are not ready, 12 pegs, 6 of them and 6 of us, alternate peg draw so we will be either odds or evens and they the other one. £5 all in, no charge to fish for St Ives lads. Carp will NOT count so Silvers only, all fish must be netted, barbless hooks only.


Our allocation is already taken with the following fishing









Hopefully we will do the club proud as his Componesss has been emptying the place for months and no one can get near him when it comes to Skimmers with several weights over 40lb and some even over 50lb being recorded by the great unwashed one.


If any of the 6 mentioned become unavailable I do need to know





Sunday 26th Oct “B” section


6 turned up all ready for a Roach bonanza. Mick had even baked his own bread and spent several hours rolling it flat for the inevitable Blitzcreig on Punch that would follow last weeks results. It looked good, mild and overcast but an annoying wind at least for the three of us in the bay but over the shoulder of those opposite the rowing club.


The bay just did not work, the river was still running hard  but not as hard as last week and we should have caught but didn’t. Mick had the prime peg last platform in the bay and had one good Roach and a few bits and bobs for a big DNW suffice to say the Punch carried no weight. Postman Paul caught two big Perch on his fabled worms and lost another big fish but the two he had weighed a meaty 2lb 10oz. I sat next to Worms O’Toole and had 5 fish, the 4 Roach on punch were quality but just not in numbers with one very tiny Dace on single Pinkie for 2lb 1oz.


Compo used the tip for 9 Gudgeon, a Perch and some small dace but threw them back for a DNW just to keep Senior company. The two swims opposite the rowing club faired far better with Torbin taking the honours with just over 5lb of mainly the odd decent Roach with Breamy 3lb 7oz of similar but not enough stamp. So, that was that after the Lord Mayors show the crap bit takes over. It must be us I think we just are not good enough and if it wasn’t for the fact that several of us are good enough I would believe that as an answer.


Next week “A” section the forecast is still unbelievably mild for the end of October and it might just fish to seed yet again. You never know we can always hope.


7.45 at the gate please and tell me if you are attending. current combatents will be



The Geesemaister

Senior (maube)




Such a selection of fishing talent you would have though the England manager would be there casting his eye over suitable candidates.



Sunday 19th October Meadow lane


Case of having to fish Meadow Lane really as all the Winter league lads are on the Dolphin and this week at both ends and the middle. Well 3 intrepid or idiots decided to go and the weather was awful the river was still two feet up and running like a train and the wind was blowing striaght downstream and harder than the stream was running. Suffice to say pole use was at times scary as the wind caught the poles and created what should be striaght into very bendy indeed. Breamy had to be staked down at all four corners of his winter suit otherwise we would have been using him as a kite


The annoying thing was despite the wind and the stream fish were there and feeding when you could present your float correctly, which was not often,.Breamy had a good 5lb in 4 hours, yes we even packed up an hour early because of the rapidly deterioting weather. He had several net Roach and Dace plus one 8oz skimmer. Colin and myself managed about 3.5lb with smaller stamp fish but we all caught so that was ok.


Next week a larger attendance will be expected with a choice on the Meadow. This weeks Winter League was won opposite the rowing club on the platform with 15lb plus of Roach with 11lb in the bay and two further decent weights coming out of the bay of 8/9lb. Interestingly Church Hole and downstream into and including the cattle drink also fished with double figure and near figure Roach weights also being recorded here and I would remind the dear reader that this was in a very fast running stream but a dropping river with a dropping colour as well.


So, subject to wind and cold the intention is lower B section this week with hopefully a better than even chance of some decent Roach weights.


7.45 at the gate fish 8 till 2 and I do need to know if you are attending as the gate will be locked after we have drawn.





Sunday 12th October Meadow lane


The Creme de la creme fished Sunday down the lane with further creme on the meadow with the pre winter league open which was won off peg 12 with 17lb,very nice catch of Roach on bread punch apparently.


Down the lane was harder with Dace feeding early but then dropping off with Mick winning with 6lb plus and me second with 5lb 7oz absolutely hammering Torbin with 5lb 6oz. Breamy had 4lb odd and Compo threw it all back in disgust early.


This week, is in the lep of the gods, if the water continues to drop then the lane could be ok but it was 5 feet up on Thursday with more to come. So, the plan is meet at the gates of the lakes at 7.45 and we shall see.


I do need to know who is attending so that we have enough for a match. Breamy, Torbin and Colin please confirm attendance or otherwise.


The Winter League proper is on the Meadow Sunday plus Godmanchester and Huntingdon. I will be interested to see, with the chocolate water, whether any Bream or big skimmers show.




Sunday 5th October “A” section


5 fished and we all had a decent peg but the weather had changed and we had a frost at the start of the match plus some cold water running through from yesterdays rain Breamy, NO2 and myself were on the high bank opposite the trees. Breamy started well and caught Roach on seed never at a great rate but often enough however every boat stopped the fish feeding and eventually both he and I lost all the fish and spent the last 1.5 hours almost fishless. Breamy had 8lb 5oz snd I had 5lb 15oz as I did not see a Roach for the first hour. Torbin next to me hardly saw a Roach at all and DNW’d throwing back 3lb plus. End peg well worth being drawn and the middle pegs less so for a change


On pegs 11 and 12 was Compo in 11 and Senior Sicknote in 12, Senior thrashed us all with 13lb 11oz of mainly redfins on wheat and this was a swim that he did not want in the draw as it was not fishing well. Compo managed a much more reserved 6lb 13oz again mainly Redfins.


No doubt about it the Roach are still there just not happy with the change of temperature and cold water running through.


Next week the Winter league matchmen are on the meadow for a practice. The St Ives lads are retreating to Meadow Lane and hopefully the Dace will still be in action 7.45 at the lake gates and draw at 8 fish 9 til 2. Currently fishing are








Anyone else let me know.








A practice bit


Sir Michael of sicknote and myself had a day on “A” section yesterday and for Mick what a day it was. I caught on seed most of the day  smaller stamp Roach with the odd fish up to 10oz and many a missed small Dace bite in between for about 17lb odd nice net of uncaught fish and it looks good for next season subject to the usual eater of fishes staying away.


However, his grand sickness had a day of days with an aquarium full of Roach between 6oz and 1lb in front of him all afternoon. Mick fed shed loads of wheat and hemp, as I did too, but his result was over 40lb of quality Roach and 4/5lb of Perch down the side with 1 fish at 1lb 13oz. Almost every fish needed a landing net and when he loose fed hemp or wheat the water literally boiled with Roach. Pristine never seen a hook Roach they were too and you can see pictures on Micks Facebook entry. No wind, No rain, nice stream and a bit of colour, god knows where from, and it was an ideal fishing day for seed


So we are on “A” Sunday and I live in hope it fishes like it did Friday I know it will never be as good with just two people fishing, I would add we did not fish the favourite platform swims either.


So finally, well done Sir Michael I doff my cap to a beautiful net of redfins the like of which is rarely seen any more from our river.



A bit for next week


I take it all back to those who I gave out Winter League match dates I was wrong. We will be on “A” section this Sunday as the Winter League practice open is on the 12th Oct with the following week being the actual Winter League match (19th).


So names please for Sunday could well be a last chance go for seed with the weather due to start changing this weekend who knows???


As we are now in October the draw moves to 8.00 fish 9.00 til 2.00.


Sunday28th sept Meadow lane


I suppose it shows how wrong you can be. No Anderson team this year but 5 from St Ives turned up for the Anderson cup always held on Meadow Lane.


The fishing was really very very good considering very little stream and no colour in the water. Compo, fishing waggler for the first time this year, took the honiours and the cup with a great net of quality Dace for 16lb 20z I managed second with 10lb 2oz of Dace and small Roach on seed. Torban took third, just, from Mick, with 8lb 4oz to 8lb dead with Breamy bringing up the rear on his less than favourite venue with 5lb odd.


Next week is a do not know as yet as there is a HAJAC open on the Meadow but we might come back down the lane for another go as it fished so well. Keep your eye on the blog it will eventually reveal all.




A bit


I do intend to have a few hours on the Lane tomorrow as a practice for Sunday, no flow is not what you normally need for the Dace and Chub down the lane and those species make up most of the nets.Unfortunately despite small amounts of rain no flow is what we are going to get Sunday and I suspect 6lb plus will win it of mainly small stuff, the cup is presented on the bank and we shall as always see what happens on the day.


As yet we have the following booked in







and hopefully Senior Sick note, a couple more committee members would be very welcome.




Match “A” section Sunday 21st


Nor really much of a match as only 3 turned up. We decided to avoid the obvious swims on the platforms and fish three in a row on the high bank opposite the trees. The idea being that Perch would be down the inside chub and dace under the trees and Roach on seed or bread punch in the deeper water down the middle for all three pegs. Breamy started well with decent chublet and Dace with a few Perch and then Roach on seed in fact just as i thought. He had some lovely, never previously caught, Roach for 14lb 10oz and the win. I was below the small bush and not in the more favoured area but still had a good day again following the formula with Chublet, Dace, Perch and finally Roach on wheat for the last hour and a quarter.


Unfortunatelyy Breamy had the Roach for 30 minutes more than me and my 11lb 14oz reflected that difference. Finally Postman Paul had 4lb 10oz of his favourite Perch and lost a couple of better ones.


On the day the river fished really well there was hardly any flow and no colour but the fish are there and if you can get them going you would be on for a lovely net of various red finned species.


Next week is the Anderson Cup on Meadow Lane and I do need some names lads. The club does not need to be embaressed by no one showing when Steve anderson and his mates do, so let me know please this match is an 8.00 draw fish 9.00 until 2.00 as all matches now are after this date as well.



Club match “A” section14th September


8 fished with a high quality turn out. The river is not flowing and our very own Kye came along to tell us and as Kye works for the EA we have to assume he knows. Kye said that flow has gone from upstream consequently gates remain shut this end and will remain I assume until we see some considerable rain.


Anyway,back to the fishing, despite the lack of flow fish were caught, in fact of the 8 fishing two 8lbs plus and three 6lb plus were recorded. the winner was Welsh international Amar Jawad with 8lb 10oz who nudged out Trevor Oakley with 8lb 2oz Amar catching several big Roach towards the end of the match which tipped it in his favour Trevor having caught well early on. Stan weighed 6lb 15oz of bits and bobs for third with Breamy smashing me 6lb 2oz to 6lb 1oz with some Chublet against my Perch and Roach on seed much smaller quality though.


So the river is still fishing not brilliantly but ok for those who try hard and draw reasonably well


This week again we fish “A” mainly due to the lack of flow and the deeeper water on “A” 7.00 draw fish 8 til 1 people and please let me know if you are attending it makes the pegging a lot easier



A gentle nudge


Just a reminder that we fish the annual Bob Anderson cup on the 28th September and as always Meadow lane is the venue. This is the only cup that the club still presents on the bank on the day so a decent turn out would be appreciated as Steve Anderson usually brings 4/5 to fish and I would expect our club to field more than that as a matter of respect.


The draw will be 8.00 on the bank and fish 9.00 til 2.00. Please be at the entrance to the gravel pit complex by 7.45



Teams of four “A” and “B” sections 7th September


5 teams and some very good anglers impressing on the day. The river is clear in fact gin clear very little flow and in typical late summer condition basically needing a good flush through. The winner on the day fished bread punch, hemp and worm for a net of over 12lb just coming out of the bay and the second angler fished opposite the rowing club and again had Roach and Perch on similar baits for 10lb plus. I forgot to bring any bread and had three big Perch and very little else for 4lb 4oz in that section and went home with my tail between my legs realising you have to prepare for all aspects that might occur and you cannot forget your bread for punch when the top three all used it.


The high bank recorded a good 9lb and the rarely fished gravel bar on peg 18 added 9lb plus as well.


Oh well, after a longish break we are back to normal stuff this week, god knows who will turn up but it is on “A” section 7 draw fish 8 til 1 and we change the draw time in October to 8.00.




Teams of 4 for Sunday 7th Sept top of “A” section


We have one team entered and the members are


The Geesemaister

Breamy Ashcroft

Senior Sicknote Andrews

Postman Paul;


The draw is 7.30 on the bank, I think the draw is at 8 but be there early, fish from 9.30 to 2.30.


I am led to believe 5 teams are booked in but if anyone else would like to fish let me know as an odds and sods four may well be possible.






Aside that I have returned unscathed from Ireland and Mallorca that is. Fishing starts again this week with the Teams of 4 match staged by HIJAC. I would love to field two teams but need to know who is available and quickly


I have assumed the following will fish regardless






I need confirmation from the folowing as to yah or nay


Senior Sicknote

Postman Paul



Moaner Macgregor



07967 354804 if after 5.0 clock 01480 496667 if business hours. PLease confirm soon as



Thursday 7th August Coote cup last round “A” section


It all ended in a whimper rather than a bang with only 4 fishing the last round. Breamy on the basis of catching just one wieghable fish had to win as he was already 5 points ahead of the mighty Sir Stanley before the start of the match


Suffice to say on the night Stan won from the Platforms YET AGAIN he drew well and Breamy who YET AGAIN had the other platform fished badly for last place of 4 but with 2 points this was enough. Stan managed a very respectable 6lb 15oz for a short session finishing at 8.55 due to lack of light and Torbin drew peg 1 YET AGAIN had his usual big skimmer and Perch plus bits for 5lb 15oz and I managed to pip Breamy with 2lb 10oz from peg 4 YET AGAIN to Breamy’s 2lb 8oz.


The final points therefore are


Breamy  27pts

Stan       25pts

Torbin     20pts

Chris      17pts


And the rest trailing behind.


So big congratulations to Breamy on winning the Coote Cuo outright and commiserations to Sir Stanley for yet another year of almost but not enough. Thats it for Thursdays for another year and Sundays only from now on.



Sunday 3rd “A” Section


As they say, a low scoring affair with only 5 on the bank. The Roach failed to come to the seed and the boats were everywhere. Much to his and my surprise NO2 sneaked a win with a few nice Roach on Wheat in the last hour for 4lb 11oz on the high bank. Breamy, yet again on the platforms, got tipped up by Sam on peg 12 with 4lb 2oz to 3lb 6oz with me in another rut of bad draws high banking with 3lb 4oz with 1 Roach on the seed. Postman Paul drew his favourite worm swim on peg 1 but with so much sunshine struggled to catch the Perch required and had 2lb 14oz.


Last round of the Coote Cup on Thursday and thats the end of mid week matches for the season, it will soon be Xmas



Thursday 31st July “A” section Coote cup


Breamy drawing like a dream yet again with a platform swim and the win with 7lb 6oz with me second at 5lb 14oz slaughtering No2 who had 5lb 13oz leaving Stan in the dust with a poor draw for once and a well fished for 4lb 13oz with Postman Paul bringimng up the rear with a hard earned 2lb dead.


Now the interesting bit the scores on the doors for the Coote cup are now as follows.


Breamy       25pts

Stan            20pts

Torban         16pts

Chris           14pts

Tony            12pts

Paul              8pts

Nigel             8pts

Colin             2ots


Despite what the card says, actually my printing mistake, there is only one round left as it is always an 8 round series not 9 so Breamy looks the likely lad but we shall see.




Sunday 27th July “A” section


Very hot and the seed amazingly did not work, The reason for the amazement was pleasure fishing Friday I had 17lb and went early Mick stayed later and had the best part of 30lb of Roach up to 10oz. Mick’s son, Jim, fished the hardly used peg 10 platform and recorded 9lb -plus of good Roach from that peg with barely any experience of river fishing or seed bait use.


On the day in peg 10 Stan had 7lb 10oz of mainly Bleak but with one good Perch and some small Chublets and Dace, Mick drew heavenly peg 12 where he had sat Friday and missed 100 bites at least with 6lb 6oz and second on Wheat. The main problem with the river this time of year is use maggot and you get Bleak and most of us hate catching just Bleak with Stan, the professional, quite happy to catch Bleak when necessary.


Breamy drew with Fizz, who graced us with her presence with 1lb 13oz and Postman Paul lost a big Perch but weighed 1lb 10oz with 4 bootlace Eels which you do not see now at all.


Now, No2 and I both thought we were being totalled by peg 11 and 12 and he threw back 4lb plus and I nearly 4lb having finally caught some Roach on seed in the last hour. Shouldnt listen to bank rumours is the message.


see you Thursday, I do know Breamy is top of the table by 2 points from Stan so I have lost interest with NO2 and Moaner still in the mix, just with 3 matches to go




Thursday 24th July “A” section Coote Cup


Breamy continued his wonderful run of drawing luck with yet another platform draw and winning with 7lb plus and the rest I cant remember as I dont have the sheet with me so the update of points will have to wait



Sunday “A” section


4 fished lots now away on holidays but the annual seed fishing has started which is of no surprise considering the hot weather and sultry overcast conditions. Despite the attentions of several Pike No2 took his second win on the bounce with a very nice net of mainly redfins for 12lb 14oz off the platform with Breamy on the other platform recording 10lb 10oz with not quite so many good Roach.


At the other end of the section I drew peg 5 and struggled with small Perch some chublet, with one of a 1lb, Bleak and small Dace and did not see a Roach despite trying Wheat every now and then and feeding hemp at two thirds across the river. Then finally at 11.45 I had a Dace on Wheat and stayed on it with nothing to lose at that stage 5lb of nice Roach followed in the hour and would have been more but for the sustained cruisers and rowers who turned up in force for the first time this summer. however it was not to be and I managed 7lb 15oz for third


So, Thursday should be interesting do you try for the skimmers or the Roach, all to play for, see you at 5.15



Thursday 17th July “A” section round 5 Coote Cup


This year really has been a season of ups and downs with several individuals vying for the coverted top spot. Thursday did not fish that welll but NO2 due to a somewhat fortunate Tench on Wheat took top spot with 7lb 3oz. The mighty Postman Paul drew the out and out worm swim which is peg 1 and did very well with 6lb 10oz and second pipping Breamy with 6lb 8oz. The two platforms much favoured all year as the top draw struggled with Moaner sneaking past Sir Stanley with 5lb 14oz to 5lb 5oz to make up the rest of the points frame.


Sam turned out of middle earth and had 3lb 8oz where as I had a nightmare for stone cold last with 2lb 4oz and a personal disaster.


The points board now assumes the following construction


Breamy  15pts

Stan       14pts

Torban    11pts

Chris      10pts

Tony        9pts

Nigel        8pts

Paul         6pts

Compo     2pts


And I dont care how much Stan moans these are the current numbers




Sunday 13th July Meadow Lane


8 fished good turn out and I have to say the Lane is a very fair fishery with several swims in the mix for the win and probably only one peg not fishing well.


Breamy Ashcroft cannot stop winning at the moment and again on Sunday with a lovely net of good quality Dace for 9lb 4oz just pipping “No nickname”Darren who fed 4 pts of maggots and managed 8lb 10oz of Dace, chublet up to 1lb and some Roach towards the end. Stan had his own mud hole to contend with but luckily his homemade platform was utilised, on which at least 8 people could sleep on a bad day,. he fished well with bleak problems through out but a mixed bag of 7lb 15oz for third knocking me back to fourth with 7lb 4oz I must admit I got bored with the Bleak and wormed the side for two hours and had two good 1lb plus Perch and some smaller ones but no Eels yet again and not enough to sneak past Sir Stanley.


Torban drew like a drain again with the shallow and weedy swim which only goes in if we are pushed for pegs, he still weighed 4lb 12oz defeating new bloke who had a great peg and caught Bleak for 4lb 4oz. The mighty Andrews on the other hand had the peg I won from two weeks ago and made a bit of a hash of it catching well earlier  and nothing later for 3lb 5oz, Compo caught very small Bleak and exited stage left towards compost corner well before the end. But a silver fishery with a 9lb, 8 lb and two 7lb’s of fish mainly below 8oz is a very fair fishery and we should fish it more.


Thursday, the usual, see you there. Round 5 looms and its getting interesting      .





Thursday 10th July “A” section Coote cup round 4


Turn outs this year have been disappointing with 6 fishing on Thursday. However the quality of the fishing Thursday made a complete mockery of the week before on “B” section with Breamy two wins in two weeks weighing 9lb 5oz from opposite the trees again. I drew peg 12 and managed 8lb 1oz for second, Breamy sneaking the win with a last minute 2lb Bream with skimmers up to 12oz and lots of small to middle size Roach in both nets. Weights were still good further down with Moaner third, again opposite the trees and 7lb 10oz of similar fish without the one big fish and of course he moaned about that.


Stan pipped NO2 with 5lb 12oz and 5lb 6oz respectively and Postman Paul bringing up the rear with 2lb 8oz from Stans hole.


Lots of skimmers and a couple of Bream around 2lb with Lots of Roach dace and Perch making up the rest of the catches, it really was a good evenings river fishing.


So the points now look like below


Stan       13pts

Breamy   12pts

Chris       10pts

Nigel        8 pts

Tony        7pts

Torban     6pts

Compo     2pts

Paul         2pts


Still all to play for with half of the series gone.


Sunday is Meadow Lane PLEASE let me know if you are fishing as we have several gates to negotiate currently the following are fishing







Possibles are Mick, Compo, Stan and a newby but we shall see, 6.45 by the gates please gentlemen.









Sunday 6th July “B” Section


5 fished and the others who didnt must have known something the five didnt. It was terrible, we fished the bay where skimmers and some Bream were caught in the week, not one skimmer was caught. Stan won with 4lb 8oz of small bits with me and Breamy second with 1lb 9oz each, yes it was after 5 hours of fishing.


Dnw ‘s for Compo and Postman Paul and that was all she wrote as they say.


At least Thursday gives everyone a fair chance of fish on “A” so see you at the gate before 5.30 Thursday. Next Sunday is Meadow Lane with a much fairer chance of people catching several pounds of silvers each.



Thursday 3rd July Coote cup round 3 “A” section


A very even match with 7 attending and Breamy the winner from opposite the trees with a mixed bag for 7lb 3oz. Moaner sneaked second from Stan with 5lb 15oz to Stans 5lb 11oz with me fourth with 5lb 4oz. Mainly Dace, Perch and Skimmers but Breamy had several nice Roach which makes me think it might be almost seed time which tends to coincide with the crop being taken off the meadow which it was last night. In fact considering the vibration and noise on the bank the catch level was reallly very good.


Postman Paul took the last point with 3lb 0oz knocking Bombardier out of the points as he had 2lb 7oz with the only casualty on the night being No2 who recorded the only DNW.


So, after three rounds the mighty Sir Stanley has pulled ahead with the table looking as below


Stan      11pts

Nigel      8pts

Breamy  7pts

Chris      6pts

Torban    5pts

Tony       4pts

Compo    2pts

Paul        2pts


Sunday is “B” section which has seen a lot of skimmers to 1.5lb caught of late so hopefully not a bright and sunny day. As the crop is now off we need to shut the gate after we meet so I do need to know if you are attending


Currently attending







With Stan and fizz to confirm





We are on “B” section Sunday and Torbin had a plaesure fish between 6 and 9 last night just out of the bay where Compo scored so well two weeks ago. He recorded aproximately 25lb with Perch early doors and then Skimmers increasing in size with two proper 4lb Bream at the end and a 5lb tench with Seal damage apparently for a great short session


Sunday 6.45 at the gate, Hemingford end draw at 7 fish 8 till 1


Sunday 29th June Meadow Lane


Lots of extra water due to Saturdays torrential downpours and this did cause the stream to run heavy throughout the whole match and considering the conditions the results were pretty good. Only 5 fished so we all had decent swims as one of the main aspects of the Lane is there are at least 6/7 swims from which the match can be won. On the day honours went to me with 7lb 11oz of good Dace up to 5oz on the far bank waggler and I have no doubt it would have been a lot more if the stream had been running at about half of what we had. Young Darren with no nickname was among us and drew well and sneaked second with 6lb 3oz of Chublet, Dace and other bits absolutely slaughtering NO2 who recorded 6lb 2oz off the next peg with more Dace then anything.


Breamy went off like a man on a mission and had most of his 3lb 11oz in the first 30 minutes but after that it all faded away and he struggled but not as much as Postman Paul who recrded 1lb 9oz off the end peg but neither Perch nor Eels would play on his worm line.


Next week Thursday on “A” as usual and “B” section next Sunday which could be interesting if trhe stream is still running as the big Skimmers may want to play. If you are attending either match please let me know so that we do not shut gates prematurely.



Thursday 26th June “A” Section Coote cup round 2


Better conditions but the fishing has yet to improve by much. 8 fished and Stan took the honours from peg 12 with 7lb 15oz containing several good skimmers and if he could have got maggots down through the Bleak he would have had a lot more. I took second with 4lb 10oz started well on Perch ended well on small skimmers the bit in the middle was an issue still getting better slowly. Nigel sneaked third with 3lb 15oz from Stans hole with mainly Perch and Compo could not quite catch up with small fish mainly for 3lb 9oz. Torbin took the last point by two ounces from Breamy 3lb 00oz to 2lb 14oz respectively.


Current standings after 2 rounds are as follows


Nigel 8pts

Stan  8pts

Torbin 5pts

Chris  4pts

Compo 2pts

Breamy 2pts

Postman Paul 1pt


Sunday is Meadow Lane hopefully with lots of Chublet and Dace meet at the lake gates for 6.45. As far as I know no one has done any swim clearance so I would recommend a spade or some such for potential swim cleaning up.;




Sunday 22nd June “B” section town end


Far to hot and far to bright in fact the winning wieght was brilliant considering the clear water and weather conditions. Compo stormed it on feeder just out of the bay catching big skimmers and some Perch through the whole 5 hours for a very good 16lb 10oz no balls of groundbait being the secret and mainly red maggot doing the trick rather than worm for a change. Torban took second in the bay itself among the weed which once he had worked it out proved the Bream were there as well. He had a last two hours of big skimmers for 6lb 12oz fishing method under the pole and on the feeder rod to get through to the bottom of the streamer weed.


Sicknote was next to the winner and embarassed as a DNW as was Breamy further up with another DNW I saved a little bit of diginty with 1lb 15oz and one good skimmer and bits for third with Postman  Paul having lost a 1.5lb Perch at the net recording a 1lb 9oz for fourth. Just shows I suppose that with better conditions and perhaps a bit of colour in the river there are fish to be caught however at the momenet they are very tightly shoaled up in weedy swims hiding from the sun and the predators I would imagine.


Thursday back on “A” section usual time as close to 5.30 as possible fish 6.15 until dusk last week we got to 9.40 before calling time and would be hopeful of the same agian this week





Thursday 19th June “A” sectionCoote cup round 1


The Seal has been on the stretch and the fishing reflected how poor such a large predator will have as an effect on the club waters. 7 turned out which was good considering England were going out of the world cup yet again that night. Prime pegs in the main and Nigel did well to win from peg 5 opposite the trees and catching Chub and bits across on the wag in the main with the Chub now having reached  a better size up to 12oz for 6lb 8oz and beating Torbin in peg 12 who caught mainly in the last 30 minutes for 5lb 1oz of silvers. Stan the man hit third with a small fish 3lb 14oz nudging Breamy into fourth despite Breamy having the Perch paraidise that is peg 1 and recording 2lb 10oz on the night.


Postman Paul turned up late and managed 1lb 6oz from peg 8 with me last from peg 11 of all places with 15oz, in my defence I hooked and lost what I think was a big Tench second cast and spent most of the night on worm trying to get it or its friend back and failing miserably. I think the Tench would have won the match on its own it was very big.




Monday “The glorious 16th” June “A” Section


A few ventured out all of the Sicknotes were out one on Nobles and the other two on pegs 11 and 12 thats what happens when you win the draw so I slunk off to peg 1 and played Billy no mates. Nobles Sicknote (Grant) had a few bits no Bream but some skimmers and Rudd, small chublet, Dace and the like. Senior bleaked out on 12 with Junior Sicknote getting one or two on 11. I had an ok late afternoon and early evening with about 7lb odd of Perch to 1lb two Chub one a 1lb and 4/5 Dace all on worm.


The stream was quick and the colour has dropped out, typical really, but there are fish on the stretch despite the Seal ,the Cormorants and the Otters and I expect 6/7lb for a win on Thursday. Please be at the gate for as close to 5.30 as possible and yes I know its England night and I expect several radios on the bank but its also the first round of the Coote Cup and that should draw the same number of spectators.


Hope to “all in” at 6.15ish and we should get through to 9.45 so plenty of time for Stan to tell everyone how he was robbed of the cup last year yawn yawn yawn.



Thursday 12th Top of “A” section


Swims to be cleared bring a rake or two and a cutter would be sensible top shift a few reeds out of peg 11 and 12. Petrol strimmers welcome as well for bank clearance otherwise old school cutters will do the job. I will have this years permits with me so bring your £20 as I will not have any time to do them Thursday and the club keep all the cash if you buy the permit from me.


6.30 at the gate the more the merrier I believe the St Ives Regatta is on Saturday but we should be ok Sunday so we will also go further done the stretch and clear some swims around Church Hole the Bay and the Striaght.


Finally dont turn up Saturday as well we will not be there, thats for the clever ones among the match fraternity.




AGM had 8 attendees and got a bit fiesty in places but the democratic process won out in the end, that means we all had a vote and the most votes win for any of you in doubt.


The work party scheduled for the 14th need moving as idiot brain, me, had not noticed this was a Saturday so I will move that to the Thursday 12th June at the top of the Meadow for 6.30. bring cutting implements and the odd rake might be worth a go as we will have a look down the bottom end and that is bound to be a lot weedier than “A” section.


The permits this year will be £20 for full members £10 for the over 65’s and free for under 16’s, day tickets remain £5 a day.


The first match of the season will be Thursday 19th June on “A” section with the first round of the much coverted Coote cup. Sir Stanley says he won it out right last year but unfortunately the Match Secretaries word is final so he drew , again so this year Sir Stan, he even puts this on his season ticket stub now, try and win it for real.


Tight lines to all who are out on the glorious 16th June, God is back in his heaven as its proper fishing time again.



AGM The Dolphin St Ives Tuesday 27th May 7.45 start. can we please ensure that all committe members attend at the very least.



A fresh season and a fresh start on the site so thanks to the mighty Sir Michael of Sicknote for his amazing IT skills. The fishing has been very slack on a club basis over the last few weeks and on a personal level almost non existent due to work committments. I imagine a fair bit of still water commercial pleasure fishing has occurred and I am aware that the mighty Sir Mick has had a great session at Doddington with 40lb odd of quality Roach with a 2lb fish which in Roach terms is fantastic.


This years AGM will be set in the next couple of weeks I need to confirm our room at the Dolphin and collect the last outstanding permit money from the Pet zone so that I can complete this years accounts.


Keep your eyes on the blog hopefully details of the AGM will be available early next week

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