Matches 2015/16

Last match of the season (if you could call it that)

4 fished down the Waits, Breamy had a bite, Compo had a tremble but that was medical issues, Bob had a nibble and I won it with one Roach in the last twenty minutes when I decided to fish ON the far bank and not in the river due to the flood conditions and no doubt the Seal issues the fish were all sitting in deck chairs on the far bank in the grass I had three bites in the last 15 minutes all in the grass.

So, thats it the river is still in flood the bigeest shoal left in the water is made up of Cormorants closely followed by Seals and then Otters, next seasons bait of choice might be interesting.

Keep an eye on the site for the odd effort in the commercials just to keep the eye in and to take my mind off what is being done to my beloved river and that no one in authority gives a toss about it. Hopefully see you all in three months if I havent been on ebay and taken up knitting in front of a warm fire.

Gods laughing SOOOOO hard its embarassing.

This afternoon two bloody Sammy Seals are swimming on the quay eating a Roach a dive as far as I can see, my blood is currently beyond boiling this is wrong on a grand scale and dont you just love all the idiots with the oohing and aahing taking pictures without any idea of the damage these damn things cause

Once again How to make God laugh

Its Thursday so a quick walk to the Waits to make sure I could fish it tomorrow and what sits in the water waiting for me, Sammy bloody Seal thats what,I would say it is only a small pup but thats enough to scare every living thing with fins away from the area.

However I am hopeful of the Seal being elsewhere by Sunday so the match is still on for those who are really stupid with nothing else better to do. The water should be going down, the stick float or pole should work a treat and the mud and water should keep all the little shiney inquisitive Joe public at more than arms length.

And very hopefully someone will have introduced young Samuel Seal to a deportment order of some description.

How to make God laugh

Obviously you tell him your plans, for instance, the Meadow is now a swimming pool so very little chance of getting on this season now. The only possibility is the Waits so for those who would like a final match on the river this Sunday, The Waits is the venue for an 8 draw fish 9 till 2.

At the moment I would expect the following

The Geesemaister


Bob the Diver

The above have all said they wanted to fish so I need confirmation from the rest namely Senior, Compo, Breamy and No2 if they are attending.

A bit at the end of the season

For those who care the forecast gets better as this last week of the season goes on. “Stupid is as stupid does” was a famous saying from Forest Gump so I with other fellow Gumps will fish the Meadow despite two Seals on Friday just because we always do this time of year, if the weather improves and light wind no over night frosts and 11 degrees is encouragement enough to have a go despite the Otterseal cormorant combination which I am sure will be classed as a perfect storm in fishing terms oh well smale Dace here we come.

Let me know if you wish to attend and Sunday as well for the match

A grain of hope

Hibernation has recently ben the mode of operation for many anglers over recent very cold weeks, I know fair weather fishermen and all that stuff but we are all too old to go out in the very cold these days, pictures of ice encrusted anglers in Jones are things of the past.

However having said all that next Sunday is currently being forecast at 12/13 degrees which is relatively balmy weather when compared with recent day time temperatures. So, Jones monthly option is available and as always those who have fished with the club through out the season will get first option but based on the last effort in Jones they might not want it.

I assume the following will fish






Middle Earth Sam


If they all say yes then we are full up, watch this space

Sunday 31st January

Always happens when a venue becomes popular, plenty of fish are caught until the fish move on which is partially the issue with the Bream shoal upstream of the Scout hut.. The bream were fished for most days last week as conditions were absolutely perfect. I had upwards of 150lbs in the club match last Sunday and it doesn’t take long for the word to get about when fishing is so good. I am led to believe around 300lbs were caught on 3 seperate days last week, With so much activity the seal arrived and that hampered the fishing immensely. Compo ,myself and Senior fished last Friday, Compo had 5 Bream in quick succession, I cast in as the Seal showed his head opposite Compo and I then had one bite one fish and none of us had another bite for the rest of the morning despite conditions looking spot on.

So Sunday 4 fished we did not see the Seal but the fish are not playing ball in any numbers since the flow and colour has changed, but that’s the nature of it, conditions need to be right. But its fantastic to know that the seal doesn’t appear to have eaten all the bream as was suspected as we could not have fished it when we suspected conditions were right and hadn’t previous caught them. I had one small Bream for 2.5lb Compo had one skimmer for 12oz and DNW had 7 bites and missed the lot. The winner, Breamy missed a couple but had two very good Bream one was at least 7lb the other 5lb but it was that slow we packed up at 12.00 in disgust. I have a feeling the Bream have been scattered by the Seal and will not shoal back up unless it floods again or they want to spawn.

The Seal has been seen on the Waits I’m suspicious its hoovering up Roach no doubt, Its enough to make me want to fish commercials at least they would shoot the bloody things to safe guard their fish stocks and therefore their income.

This week no match is being planned but next week we are due to fish Jones marina, this of course being a complete wipe out put last time we were there

So, names for next week please if you are brave enough.

Sunday 24th January A RED LETTER DAY

Well I say that but it depends who you are really, 5 fished with Breamy, Compo and Senior on 16,17 and 18 with a combined weight of 1 Dace to Breamy.

Then there was me and NO2 on the Nobles Field platforms with Torbs catching a very good Chub of about 5lb for his trouble but now needing counselling for many years due to the level of thrashing he received over the 5 hour match, even I felt sorry for him at the end.

I had 39 Bream all in pristine condition between 3lb and 6lb plus with the vast majority well over 4lb and in many cases well over 5lb and several well over 6lb, but accepting an average of 4lb a fish somewhere in the region of 150lb of gorgeous big Bream. From a personal viewpoint as I type this my shoulders ache from fighting big fish against a big current for 5 hours. I lost several, missed a few and had one taken by a Pike which I would not have wanted top see as it must have been huge.

At the end we could not lift the net so the fish were returned without being lifted out of the water and suffering and I am glad to say all went back swimming very strongly. These are new fish never previously caught and where they have been all year god only knows but based on the Seal issues and other killlers of fish I am just glad to see they are alive and well.

The mighty Sicknote came and pleasure fished twenty yards below me for the last two hours and had 5 in his net lost three and missed many, the five he had were all in the 5lb plus region and proved the shoal was spread over the area. The question has to be asked what deordorant was Torbs wearing that managed to move any Bream from his swim as he had three bites maximum during the match and was no more than 20 feet from my swim, his verdict was an underwater wall but it just shows when its your day its your day and this was most definitely mine.

Next week, let me think, on the Meadow maybe, limited spaces and several takers already so let me know and I will let you know if any spaces are left.

A Bit for Sunday

We are being brave, well not that brave, the forecast says 11 degrees with 6 overnight so nowhere near a frost. So Sunday 7.45 at the gate and on “A” section with a couple in pegs 16,17 ,18 and Nobels field will be the likely options the colour in the water should encourage fish to feed and even if I think all the Bream are Seal food I know the Roach and Dace with the odd Chub should be there.

I think 7lb to win but I have been wrong before.

Fishing so far

The Geesemaister



The Mighty Sick Note

No2 ( Possible)

Its a no from DNW and Sam plus yet to hear from Bob the Diver. Look forward to seeing you all Sunday.


Its going swimmingly NOT, 5 blokes, one or two quite good at the fishing thing, no names mentioned of course BUT 4 hours times 5 blokes and not one bite let alone a fish. We packed it all in 75 minutes early we had had enough by that stage as we had completed nearly 4 hours of garden Gnome impressions.

The trouble is you fiind out stuff like a Seal was on the Waits last week fish in gob smiling for the camera’s with all and sundry oughing and aghing and you fish Jones with hopes high, not too cold, colour in the water, wind off your back and NOTHING something is seriously wrong with our river and with the amount of unnatural preditors in it happily munching their way through the fish stocks which by now must be down to two frightened Roach called Rog and Reg. I know this is my soap box but people something has got to be done the EA dont care or if they do cant do anything about it and expect us to walk about a local area such as a big meadow shooting stuff , WHAT, and you expect no consequences to that sort of thing then, come on, please.;

All I can say is my expectation for our river is that it will contain lots and lots of small silver fish and no predator fish or quality specimens as all the breeding stock and bigger samples have been served as a main course on someones table be it human, bird or animal and its bloody well wrong.

Well, thats it I will not be fishing for a while due to hating the cold and hating what has happened and is happening to my beloved local river and if one more, so called, Enviromental Officer tries to tell me that this is the natural cycle of things I shall quite possibly tell them what I really think of this debacle.


Slightly further forward for Sunday as it looks as though we have had our rain for this week or at least according to the Met office we have,it does look as though we are safe from gflooding over the banks at least for this week so Jones shoould be ok for Sunday.

Names now confirmed are as follows





Sicknote ( this of course being subject to current sickness getting better)

Still waiting for the immortal Bob the Diver to respond.

7.45 at the back gate fish 9 till 2 and who knows with colour in the water it could be anything from very bad to very good


Happy New Year and all that stuff to my loyal reader, well done for staying with the blog this long.

This week, the 10th, we have our next in the series on the spit at Jones however I will caveat that with the issue of flood water and the thrashing mess flowing past my office on the Quay currently. If the water gets over the grass at Jones we will not get on so be warned a late change may happen but looking at the long range forecast we are relatively ok this week for rainfall so it could be on and when it has colour in it is most definitely the time to fish it.

On the plus side I am aware that Roach are now being caught off the Waits, as they always are when the water rises, seed and bread punch being the fav method, so we may have to fish there depends on what happens next as they say in all the good murder mysteries.

So far names for Jones are




I’m also assuming Sicknote, No2 and Bob will fish but I do need confirmation, we do have one more place so if you are coming DNW let me know.

Fur and Feather at Jones 20th December

7 fished as always places at a premium and the mighty sick note was missing due too, well what you’d expect, sickness, seriously, get well soon Mick.

As to the match Bob and Sam drew 1 & 2 with much smugness of face due to that being THE spot from last time and many times before come to that but as they say every dog has its day and I took the plaudits from peg 5 with two lovely big female Tench from a feeder line right across the marina underneath the boats for 10lb 1oz. Next to me Compo had a nice Tench and a big Perch for 7lb 8oz and second with DNW Malling very happy with third with 3 Perch for 3lb 1oz next to him Breamy missed a couple but had one big Perch for 2lb 4oz.

The real story being NO2 who was pegged on his own and had many many bites indeed he hooked many fish , and lost them. Torbs swears blind they were a shoal of nasty Pike we are not so sure and some dodgy hook lengths were trashed to the bin later on. Snapped up at least three times and blaming his worms for curling over the hook tip on yet another ocassion he should have won it and universal micky taking as yet another fish came off helped him no end of course, his final tally of two Perch for 2lb didnt help much either, dont worry Torbs we all have, and will have again, those days.

Ant then we had the smug twins with Middle Earth dressed as Santa I just thanked god there were no children to witness such a thing before Xmas as they would have been in the councilling chair for the next 30 years. Basically Bob the Diver and Sam managed not a single bite between them on the prime pegs so how the mighty can fall.

We had a presentaion of draw prizes after the match and merry Xmas to all was the message as we all went home trying to forget what Sam looked like.

We are on the Spit second week in January but with nothing planned between so watch this space for match news

Finally to all a Merry Xmas and hopefully a fantastic new year and to those who angle, why, but tight lines anyway.

Somersham Bally hole 13th Dec

We got slapped and sent home 41lbs odd to 33lbs odd with their two players coming first and second equal with me but the weights were not as high as expected however it still fishes better than many places locally when it gets cold with the winner 13lbs plus and joint second on 10lb 15oz a piece. The skimmers were not the usual main fish with small Roach making up the catches in many cases but 75lb odd silver fish between 10 anglers in the depths of December is pretty good. The rain, all five hours of it, didnt help and we were all thankful that the wind didnt blow as well.

As to this week and our Fur and Feather, draw prize required from all and yes Breamy that means you as well. We have a few places and the following are currently booked in



Middle Earth Sam



DNW – yes you can fish it Jon

Diver Bob- if you confirm that is

Draw at 8 fish 9 till 2 may the most Tench win from peg 1 no doubt but you never know thats why we do this ridiculous hobby.

A bit for Sunday

We are down to 5 fishing at Somersham Sunday but apparently so are they so it should be even. The draw is 8.00 and fishing is 10 to 3 with a draw prize on the bank so please bring a draw prize with you.

The following week is our Fur and Feather and will be on the Spit at Jones so once again anglers from this years match fishing only and I do need names for those attending

Sunday 6th December The Spit

The Spit is an odd place to fish and Sunday was a good example a real famine or feast day. NO2 in peg 1 at the favoured end demolished everyone with 20lb 10oz 5 all male Tench and a big Perch plus a small Roach with Monaer next to him landing 1 big male Tench for 5lb 12oz which is big for a male. Further down the line Breamy had 10 plus bites for 4 fish 3 small perch and one huge one weighing 3lb 4oz a really superb fish in any ones book, so Breamy weighed 3lb 10oz and was snapped on a small hook length by something that looked very tenchy.

Then came Compo with a DNW but threw back a 1lb Perch that he caught by accident with his float 3 feet out of the water when he hooked it which he only knew because Breamy noticed the elastic streaming out. Then we came to the real dregs with me having three small Perch bites hooking two and landing one it must have been at least 1.5 oz so another DNW as was Middle Earth Sam on the end peg but the wrong end of course with no bites but wetting his net on several occasions in saving blown away kit which was the common theme early on but by the time we finished it was a lovely calm day very weird. NO2s Tench all came in a rush in the last two hours and I think the lack of food having gone in this part of the marina in the last two tears played a big part in the performance on the day.

We are back on the marina in two weeks for our Xmas match and the same rules on who fishes will be as before.

Next week we are at Somersham and have a couple of places available maybe but at least one, so Bob the diver where are you we know Postman Paul will be Piking and I am aware John Didnotweighmaling is looking for a day out with the lads.

The places for Sunday are all booked with the following lucky anglers, or not depending on how much damage the Seal has done.6 swims are available on the planking.






Middle Earth Sam

To anyone else I am sorry and to Mick you should’nt keep indulging your other hobby with the NHS.

A good bit for some

This week we have been given permission to fish Jones boatyards in the deeps but only on the planking and not on the grass, this limits the numbers probably to no more than 6 and as this is due to the clubs history with the marina the anglers fishing it will be restricted to those who have attended regular matches in the rest of the season with St Ives. My assumption on attendees is as follows






Postman Paul

Gentlemen I do need to know who wants to attend from the above so let me or Mick know please.

I’m also aware No2 should fish but this week he cannot, I would emphasis this is mostly a pole water really although no one has fished the deeps from the club for a couple of seeasons and a Seal has been in the marina before so we are not sure how good the fishing is or not as the case maybe. Historically Tench and Perch are the prime target but Roach and Bream are in the marina not normally in the deeps until the water is coloured to a nice brown.

Meet at the back gates at 7.45 for an 8 draw fishing 9 til 2.

I would note also we have an agreement to fish our Xmas match on the spit plus 1 match in Jan/Feb and early March. Finally I would like to express my gratitude to Ben Jones and his Dad and brother for the chance to fish a few matches on their property I am more than aware that fishing is not their business so to be allowed some access is very decent of them.

A further bit

Having chatted with Mick there is not an organised match this week but we start a succession of matches of which a decent attendance is required although in some cases the numbers are limited and places are already filled.We have decided to re arrange the Anderson cup for the spring as it is to late in the season for decent match angling results from Meadow Lane.

Next week, 6th December, we are at March so a good turn out would be appreciated as this is the return fixture from our summer match which St Ives won handsomely now its time to see if we can do it on other peoples home water. Times for this match are yet to be announced and Mick is checking this week so the meeting times should be on this site next week.

The following week,13th Dec, is a match at Somersham against the locals but with only 6 places and they are already taken so we then move on to our Xmas match which I am hoping to fish in a good venue but again with limited places I’m afraid, details will follow and this is for the 20th Dec. We are also due to fish Benick for the return club match first week in Jan but this is to be confimed by them as yet. Finally we are also looking at Lawn Farm for a winter match as it holds significant silvers but we shall update on that as time goes on.

A bit

No organised match this week but we do have for the following 3 weeks with the Anderson Cup down Meadow Lane a return fixture against march and a match at Somersham versus the locals but restricted to 6 anglers I’m afraid.

|Due to the lack of winter venues for the club Mick is looking into a commercial lake for our winter match with lawn Farm being the likely venue so watch this space we do need at least 7 anglers for the lawn farm match if we can get the booking.

With the first winter chills hitting us this weekend I have opted for the ever popular venue, for me anyway, and that is under my duvet its amazing how as you get older the thought of fishing in the ice and possibly snow has lost whatever appeal it once had.

Sunday15th “A” Section

4 brave or stupid ,you choose, anglers turned up for a major kite flying exercise if you were a maggot that is. two on Nobles two in peg 18 just to get some wind a bit behind us was the choice of swims.

Totally awful presentation, clear water again and Steve “Stans no friend of mine” Roslyn took the cash with 1lb 2oz in three fish with the lucky one being a 1lb perch. I threw back 4oz, 4 small Dace and a 2oz Perch, Torban threw back 7 micro Roach and Breamy threw back nothing for nothing.

Our river is not great for winter fishing or even when the weed is starting to die back as it is now as there is no colour and no cover, however when it floods the Waits will be the place as the Roach all migrate into the back water. Next week, no idea stay under the duvet is the answer at the moment I think.

There are some matches coming up on other waters so watch this space I think.

Sunday 9th Nov “A” section

7 fished and it was chucking through with all the rain of late. You really needed to draw the platforms or even better 16,17 18 which is where the river is wider and there is a slack for the fish to get out of the main flow.

Mick A drew peg 18 and should and did win with 6lb 15oz of Dace Roach Perch and even a 12oz skimmer. Torbin on 17 took 6lb 4oz for second, so you see the pattern where there is a slack there are fish. Steve ” Stans not my mate “Roslyn did well on the big stick float for 4lb 2oz from peg 1 close in fishing catching. The high bank was very difficult the river is narrow and the water was more like a washing machine than a river, I was last out of the bag and drew 4, one look over the edge confirmed it was going to be a difficult day, but for the first 1.5 hours lots of bites and 30 odd small Roach and Dace a couple of 5oz Perch and God was in his heaven and all was Peachy, then the speed increased and more and more tumble weeds of river weed appeared under the water having been ripped free in the spate conditions. I had 5 fish in the last two hours for 3lb 10oz and 4th it could have been much worse.

Breamy started like a house on fire on platform peg 12, 7 Roach in 7 casts apparently, then it all went pear shaped and he ended with less than 3 lbs. The numbers were completed by Bob and Postman Paul both hitting the big DNW.

All in all considering the condition of the water and the weed it fished well and can still fish better despite it being mid November we all know the Meadow is not a winter match fishery although it can be very good for big Chub and sometimes, if any are still alive, Bream.

This weeks weather forecast is not that wet so next week staying mild we will give it another go on “A” and hope to catch the end of the mini flood which is always a good time to fish.

Not sure who is fishing other than the following so let me know please



Steve R

Postman Paul

No 2


A bigger piece

Right then, I didnt fish the Meadow this week weather too wet but very mild still, so hopeful for Sunday as overcast and mild is the forecast with no rain allegedly.

Having done a rally round current combatents will be


Senior sicknote

No 2

Bob the Diver

Postman Paul


So at least 6 with the following swims in mind 9 and two thirds, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18 hopefully with the rain some flow willm be in place and you just never know. Any others fishing I need to know..

8 draw at the top gate gentlemen

A small piece

We seem to be all over the place currently but I just thought with the weather being mild we might give “A” section a go on Sunday, I do need to know numbers so if you would like a match on Sunday let me know.

An important bit

Just to confirm that with a full moon this week plus no where to fish neither sir Michael of sick or me are fishing this Sunday which basically means gentlemen you need to make your own decisions on where to fish, I’m not sure if Wednesdays rain will make any difference and I may still give the Meadow a go on Friday but this depends on rainfall.

Sunday 25th Oct Goddy Rec

Well that was fun I think the complete Goddy population must have walked across the Rec Sunday morning that plus boats in the swim with their engines going plus in my case big Pike trouble meant for a less than easy day.

Pole fishing was a lottery as you were never sure if the next bike, trike, pram, buggy or person was going into your pole if you fed back and there were people everywhere, at one point Steve Roslyn had 10 random “nice to see you isnt it a lovely morning” people just behind his peg I know because I joined in with them it seemed like more fun that way.

No flow or very very little plus very clear water meant fishing was hard plus a first slight frost of the year the night before had certainly not helped. In fact all things considered the weights could have been much worse.

Steve Roslyn, local lad local knowledge and not Stans friend although he loves him dearly, won the match with 6lb 2oz of mainly hemp caught Roach on the end peg with Breamy managing second with 5lb 2oz of Roach and Perch at the other end next to Senior who had 4lb 11oz of Roach Dace and Perch for third pipping me with 4lb 11oz for fourth. However my tail of woe involved Mr Pike who hit fish coming in on 8 occasions with me losing the bout 6 to 2 and the 6 fish all being Roach and worth at least 1lb was somewhat peeving but thats how it goes.

Next week no idea as yet I might see if the Pike and Eel marina has any fish in it otherwise I am running out of ideas currently.

A bit more

Lovely venue at Goddy slightly frustrating day as there were fish topping all over the place lots of Roach but not really having it on the day. Mick wormed it for Perch early on and had a fish a chuck for an hour while I had Dace Roach and bleak on punch wheat and caster. I left before Mick by which time I tipped back double figures whilst MIck had 15lb or very close to it both of us catching some nice Roach on punch towards the end

So Sunday looks good with swims alll cut out and nice dry bank fishing, 7.45 on the bank please and bring an extra £3 to cover peg fee for the Goddy club.

DONT FORGET the clocks change Saturday night so an extra hour in bed


Sir Stan has kindly given permission for us to fish at Goddy on Sunday. Park at the Chineese bridge and we shall meet on the rec for 7.45. Mighty Sir Sicknote and myself will be giving the place a go on Thursday.

I do need to know who is fishing so please let me or Mick know. I hate to say it should be good but what the hell I will say it anyway so we can all be disappointed on the day when we struggle for a bite.

A Bit

No match from this weekend due to lack of interest and the winter league failing miserably on the Meadow so we dodged a bullet there then. However me and the mighty Sir Michael are going to try the Rec at Goddy this week as the winner of the winter league and the next 5 places all came from there with 22lb plus two 16lbs and a 12lb all being recorded within 10 pegs or so, I would note some very good anglers were involved as well.

We might have to see if we can fish one or two of our winter matches on the Rec if it shows well for us lesser mortals ie me and Mick this week.

Sunday 11th Oct Meadow lane

5 fished, getting a bit light on the ground with other matches locally plus some of our normal attendees away.

Sicknote took the honours from a very low very clear river. Unfortunately Meadow lane does not have many deep swims and you needed water to catch the smaller than usual Dace that were on offer,.Breamy and Goddy Steve both big DNW’s from peg 1 and 2 good pegs usually.

Senior took first place, caught throughout the match but small for 6lb 10oz which was enough to beat me from the next peg with 5lb 15oz for second, again almost entirely small Dace. Compo got end peg below the tree and came close with 5lb 4oz for third and that was all she wrote.

Not a bigger fish to be seen, and we are talking anything over 3oz qualifying for the big fish thing.

Next week is in the lap of the gods currently, Meadow Lane is looking doubtful and the meadow is taken by the winter league big match so I think we shall see how things go on through the week.

Club match Sunday 4th Arthur Wallis cup “A” section

5 fished, people away, holidays and other issues, a bad day for Diver Bob just got his first pole was fishing well and then broke it, typical.

The winner with a flukey, Sicknotes words, 2lb Perch which took a small fish and ended up lip hooked, at least thats Breamys story, was well, Breamy with 8lb plus from the much fancied peg 12 again, The mans hits the draw peg well every week.

Second and much miffed about that Perch was Senior with 7lb plus from peg 6 mainly Perch and Dace plus a few Roach. I scraped third with 4lb of small Roach from peg 10 two weeks running but with almost barren last two hours due to huge amounts of boat traffic , yes still, I was never going to get into the the top two as you needed deeper inside water where you could fish at 9 to 11m was the trick and mine at 14m certainly was’nt plus I still do not like that peg.

Bob beat Stans mate who was the only DNW Bob catching a high 3lb and would have done better with his pole in one piece.

The water is still gin clear but there was slightly more stream this week which helped.

Next week we are down Meadow Lane and hopefully the Dace and Chublet will be on who knows. We are keeping the 8.00 draw so 7.45 at the gate please gentlemen.

St Ives V Benick “A” section Sunday 27th Sept

Finally back on the grid after computer issues. I wont mention the teams of four other than to say St Ives B managed a very good 3rd with St Ives A in fourth also doing well in some very good match angler company.

However , Sunday we upped the anti with the lads from Benick coming over for an inter club match. Unfortunately Mick has the results sheet but I can just about remember it was very hard, gin clear, sunny day, warm but no flow on the river and a full moon the night before, load the dice this way and usually there is only one outcome, no fish.

13 fished 6 of theirs and 7 of ours with top six to count. The match was over as soon as Jonathon Whitehouse drew 18, Jon is a good angler and recorded 10lb 15oz for a win from me in second with 6lb 4oz of mainly bread punch caught Roach off the un favoured peg 10 platform. One of the opposition managed 5lb 10oz from 17 and Mick had 4lb 10oz off much favoured peg 12.

The high bank did not fish at all which surprised me I thought at least one of the anglers on their would have found some Roach but 2lb plus was the top weight recorded.

Team wise we recorded close to thirty pounds with the opposition getting to about 15lb so a win for us. We have return matches against both March and Benick to come so we shall see if our river skills translate to the drains out in the fens.

This week we are on “A” section for the Arthur Wallis cup with an 8.00 draw fish 9 till 2. The following two weeks will be down Meadow Lane as the winter league is on the Meadow firstly for a practice and then the real thing the following week

A bit

Thats the last holiday of the year done and as I returned late Sat night early Sunday morning I gave the match a miss. However I went down later to have a look and was pleased to see 8 were fishing on “A” section. Trevor Oakman drawing peg 4, which has fished well for Roach for the last few weeks, and winning with 8lb 4oz of mainly bread punch caught Roach well ahead of Breamy on peg 11 who managed 5lb 7oz on bread punch mainly. Wheat and indeed seed in general failed with most catching Perch, Dace and a few Roach for their weights.

The rest of the weights were much of a muchness with Sir Stan third with 4lb 10oz followed by Senior with 3lb 11oz and so on.

Unfortunately with gin clear conditions and very little flow next weeks teams of four expectations stay low but with 9 teams of good anglers turning up the weights will at least reflect the quality of the anglers.

Details to follow regarding drawtimes etc but I am aware we are at the King Bill in Fenstanton for the draw.

Sunday 13th Sept

Meet at 6.45 at the Hemingford gate for a match on A Section, 7.00 am draw fish 8.00 till 13.00.

Last weeks match Sept 6thon A section was won by Torban with 8lbs off peg 4, Jonathan Whitehouse 2nd off peg 11 with 7lbs, Sir Stanley 3rd off peg 2 with 6.10 wanted to get his knife out and slit boths wrists bemoaning lost fish of moby dick preportions, not surprising when the pound perch looked up and saw who was holding the pole he decided he was offski, considering the river was low and clear with little flow the weights were pretty good.

Sunday Sept 6th meet at 6.45 at the Hemingford gate for a match on the Meadow, Senior will be in charge and the fishing will be 8.00 til 1.00.

We are also looking at the teams of four for Sunday 20th, Senior has two teams and we could place three, so if you are available please confirm with Mick.

Sunday 30th August St Ives V March inter club match “A” section

A very gloomy day with rain on and off but an excvellent turn out of 10 St Ives and 6 March anglers for this match. So many attended that both ends of the Meadow were utilised with 12 at the top end and 4 at the Rowing Club end. The club position was based on the first 6 in each clubs results and to make it fair we gave them Postman Paul and Stan, we thought that was fair one good angler and Stan.

Roach topped all along the top bank but really did not feed with the exception of the winner NO2 on peg 1 who caught quality Roach in the last 90 minutes on pinkie of all things for 13lb 7oz and a very clear winning weight from Stan who caught on and off all morning but suffered from the attention of a very large Perch ( nearly 20lb according to Stan) about 3lb which had a go at several of Stans Roach buit he still recorded 9lb 5oz for second. I fished Wheat all morning and caught Roach every now and then for 6lb 10oz and third. Fourth was Sir Michael from the bottom end with 6lb 4oz of mainly Bleak. After Mick there was a string of 6lb and high 5lb weights but the stretch did not really fish with very little flow and very clear water.

The top six of each club gave the match to St Ives by 38lb 4oz to 31lb 8oz. I would like to add a very well done to the March contingent they took us close and our home stretch gave us a considerable advantage. The return on the March water is later in the year and will be interesting as revenge is sweet.

We do have another Match against Benwick club shortly but we also have the Teams of four and Winter league matches on our

water hopefully a flush of fresh water will have gone through the river in the next few weeks as it does need some colour and flow to be at its best


Thanks to Sir Michael for his update below and yes despite two Seals on the Holmes section our Roach stocks appear to be surviving so far.on “A” section

For Sundays inter club match against March we have moved the draw time to 8.00 and will fish 9.00 until 2.00. The immediate thoughts on pegging will be “A” section the first 12 pegs as already in place plus pegs 16,17 and 18 on “A” section on the corner. That gives us 15 pegs if its more than that we might put 3 on Nobles Field or consider a seperate section down the bottom end.

Please be on time if you are fishing and let me or Mick know you are coming so 7.45 at the gate please

Monday August 24th

Brief update from Breamy, the river is fishing really well, double figure nets all round yesterday with Breamy topping things with 17 pounds of quality roach on wheat, thrashing sir Stan of Goddy by nigh on 5 pounds…

The weekend August 30th sees our first home inter club match against March AC on A section, anyone wishing to take part please tell either me Mick A or Chris G before the weekend so we are aware of numbers, March expect to bring 6 people.

Tight Lines Mick

Thursday 6th August Coote cup last round “A” section

7 fished the last round all hopeful of some Roach action as there had been recently to seed bait mainly Hemp and Wheat. On the night Wheat didnt really work those who tried had one or two but no amount of fish really.

The winner and well deserved was Torban Williams , NO2 to those who read this rubbish regularly, who also won on the night with 6lb 12oz of small Perch some Roach and Dace and a few nice skimmers towards the end. He had taken the chance of filling his swim in with groundbait for the skimmers and it paid off later on so well done Torban. I was pegged next door and tried and tried with the Wheat or the worm and had a few Perch but also when I did cacth on Wheat they were nice fish with a couple of good hybreds and some net Roach but not enough and weighed 4lb 14oz for second both in this match and the series.

The rest all caught although Moaner moaned about peg 1 but had a Roach of over 1lb but little to back it up in his 3lb 10oz, Stan took third and weighed 4lb 9oz having lost a couple of fish over his worm line that could have swung this match his way and the language that followed told everyone when he had lost a decent fish he was not a happy bunny on the night. Breamy had 4lb 4oz and Stuart 3lb 7oz with Bob the DIver completing the weights with 3lb 2oz. Pretty good average weights for a 3 hour match on a river.

So., the end points are as follows

NO2 27pts

Geesemaister 24pts

Sir Stan 21pts

Moaner 19pts

Breamy 17pts

And the rest were lees than 10 pts but a competitive series good fun and a great crac lets all do it again next year.

As for this year Sunday “A” section and hopefully the Roach will feed this time who knows. Current list fishing are




Sir Stan

Stuart ( now needs a nickname)

The Diver

DNW ,yes he is alive

6.45 at the gate gentlemen.

Sunday 2nd august “A” Section Jack Hall shield

Many years ago when we actually presented the cups on the card this one was Roach only to weigh and so quite ironic that I took the honours with a 90% Roach catch all on Wheat of 9lb 5oz. Smaller turn out than usual with holidays and weddings taking there toll. 5 fished so we took pegs 4 to 8 on the high bank hoping the Roach were still there from Thursday. The Roach were there but really were not having the seed with any consistancy. I caught all the way through but slowly however they were quality fish and in the last 30 minutes they really started to feed and I had 4lb odd in that period.

The rest except for Postman Paul were very close with No2 taking second with 5lb 14oz of all sorts and Breamy third with 5lb 12oz of similar fish with Senior on 5lb 8oz bemoaning having spent so much time on wheat when he was catching lots of small Perch on worm. The Postman threw back 3lb with one good Eel and some Perch on his legendry worm.

This Thursday is the last round of the Coote cup please be there as early as possible as the light has gone by 9.15 at the latest now. NO2 must be favourite but you never know all to play for.

Thursday 30th July Coote cup round 7 “A” section

Thats it summers gone it was pitch black by the time we got off the meadow and that was with a 9.15 finish so the nights are really drawing in. Having said that, much excitment, as we build to next weeks final round of this years Coote cup. A brief three hour match but the Roach finally started to feed on seed and eveyone seemed to be prepared. 7 fished and at the draw the golden handed Sir Stanley finally got his coverted peg 12 platform swim and promptly came fifth for 1 point oh how we laughed being the type of people who always care for the fellow angler when he is in adversity NOT or at least not when its Stan. Stan weighed 5lb 8oz good for excellent points in recent matches but not tonight.

I drew peg 8 unfancied but caught good Roach up to 12oz in the last hour on wheat for 5lb14oz and 4th but the real damage was done in pegs 4,5 and 6 where Breamy, No2 and Moaner were pegged respectively. They all had Roach on Wheat wieghing 8lb 14oz ,10lb 12oz and 9lb 3oz with some lovely landing net size Roach which we have hardly seen all season, where the hell do they go its a mystery.On top of that the winner No2 also lost a Tench on Wheat which would have pushed the weight up somewhat but as it happens was not required he had enough in the net anyway.

So the points sadly show I have lost my lead after 7 rounds and this is how we go into the last match with all to play for for at least the current top 4

NO2 22pts

Geesemaister 20pts

Sir Stanley 18pts

Moaner 18pts

Breamy 15pts

Stuart 4pts

The Diver 4pts

Senior 4pts

Sunday is the Jack Hall Shield which is always on “A” section and used to be Roach only, but we cannot be that picky any more so all fish count that normally count that is. However its getting warmer for the weekend the Roach are on the section and who knows Hemp, Wheat and Tares everywhere I should think.

6.45 at the Hemingford gate gentlemen

Sunday 26th July “B” section

6 hardy souls braved a very cold and wet July morning on the Meadow Sunday. The fishing was better than the last “B” section effort but still not great. No2 taking the honours wiith a hard earned 5lb 7oz mainly Perch and Dace with some Bleak and the very odd Roach thrown in. Sir Stan lost his recent crown of several wins in a row and took second instead with 4lb 15oz with an odd good Roach and mainly silver fish in his net.

I was opposite the browing club with Postman Paul and I took third with 3lb 13oz and a hugely frustrating time on the tip missing lots of bites on a small hook and maggot when for 30 minutes early on I had 6 or so skimmers up to 6oz on small pices of worm and thought I was going to get a net full, a catologue of disaster followed with me forgetting my wet gear and getting very wet because I broke my umbrella in half when I tried to use the angle lock then followed a miserable two hours trying to hold a very short umbrella pole over my shoulder to keep all my maggots from getting soaked and doing a runner, this dear reader does not help when trying to hit very tiny small skimmer bites on a tip at the same time.

Senior Sicknote was among us and sat in the rain to catch 2lb 4oz of Dace and Bleak not great. Story of the day was Breamy in the bay hooking a big Tench and consequently unhooking a big Tench way before it reached his landing net after this he struggled to 1lb 3oz to tie with Postman Paul and that was that.

Two rounds of the Coote cup to go and all to play for see you on the top of the Meadow if only to see if Moaner can be early twice in a row its not expected I have to say.

Thursday 23rd July Round 6 Coote Cup “A” section

It doesn’t help that I have left the results sheet from last night at home but this is from memory and very close with any adjustments no doubt being over seen by Sir Stan who is a complete stickler for accuracy.

Well as it happens Sir Stan won with 6lb plus of bits and it was a bits night with no bonus fish being caught at all the best pegs on the night were oppsosite the trees with the platforms failing to deliver much at all. Moaner took second with a similar bits net of a big 5lbs with NO2 managing 3lb 14oz for third. Breamy sneaked fourth from Bob with 3lb 6oz playing 3lb 1oz and that was all the points.

I had a disaster on peg 1 which is not fishing this year for Perch for which it used to be famous but in a series of 8 matches everyone usually has one bad one so I hope this was mine and if I dont see peg 1 or 2 for the next two rounds I will be very happy.

The scores on the doors now make very interesting reading and its anyones game down to Breamy I think.

The Geesemaister 18pts

No2 17pts

Sir Stan 17pts

Moaner 14pts

Breamy 12pts

Stuart 4pts

Bob the diver 4pts

Senior 4pts

This Sundayb we are giving “B” section another go with hopefully some Roach starting to move but as always who knows 6.45 at the gate please gentlemen

Sunday “A” section club match

Only 5 made the match Sunday due to holidays weddings and other committments but it was an experienced field of 5 with solid anglers everywhere. The match was poor in general with the conditions ruining any chance of decent presentation and the Roach not responding to seed in any peg. Stan took the honours from peg 6 with small fish and a lot of his favourite Bleak in his net for 5lb 9oz I took second from peg 4 with 4lb 14oz mostly very small Dace and half a dozen Roach with a few on Wheat but they really were not having it.

On the platforms Breamy had 4lb 4oz for third with Stuart doing an after the Lord Mayors show of Thursday with 2lb 13oz from peg 12. His esteemed compost maister Compo went to turn his Shalots early, his words not mine, and recorded the DNW for his sins.

Stan informs me that the Seal is still on the Holmes meadow in our waters downstream which is terrible and it will mean the loss of all fish over 1lb if it stays much longer I’m sure.

However we soldier on and I look forward to seeing the usual suspects on Thursday with the nights starting to draw in slightly already the fishing will begin to be restricted so a prompt start and draw is important people please be there before 5.30 if possible so we can get started asap

Thursday 17th July “A” section Cooote cup round 5

The Meadow fished well on Thursday with accidents on the A14 causing disruption we managed to get all 8 anglers on the bank for the draw eventually with a newby in Stuart Curtis having his first go with the club which means Bob the Diver is no longer the new boy a fact that will please him I’m sure.

I drew peg 12 for my first go on the Platforms this season and was detrmined to try for the Roach after catching them down Meadow Lane last Sunday. I had major Pike issues all match and lost at least a dozen fish to several different size Pike with one being a good double figure fish and not what I wanted to see at all.However I sneaked the match with 8lb 2oz of Roach with one good skimmer of 1lb 4oz all caught on Wheat feeding Hemp. Peg 11 had newby Stuart who had a lovely Tench in his 7lb 11oz net, about 5lb I would have thought, for second place.

The high bank housed the rest of the anglers with Stan taking third with 6lb 1oz narrowly beating Moaner with 5lb 12oz with NO2 picking up the last available point with 3lb 14oz the other three remaining anglers all recording 2lb plus of fish.

So after 5 rounds the points table looks as below

Geesemaister 18pts

No2 14pts

Sir Stan 12pts

Breamy 10pts

Moaner 10pts

Stuart 4pts

Senior 4pts

Bob 3pts

So, still game on with three rounds to go.

Sunday 12th July Meadow lane

6 fished so we managed to drop a couple of the less savoury swims and get a bit picky. I took the win with, wait for it, Roach on wheat not that many and not that big but Roach none the same. I weighed 7lb 8oz with Torban in the next peg catching lots of mainly small stuff for 6lb 11oz and second with Jonathon Whitehouse using his passport from Ipswich way and visiting our shores again with third and 6lb 4oz of smallish dace from the same swim he triumphed from the other week.

Compo in peg 1 tried to throw himself and all his tackle in to start the match in peg 1, as it seemed like a good idea a the time, who knows ?. He eventually switched to waggler fishing and had a nice net of slightly better dace for 6lb 1oz. Breamy had a very small stuff net for 3lb 10oz and The Diver managed 2lb 10oz from favoured peg 3 which failed to live up to its billing this time around.

So is it seed time who knows this Thursday and Sunday are both on “A” section which is a real seed heaven on its day. Its brave to seed it in the short Thursday match but the Sunday 5 hours gives and angler time to develope his swim and seed may well play a part, it will also indicate how bad the damage is or is not after our Seal infestation of last season.

Same time as normal Thursday and Sunday gents please

Thursday 9th July Coote cup round 4

7 fished with some areas of the top of the meadow fishing a lot better than others. Breamy won it on a 14 hook and bread punch much to Moaners disgust at such butchers tactics but it seems to work for Breamy so who’s to say he is wrong. Breamy had some nice Roach in a 6lb 15oz net and beat Moaner from the next peg into second with Moaner catching some small skimmers later on to weigh 4lb 7oz nicking it from Torban who had a mixed bag of small stuff for 4lb 2oz.

The three above were on pegs 4,5 and 7 opposite the trees, Stan managed 4th and me 5th from peg 1 and 2 a peg I hate with a passion Stan weighing 3lb 7oz and me 2lb 1oz an absolute struggle as it was on the platforms where Bob and Postman Paul had 1lb 11oz and 2lb respectively Bob’s being a mixed bag and Pauls mainly Perch.

So the standings, after 4 rounds, are currently as follows.

Geesemaister 13pts

No2 13pts

Breamy 10pts

Sir Stan 9pts

Moaner 8pts

Senior 4pts

Bob 3pts

All to play for then and it should be an interesting next 4 rounds

Sunday we are on the lane, I have 6 booked in and would be grateful if any other anglers would let me know as we havve to shut and lock the gates before heading down to the river. 6.45 at the lakes entrance please

Sunday 5th July “B” section

Not good, full moon never helps plus no colour although we did have a bit of stream.Small fish only with 6 fishing pegging from the rowing club to the bay.

No2 continued his good form with another win and 3lb 8oz all that was required Breamy took second on the first peg out of the bay with 2lb 8oz and I took third with 2lb of very small Dace and a few small Perch.

Postman Paul couldnt find his Perch even in the first platform swim in the bay which is renowned for Perch but he managed 12oz only. The Diver and Compo were both DNW with Compo exiting stage left within the first couple of hours, probably on reflection a very wise course of action.

Next Sunday back to the lane with far more chance of better weights being recorded but I dont want to put the mockers on it so nuff said and 6.45 at the gate.

Thursday 2nd July “A” section Coote Cuo round 3

Its all starting to hot up. 7 fished and it was fairly tough with bonus fish being the difference between success and failiure. In first place was No2 with a cleverly( his words not mine) caught 5lb Tench on bread punch plus some back Perch and a few other bits for 7lb 9oz beating me into second place with 7lb 4oz with one big Perch of 2.5lb plus a Chub of 1lb the rest being smallish with the odd better chublet and one loverly 8oz Rudd all from the far bank fishing shallow opposite the trees in peg4 with Torban in 6 interestingly the platforms have yet to win a match this year which is very unusual.

Breamy on peg 1 managed one 2lb Bream plus Perch and bits for 6lb 10oz and third with Moaner on platform peg 112 with 5lb 3oz and doing what he does best complaining about the Bleak his catch included the first decent Eel I have seen this year at about 2lb.After that in the also rans and to his shame was the mighty Sir Stanley of Godmanchester managing to sneak 1pt with 3lb 7oz oh deary me Sir Stan.

The Diver managed 1lb 7oz and The Postman threw back 2lb and he was told you always weigh as you never know whats occurred elsewhere.

The pts totals are as follows

The Geesemaister 12pts

No2 10pts

Sir Stanley 7pts

Breamy 5pts

Senior 4pts

Moaner 4pts

Bob the Diver 3pts

Thursday top of the Meadow before 5.30 please.

Sunday 28th June Meadow Lane

7 fished with a new member Jonathon Whitehouse joining in and travelling from Ipswich for the pleasure , he must be mad, but having said that he drew very well and maximised his draw with first place and 12lb of Hybreds, Dace, Perch and other bits, far in front of Compo, finally back on the match scene, who took second with 6lb14oz of mainly Dace. Senior drew the same peg as last week but got it right or at least closer to right this week with 6lb 3oz.

The rest of us was Breamy at 5lb 14oz lots of fish but no quality with No2 in his most hated of swims, peg 3, with lots of very small fish forn 5lb 6oz. I was in a similar position with close to 80 fish for 4lb 5oz so mainly small then. The Diver managed 3lb 8oz and Postman Paul failed to register with the lane not being at all worm orientated the Postman will be glad to get back on the meadow with “B” section being the next Sunday match. Hopefully by then Compo would have introduced the company strimmer to that end of the river and we can fish some well laid out swims, whether there will be any fish in them is another question.

Thursday third round of the Coote Cup and if I beat Stan yet again even he will have to admit either he is losing it or I am now better than him ha ha

Thursday 25th June Coote cup round 2 big Meadow

7 fished and it was an “after the lord mayors show” match with low weights being recorded and no real bonus fish showing. The winner was , me with 4lb 3oz of mainly Perch a couple of Dace and an Eel and hardly a bite in the last hour which was unusual. The most important fact of the evening is that I thrashed Stan for the second week running as he managed 4lb 2oz for second with our newby Bob the diver in third with 3lb 15oz so all very close in the top three. Moaner took fourth with 3lb 8oz and Breamy had the last point on the night with 2lb 15oz. No2 despite drawing last weeks winning peg again was out of the points but only just with 2lb 10oz and Postman Paul chucked 2lb back thinking it was not weighing which just shows the importance of always weighing in people having a guess at what others have done in a match can trip you up.

The weights were mainly Dace small Roach and Perch plus Bleak with Moaner catching the only net sized skimmer on the night. So, after two rounds the points tally is as follows

The Geesemaister 8pts

Sir Stanley 6pts

No2 5pts

Senior Sicknote 4pts

Bob the Diver 3pts

Breamy 2pts

Moaner 2pts

Sunday is again on Meadow lane which fished really well last week so its bound to be a nightmare this week. In all fairness, the Lane is fairly consistent although last week was exceptional and I do expect near or even over double figures being needed to win this week, Usual draw at 7 and fish 8 till 1.00.

Expected at the gates for 6.45 are





Postman Paul

Bob the Diver

And yes he is still alive Compo

Anyone else turning up let me know so that we ensure all get in at the gates before we lock up

Sunday 22nd June Meadow Lane

Good turn out again with 9 on the bank and the fishing was very good for such an early stage of the season, Dace were in abundance plus a few chublet and the odd Perch with even a few, very few, Roach and skimmers plus hybreds in the mix.

The winner from the tree swim on peg 2 was Amir Jawad with a fantastic Dace net of Dace weighing 20lb further down the stretch Breamy took second with 12lb 12oz of less numbers but better quality fish with No2 close behind on 11lb 5oz smaller Dace mainly. After that Oakman Junior managed 9lb 2oz from peg 3 and I had a very breezy 7lb of better dace from the top of the bend a swim I dislike being so high up with my 12 foot keepnet only in the water by 1.5 rings.

Didnotweigh returned from the dead for a lot of small fish 6lb 7oz and there were a few 3lb weights after that to make up the numbers.

Still, with a bit of colour the quality of the Dace fishing on the Lane is excellent and that was despite a Seal swimming through the length.

Thursday back on the Meadow be there before the 5.30 draw please and we are on the Lane again next Sunday for those wishing to give it a try.

Thursday 18th June “A” section Coote cup round 1

The start of the new season went reasonably well with our new match supremo el presidente Mick Blatter ( no relation ) in charge ( all bribes knowlingly welcome).

9 fished so a good turn out with a couple still not on the bank so it could be a very good series.

The winner NO2,Torbs with a couple of Bream one large Perch and bits for a good 11lb 11oz which slaughtered the rest of the field with Mick second just hanging on beating me by two ounzes 6lb 7oz to 6lb 5oz Mick had an early big Tench and I had a late good Bream with a 1lb Chub and Perch. Stan took fourth with a net of real fish and no bonus stuff with 5lb 6oz with Breamy last in the points at 4lb 14oz with several skimmers and the odd Roach.

The point system remains this year for the top 5 in each match but I wont bother with a list until next weeks match has completed.

Sunday we are on Meadow Lane 6.45 at the lake gates please. Expectations are for at least 8 on the bank so another reasonable attendance expected. And yes Mick I will remember the scales they got put in the car last night.

12/6/15 work party Meadow lane

5 turned up with new man Bob earning his stripes striaght away by plunging into the river for a tree stump removal exercise so “Bob the Diver” he has immediately become.

Senior Sicknote and Compo the heart hospital pin ups both worked hard and we had the A&E helicoptor over us at all times due to imminent falling over issues from everyone including me and my back but excluding Breamy who despite his 40 a day remains remarkably fit but always in danger of being blown away due to thiness issues.

Meadow Lane looked good with some brown bloom still on it lots of small fish topping and the weed growth not to bad for this time of year so Sunday looks promising. 6.45 at the lake gates and we shall see, draw at 7.00 fish 8.00 till 1.00

Dont forget Thursday as the first event with the Coote cup and subject to Seal issues we shall see whats left in the river be at the gate before 5.30 please

Just a reminder

We are formimg a work party Meadow Lane this Thursday (12th June) meet at 7.00 at the gates of the lakes, traditionally our first match is “B” section but the St Ives rowing regatta is on Saturday and will cause a lot of upset in the water and I think it could well be hard anyway with our very own NO2 reporting a Seal on Nobles Field last wee. I have approached the EA about its removal only to be told yet again they have no means of dealing with the damn thing and in the meantime our fish stocks are taking a hammering. The EA take our rod licence money but offer no help, when needed, regarding this fundamental issue which if left un dealt with will decimate what fish stocks remain, its a disgrace.

All I have been offered by the EA are other organisations phone numbers but the point is we pay the EA we do not pay anyone else for our fishing privileges.

Our first match is Thursday the 18th meet at the top of the meadow 5.30 draw fish 6.15 to dusk, and yes Stan that will be my dusk and nobody elses including yours. Aaaaah the power to put a Knight of the realm in his place. Its about 9.30 ish this early in the season

2015/16 Season Match Results

The boy of Andrews has reset the website clock once again as a new season creeps up on us with the usual excitement that it cant be as bad as last year yet again.

In fairness last year was not bad at all for Roach fishing with many double figure nets featuring in the late Summer and Autumn match results. Unfortunately we hardly saw a Bream or a Tench and I do wonder how much damage the three Seals, seen on the clubs waters at various times over the season, have done the new season will reveal all.

I have been informed that St Ives rowing club are holding their annual regatta on the first Saturday of the season so the first Sunday match will on Meadow Lane which fished very well and very fairly last year with several swims all being capable.of provider a winner or top three position. The Dace fishing down the Lane was excellent last year with Compo recording an excellent net of 16lb of small medium and the odd large example of the lovely silver fish to win one match and several other nets approaching the 10lb range being recorded as well

Our AGM, as advertised on this website, is this Thursday at the Dolphin with a 7.30 start and we will be arranging work parties to clear swims on the Meadow and Meadow Lane.

The Coote Cup Thursday evening matches are again the must win series with Sir Stanley of Godmanchester still trying for the out right victory even though he continues to argue he had more points and should have won it before, anyway moving on.

Hopefully the river will be in reasonable fettle as at the moment it has a brown bloom algea wise on it and this is creating colour in the water but as to whether it will help the fishing we shall as always see.

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