Matches 2017/18

Club Match Sunday 18th Feb Earith Lakes

We went back for another go with 6 fishing this time, talk about a lake of two halves Mick fished one end the rest fished the middle or the other end and Mick caught all day for 12lb plus with a couple of beautiful Golden Orfe and lots of small Roach and the odd Skimmer. Breamy had 2lb plus in the last 40 minutes for second Compo didn’t have a bite I had three fish on tip and not a bite on the float and Torbs, making a guest appearance had a dozen small Roach all in a rush at the end for third. Sam fished the other lake and wished he hadn’t for no bites.

To sum up Mick had a good day, the end.

This week all hope is lost based on the current freezing weather forecast for Sunday I’m aware Mick is staying home as am I. Best of British to those who venture out.

Fur and Feather match Earith Lakes Sunday 28th January

5 came out of hibernation for a very late Xmas match at Earith and we all caught fish. Andrews senior and junior arrived and both were as slow as each other in setting up. we had the match as a rover with team Andrews on the end pegs with Breamy, Compo and me spread out somewhere in between.

Grant caught later on once he pushed his pole out to 14.5 metres but only smallish Roach for 3lb 6oz smashing Compo’s best efforts who fished with the mankiest pinkies I have seen for a long time which the fish obviously did not like and was reflected in his 2lb odd return. Breamy small Roached his way to 6lb 10oz with Senior Sick note with one proper Bream and bits managed 8lb plus but I caught in spurts and towards the end some better quality Roach and a few skimmers on Caster for a resounding victory with 12lb 13oz.

So, that’s the trick take 8 weeks off between matches and you will win, apparently.

Next week is somewhere with the mighty Sir Michael letting us know mid week.

A bit before the New Year kicks in

The lads have fished March a couple of times and have had good days sport usually which shows how the fish shoal up around march once winter kicks in.

This is just a quick note to any who may wish to partake of the clubs Fur & Feather Xmas Match which will be on the 17th December on the Benick water. I’m sure Mick will be making draw times etc available very shortly and please let him know if you wish to get festive on the drains ( rather than the river or the marina in this case). Don’t forget draw prize from all please for after the Match.

Sunday 15th Oct “A” section

You know when you get that feeling that the fish have moved off to their winter backwaters well there was a distinct feeling of that Sunday. I would say that the wind blew the sun did not shine and the 23 degree weather forecast was a joke but none the less 5 turned up for a go.

The Roach have gone at least they had well and truly gone on Sunday when with the odd exception and very small exception at that, no Roach were caught at all. Lots of small dace Compo lost a 1.5lb Chub and I went home early as I had had enough by 12. Mick keep at it and weighed over 5lb for the win from peg 6 once again defeating the platforms where Breamy and DNW had 3lbs ish each.

Well dear reader that’s my lot unless we get a bit exotic and play away from home at Benick or Earith or other such places. I have got to say the river manners of the rowing club reached new lows this weekend with 3 a breast coming past me at one stage and not an excuse me or sorry in sight. Still water venues with no boats are becoming very desirable.

Our match Secretary is now in charge of venues so hopefully as winter progresses we shall be at other venues where the Roach shoal up for winter and we can catch shedfuls of them..

A Bit

Well gentlemen I still need answers at the moment its Mick ,Colin and me for Sunday, please let me know DNW and Breamy, The forecast is now cloudy weather and warm with a wind behind us from the South and the Roach should be there as well.

Sunday 8th October “A” section club match

Very disappointing turn out for Sunday with just me and Breamy turning up which quite surprised me after last weeks match results. We fished 11 and 12 and Breamy beat me with 6lb 12oz as against 6lb 2oz. We drew at 8 and fished later and with the river being quiet for the last 1.5 hours I was very surprised that the last hour was awful for both of us. However the rowers were awful even for them but there was very little cruiser traffic which was good.

I must admit my heart was not in it with only two on the bank as in my view it takes more than that to get the competitive juices running. I stayed on Wheat and the odd bit of punch all day and had mainly small Roach and Dace but it was very plain that the small Dace were pecking at the Wheat all the time and both of us suffered a huge amount of missed bites from these small fish. Breamy had a few Dace in the last hour that made the difference and that was it. I was told by a dog walker that the Seal had been happily rampaging up and down the match length on Friday so that must have helped, not, plus a drop in night time temperatures must have had a detrimental effect.

As of recent, there is no doubt that the section is full of fish, all be it mainly small, and I would suggest with the weather forecast for this weekend being overnight temperatures in double figures plus 19 degrees for Sunday and over cast cloud cover it could, and I emphasise could, be very good again. So I would once again suggest “A” section will be the venue for Sunday but the club needs support for its matches to continue so please turn up.

Draw at 8.00 fish 9.00 until 2.00 at the top end of the meadow gentlemen.

Sunday 1st October “A” section club match

Well, it was very mild windy but not to bad at the start and very overcast not the worst conditions you will see this year for dangling a line. The Seal was absent and four of us rolled up with Roach in mind , that’s if any were left of course.

We fished the two platforms plus peg 8 and peg 4, Senior Sickie drew 12 yet again and I , for once, had 11 much to Breamy’s disgust as he drew 4 and Big Bob drew 8.

Breamy did well in progressively nasty winds that made presentation on the high bank very difficult recording 8lb 2oz of mainly Roach despite not being able to get them going on Wheat but that only took third on the day. Peg 8 with young Bob was always going to be difficult for any relative match novice and Bob is learning quickly but seed fishing is an art and not learnt over night either. Bob weighed 4lb 6oz on the day but had to resort to feeder fishing due once again to the high winds.

On peg 12 Mick couldn’t settle pole or waggler he swapped and change and ultimately time out of the water probably cost him the match, on most days his weight would have been more than enough at 11lb 6oz but I fished pole and waggler with much less chopping and changing on peg 11 and weighed 12lb 13oz for the second win in a row. The rowing boats still cause so much disturbance that neither Mick or I could catch that consistently and with mainly fish around the 3 to 5oz you do need volume for a good weight.

Next week with a further mild week of night temperatures we shall have another go on the meadow and with lighter winds presentation might be better and weights even beyond this weeks.

The draw time changes to our winter time of 8.00 fish 9.00 until 2.00 so at the top gate for 7.45 gentlemen. I have the following as fishing please let me or Mick know if you intend to have a go.





DNW if you are fishing you actually do have to turn up so I will leave that with you.

Sunday 24th Sept “A” section club match

Several late drop outs left a faithful three to fish Sunday and it was decided that the platforms and peg 8 would be the order of the day. So, of course, Senior drew 12 Breamy drew 11 and I was left with 8 which I have to say did not worry me that much as I thought I would have a half decent day obviously a long way behind the two favourite swims but hey ho just get on with it.

As it turns out the platforms failed to out perform with Breamy last with 5lb 6oz and Senior second with 5lb 10oz all small Roach and dace plus in Micks case a couple of pound of Perch taken early on the worm. I, however, knew I had to catch Roach if I had any chance and stuck with punch and Wheat after an early go on maggot and pinkie. Small Roach up to 4oz and some Dace not loads but enough gave me 7lb 10oz and the win by some margin. Form is sporadic class is permanent as they say bragging rights fully established and the gloating could begin.

This week, I do not know, the weather has been very mild and I think “A” would fish again but I haven’t spoken to Mick so I don’t know, as yet where, if anywhere, we are going.

HAJAC Results 10th September

Team Winners Stanjay Gold 6 pts, St Ives AS a creditable 4th of 8

Individual Positions

B Section 1st Andy Mead Stanjay Gold 21lbs 14oz
A Section 2nd Nigel Pankhurst Upstream MG 10lbs 4oz
A Section 3rd Pete McFabyen Stanjay Silver 8lbs

Full Results can be found here

A bit

Now back in the fold having been rained on in Ireland by a couple of showers the first one for three days the second one for four, at least its weather consistent and my rust tan is considerable.

Several matches took place with the few remaining lads in my absence mainly on “A” section it seems. I did visit on Sunday last week and Mick and Torbs were both catching small Roach and Dace but the water is very clear and not moving much. This week we have the prestigious Teams of Four and I am informed that 7/8 teams will be fishing. the format means “A” section will hold two sections “B” section opposite the rowing club onwards will hold another with the last being Meadow Lane.

Expectations are not very high but I think it will need 9/10lb of fish for a win with Bread Punch, Hemp and pinkie being the baits most utilised I would think. 24 anglers of a decent stamp on the river will show if the Ouse still holds any decent levels of fish but as always we shall see. St Ives has one team in with Torbs, Breamy, DNW and myself having a go.

7.30 at the gate on the top of the Meadow Sunday, draw is at 8 fish 9.45 to 2.45 an extra 15 minutes has been allowed for anglers to get down Meadow Lane and set up.

Thursday 10th August Coote Cup the LAST round “A” section

Well dear reader what a climax to the series. firstly the heavens having opened for several days has caused the river to be up by a foot and running hard, washing machine hard in fact so on the night it was always going to be difficult. Secondly anglers kept turning up until we had 10 fishing which ordinarily is no problem but when the light fades by 8.45 as it now does the weighing in part becomes hard work in the dark.

Next, the draw and guess what I draw a platform for the first time this season on a Thursday, peg 12 to be precise with BIg Bob on 11 and Stan and Moaner on peg 1 and 2 not great draws in the circumstances, so on the night I won with 4lb 8oz with some Roach a couple of skimmers and a 1lb Perch with a few small Rudd, Bleak and the odd Dace thrown in for good measure. Breamy snatched second on peg 7 with 4lb 4oz and Stan took third with 2lb 8oz from peg 1 to win the series.

At the end under car headlights a presentation of shields from Stanjay and a nice envelope of cash from Geeson Financial Services were handed out to Stan in First ,Moaner second and Torbs third.

A really good series this year with results very consistent and good for silver fishing in a three hour match. Weights have been up to double figures and typically 8lb plus being needed for the win. Well done to the top three very consistent results but the draw does have quite a lot to do with this series with pegs 11 and 12 being so good hopefully some of the high bank pegs will feature more next season.

Sunday will be on “A” section Torban has all the gear as I am not fishing. 6.45 at the gate for those who are interested.

Sunday 6th August “A” section

6 fished and it was terrible really, I suppose the golden full moon the night before should have warned me as all who fish know a full moon is the kiss of death. If you combine the moon with gin clear water full on sunshine and several thousand boats then you have the perfect storm.

However draw a platform and you are still fishing in a gold fish bowl full of fish, Senior Sicknote drew 11 and maxed out with 7lb 14oz despite missing his first 12 bites in a row on wheat, big Bob drew 12 and had 4lb 5oz for third and struggled with weed interestingly both these prime draws are becoming waggler swims only as the only clear run through is over half way across the river.

Sir Stanley end pegged on 3 and did well to catch over 5lb for 2nd on the day, Breamy ,Torbin and myself had the inner swims on the high bank with 4, 5 and 6 respectively and Torbs 4lb was the best we could manage between us. I messed about on Wheat and bread punch for three hours hoping against hope that the Roach would switch on eventually but they didn’t and that was that.

Thursday is the last round of the Coote Cup with a straight race between Moaner and Sir Stan , high exciting, the nights are drawing in and we will be lucky to fish to 9 as last week but we shall see.

Thursday 3rd August Coote Cup Round 7

Its all going a bit Pete Tong for the great Sir Stanley. His golden drawing arm deserted him and he drew 3 in the teeth of a howling wind, a down streamer to boot, and poles were going left and right. I know because I was on peg 5 also on the high bank and suffering the same fate. So, dear reader, the results, Moaner drew a platform AGAIN and made the most with 8lb 11oz and the win I also add that we are now reduced to a 2hr 45 minute match with the nights closing in so that is a good silver fish catch on a river.

Breamy in, you guessed it, the other platform had 8lb for second, mainly skimmers whereas Moaner was mainly Roach. Now I rarely say this but the weather conditions where awful for all but on the high bank the absolute worse with no protection at all so I was very pleased with my third place at 7lb 12oz of Wheat caught Roach and I suggest I would have won without the wind as at least 6 Roach decided they would like to be kites for the evening and I never got close to landing them as the hook ripped out in the wind.

Stan ,on 3, had 6lb 3oz for 4th with Torbs getting the bums rush with peg 10 which despite being a platform is also full of weed and not a great swim even when not full of weed. He weighed 5lb dead which just goes to show how well the venue fished in a very short match. Now the big thing is the points tally with one match left.

Stan 27
Moaner 27
Torbs 21

Its a two horse race people oh the excitement I can hardly contain myself, the last round is next week and whats the betting they draw 11 and 12 as they seem to have done most of the season.

Sunday we are going back to “A” by popular demand as it does look as if the Roach are now “having it large” on seed and we all know that’s the kiss of death, don’t we,so expect diddly squatt weights this week.

6.45 at the gate people

Sunday “A” section The Jack Hall Shield

From the grave he rose to fish once more, no not Stan although apparently he was so ill that he made Lazarus’s recovery a mere bagatelle compared to his. Micks was a straight forward been dead for tax reasons and now back again.

So, in line with other miracles On Sunday for the first time this year I drew a platform, yes people peg 12 was mine, not the better of the two normally but a platform none the less. Stan had 11, Mr Golden Draw did it again but on the day I thrashed him 11lb 7oz to 11lb 0oz, I had Roach mainly on wheat and he had all sorts including a big Perch about 3lbs following his fish in and attacking a couple. I had one Perch of a 1lb my biggest this year by far but lots of nice Roach with one or two at the 10oz mark
The high bank fished ok but never enough and I will be the first to admit that the two platform swims are very hard to beat on a Sunday morning but not as difficult on a Thursday night. Breamy took Third with 6lb 2oz with the mighty Mick fourth with 4lb 8oz just ahead of DNW with 4lb 4oz. Compo having thrown back a couple of pound and retreated to the allotment for a DNW.

So, I cant buy hardly a point or draw a decent peg on a Thursday but on, Sundays having fished 6 matches so far, I have 4 wins and 1 second, bizarre really but at least one of the two are working.

See you on the meadow Thursday for a 5.30 draw

Thursday 27th July Coote Cup round 6

7 fished its all hotting up leading to the big finish with two more to go. Torban drew the dream on peg 11 and with 10lb 14 oz thrashed Moaner on 12 who had 7lb 12oz both catching the usual silvers but Torbs having some nice Roach on wheat and punch to find the extra weight. Stan produced his usual high bank performance from peg 3 with 7lb 10oz beating Nigel into fourth with 6lb 10 oz with the last point going to me from peg 5 with 5lb 10oz.

Despite an appearance from Sammy seal the silver fishing on Thursday evenings has been truly very good but we still need to move the Seal on as it will have to start eating smaller fish soon, the silver fish have proliferated due to the Pike population being eaten with many of the big Perch going that way as well.

The points situation is as follows

Stan 25
Moaner 22
Torbs 20

The rest are also rans so it is really between these three.

Sunday 23rd Meadow Lane

6 came to play with Sir Stanley of dribble in bed with man flu and a no show. You may have noticed people that a lot of rain has fallen of late and the lane rose about 10 inches on Sunday and as the old adage says “you will never catch fish on a rising river”.

The first hour was crucial as the water was running hard but not too hard at that stage. The far bank on waggler was the place to be and I won yet again on a Sunday with 4lb 7oz of first hour mainly decent Dace up to 5oz with Big Bob taking second on the same tactic with 3lb 14oz with Torbs taking third with 3lb dead. To demonstrate how bad it was we had three did not weighs including Mr Did not way himself. Add to this the stair rod rain we had for an hour and a half plus the cold weather it was not the greatest of days. So three visits to the Lane and three wins for me whereas I cant get anywhere on the Meadow , weird really.

Thursday we expect the water to be moving so weights should be good. At the gate for the 5.30 draw and hopefully Sir Stanley will survive to fish Thursday.

Thursday 20th July “A” section Coote cup round 5

7 fished and the usual people drew peg 11 and 12 but the high bank fished well with great silver fish results for 3 hours fishing. The winner, Moaner, peg 11 9lb 1oz Roach, Skimmers with the usual small stuff as well Dace, Bleak and Perch. This was achieved with a swim through by the Seal so well done Tony. At the other end of the match length on the high bank Torbs had about 1lb up to 8.00 and then the Roach arrived on Punch and Wheat and he weighed 8lb 3oz a good last hour then. Of course this miffed Sir Stanley as his 8lb 1oz wasn’t enough and he had to make do with third.

Breamy had the other dream draw on 12 and caught on Wheat but not enough with 6lb 10oz which included 4 nice Rudd a fairly unusual and very welcome catch. DNW on the other hand though he had beat everyone but at the weigh in managed 5lb 3oz for the last point.

Now my draw bag exploits on a Thursday are now the source of much merriment with the lads and yes, tonight was no different with the ill fated peg 7 for the third time in my four outings, I hate the peg the same as Torbs hates peg 1 and Breamy hates all of Meadow Lane. At least I had optioned 7 with platform peg 10 another peg Breamy and many others hate but I took in desperation just to avoid 7. Actually until the last hour I quite enjoyed the fishing catching small dace on maggot and the some Roach on Wheat but the Seal did a three point turn in my swim and that was it for the last hour still 4lb 2oz is getting better not much but just a bit.

So the scores on the doors are after 5 rounds top 4 only

Stan 22
Moaner 18
No2 15
Breamy 9

This Sunday and so I don’t have to deal with dog walkers/swimmers rowing boats etc we are down the lane for the Dace. At the gate of the pits for 6.45 gentlemen

Sunday 16th July “A” section

Holidays are depleting the numbers on a Sunday that plus we have no idea what’s happened to Senior Sicknote he seems to have vanished. So, 4 fished and we put in peg 18 on the beach for the first time to see what it was like. Torbs drew 11 his fav peg and duly won with 9lb 6oz with some nice seed caught Roach in the last couple of hours. I, as it seems in inevitably fashion, drew 18 and had several conversations with dog owners, rowers, canoes and others regarding showing any regards for other river users in other words me. I even had one dog walker tell me that it was his dogs right to swim past me to fetch a stick, that the owner threw over my head, as he paid his rates in the end I was so confused by the mans argument I wasn’t sure if it was him or his dog that paid the previously mentioned rates.

Eventually, I just gave up arguing and waited until they all went home but I did manage a few Roach ,Skimmers and Dace for second place with 5lb 12oz pipping Breamy who weighed 5lb 6oz from peg 4 whereas Postman Paul got the other prestige platform but only weighed 2lb 0oz.

Peg 18 has a lot more weed in it this year but is still a good swim and if we didn’t have all the confrontations when we fish it I would put it in every week, hopefully when we get platforms on peg 16 and 17 it will be pegged more regularly

Thursday round 5 of the Coote Cup 5.30 draw don’t be late people.

Thursday 13th July round 4 Coote Cup

9 fished, so a good turn out, the fishing was ok but not as good as recent weeks. Sir Stanley had his perfect record broken at long last but still managed to draw one of the coverted platform swims, that man has a golden hand he should do the lottery more.

Torb’s had the other platform and sneaked past Stan with 6lb 15oz as against Stan’s 6lb 11oz of silvers. The high bank was not so great but The Bombardier took third with a hard earned 5lb 6oz very closely followed by Moaner with 5lb 4oz. AND the last point was shared between Breamy and, wait for it, MEEEEEEEEE with 3lb 6oz each and I finally have a point huzzah dear reader I still cannot draw a decent peg for love nor money on a Thursday and last night was no exception with peg 7 yet again.

Big Bob took the next place with 2lb 7oz and DNW should have done better but didn’t with 2lb 3oz and bringing up the rear was the Postman with 1lb 12oz, so everyone caught but not as much as of recent and yes the Seal did make an appearance.

Sunday we are on “A” section for a longer match and hoping that seed might go although it most definitely didn’t work Thursday.

7.45 at the gate please people

Sunday 9th July Meadow Lane

Sir Stanley may be owning Thursday nights but Sundays on the Lane are mine, at least currently. 7 fished and Stan got the bad draw out of the 7 for once which is unusual for Mr Golden draw. I, on the other hand for the second week in a row drew a new peg that needed cutting out and had a fair bit if weed in it but with a waggler line same as last week.

Most of us at the good end went off like trains for an hour with Dace up to 7oz in most nets then the sun came out the boats started and that was pretty much it as it was a struggle from then on. I had a good 5lb in hour one and managed a few Roach to ground bait late on to win with 8lb 7oz. Torbs on the high bank had a similar day with 7lb 4oz for second with a special mention for Sir Stanley who did not have a fish over an ounce for his third place 5lb 10oz lots of hard work for the bite a chuck man.

Senior Professional Compo, with one leg due to a knee problem, sat in my swim from last week and weighed 4lb 10oz with DNW in at 3lb 8oz and last in a joint venture Big Bob and Breamy at 2lb 15oz, just ask Breamy how much he likes Meadow lane and then stand back whilst he loses it completely.

Thursday back to the Meadow where Breamy is happy and in a double happy move I think we are also on the Meadow Sunday

Thursday 6th July Coote Cup round 3 “A” section

The golden hand of Sir Stanley yet again pulled him a plum platform peg on an evening when the two platforms were the place to be, as usual this year at least. Stan pipped Moaner by very little with 8lb 40z as against 8lb 0oz silvers of every type being the nets. Further up on the high bank it did not fish as well as usual with pegs 5,6,7 and 8 having a best weight of 3lb 8oz that being Torbs. I messed about with hemp and wheat for a fair proportion of the evening to zero effect and DNW and Postman Paul recorded very little as well.

However in third place with 5lb 8oz from peg 4 was Big Bob the Diver and he actually caught a proper 1lb Perch something we have not seen all season so far. Bob thrashed Breamy on peg 2 who managed 5lb 6oz with some slightly better Roach late on.

So the points to date are

Stan, a perfect 15
Moaner 11
Breamy 6
No2 6
Bob 5

And yes before you say i8t dear reader I am without a point having fished two of the three, oh well never mind.

Sunday we return to the Lane and with recent good weights in less than fishing friendly weather we live in hope of mild and overcast to see what happens. At the Meadow Lane pit gates for 6.45 lads please.

Sunday 2nd July Meadow lane

6 fished so we loaded the end of the Lane that produced last time including a new peg which we had not cleared but had a history of being a reasonable peg if the weed allowed it to be. So, guess who drew the peg with all the cutting out to be done , well that would be me then. As it happens not such a bad draw as fishing three quarters of the way across on the waggler I caught nice Dace up to 5oz for a winning 10lb 6oz bag and for the first time this season I actually felt as if I had fished half decently, not fishing for most of the first 6 months of the year has its effect and you do get rusty but it seems better now.

Colin fished the high bank as did Stan and DNW and they all had similar nets of Dace and bits for a respective 7lb2.5oz, 7lb 0oz and 6lb 14oz all very close and Stan not catching until half way through the match but finishing well. Breamy drew the relatively unfancied cattle drink and had a bite a chuck but all very small for a 4lb 1oz total leaving big Bob with 3lb 10oz, so everyone caught and it is proving to be a very fair match venue with once again a lack of much in the way of bonus fish so volume will take the day usually.

Thursday back on “A” which is fishing well but with nights drawing in, yes I said it winters coming, we will draw at 5.30 and fish 6.15 to 9.15 weather and overhead conditions allowing.

Thursday 29th Coote cup round 2 “A” section

8 fished, I couldn’t due to Uncle duties for a trip to the Prom in my car and yes I was really pleased it was on a Thursday. The fishing once again was really quite good with Stan on the high bank winning for the second week with 9lb of silvers of various denominations. Torbs at last had his dream draw of a platform swim so no pressure to produce a result then, he managed second with 7lb 14oz of mostly bread punch caught small Roach and skimmers plus Dace and Perch and of course every time he put a maggot on , Bleak

Moaner on peg two moaned, because he does, but still managed third with 6lb 6oz of the same spread of species as Stan. In fourth, and well fished to, was big Bob with 5ib 6oz from the other platform swim, big learning curve for our Bob but he is getting there. The mighty Ashcroft fished the famous match of two halves with diddily in the first bit and 4lb 15oz in the next bit for the last point available.

As far as the others went Bombardier had 4lb 5oz of bread punch Roach and Dace with DNW in a weedy swim struggling to 2lb 5oz once again Postman Paul struggled with his worm only approach and recorded the big DNW. I watched them all for the last two hours and learnt a few things so the evening was not a total wipe out as far as I was concerned.

So,. after two matches the points are

Stan 10
Moaner 7
No2 5
Breamy 4
Bob 2

This Sunday we are switching to Meadow Lane as the bank clearance has not been done on “B” section. Draw at 7 fish 8 till 1 but meet at the lakes gate at 6.45.

Sunday 25th June “A” section

6 stalwarts turned up with holidays etc taking toll on numbers. Sammy seal poked his head up to say hello but taking all things into consideration the venue fished well.

Breamy often starts the season like a train drawing plumb swims every match and today was no different with platform peg 11 a prime example however the fish still have to be caught and catch he did with 9lb 12oz of silvers on punch with a lot of small skimmers up to 5oz and other silvers but as expected no bigger fish at all in fact, very worryingly but very predictably, our Perch stocks now comprise of loads of fish with none over 4oz, predation has had its effect on their bigger kin no doubt.

No2 Torbs had a reasonable day on the punch on peg 6 which was an end peg of sorts with 3,4,5 and 6 being pegged he recorded 7lb 13oz of smallish Roach with the odd 5oz netter but very good to see them. Stan in peg 3 the “other” end peg caught silvers of all description with a David Attenborough style commentary on which species he had just added to his net, I think he finished with 6 separate types. Stan weighed 6lb 12oz for third .

Postman Paul struggled on 12 and he is probably the angler that the Seal has effected most as he loves to worm fish and the big Perch, Eels and Tench just are not on the stretch so a big DNW for him, Pete McFadden fresh from the previous days win at St Neots had a similar day to me next to him he weighed a big 2lb and I managed 3lb 11oz. Its got to get better for me and a decent draw would be nice but that’s the way it goes some times.

Thursday back on “A” for the Coote Cup and Sunday down the Lane for a Dace bash , I hope.

Thursday 22nd June round 1 Coote Cup

8 fished, 9 if you include the Seal, and as mentioned below despite the attention of the Seal the fishing was good for small silvers up to 8oz for most with Stan taking the plaudits from the high bank with 8lb 6oz followed by the Moaner himself back from the commercials for a great draw on peg 12, and yes he was late and yes I drew the peg for him and gave myself peg 7 which is not a great draw usually.

Moaner managed 7lb 6oz followed by Breamy with 6lb 6oz and then the magnificence that is DNW with 75 fish, he likes to count, for 5lb 7oz from the other flier peg 11, the final point being awarded to Torbs with 4lb 2oz from his very favourite peg in the whole wide world, peg 1.

In the also ran stakes Bombardier threw his back for a big DNW with threats of never returning and why him. I struggled to 3lb 9oz which despite not liking the draw should have been 5lb and just shows no fishing since Xmas leaves you very ring rusty and behind the guys who go regularly. Bob with his new pole struggled in peg 6 for a couple of pound and that dear reader was that.

So, what does all this prove dear reader, mainly that all the big fish in our river have been eaten by Seals but the smaller silvers such as Dace are thriving and will do until the various predators run out of bigger fish to eat. As far as match fishing goes this process has meant you can win from most of the first 12 swims on the Meadow currently.

This Sunday we are on “A” section again for a 5 hour effort met at the gate at 6.45 for a 7 draw and fish 8 until 1.

Meadow lane 18th June

8 fished the first one of the season, now people we all got excited because his lordship of sickness the mighty Mick had fished the Lane on Friday and had recorded a cool 30lb of Dace up to 5oz so of course we will all fill our boots Sunday NOT.

We have done considerable works down the Lane so that 10 pegs are now available BUT if the temp is at 30 degrees and if you have no tree cover in clear water you struggle so Torbs Mick me and Didnotweigh had nothing between us although DNW managed a late rush for 2lb 12oz pegs 1-3 went home before 11.00

However, in another world on pegs 5-8 Breamy bite a chuck Dace for the winning 13lb 7oz with Stan just behind similar Dace net of 12lb 10oz. Compo started catching later and managed third with 6lb 120z. So you either had a lot or nothing I, as usual ,pegged in the nothings.

Thursday sessions for the Coote cup begin this week with meet at the top of the meadow for a 5.30 draw it will be very interesting to see if any of the fish stocks have survived our Sealy friends I have a feeling match weights will be good with lots of small silvers up to 6oz but we shall see. The fish until dusk must help with current weather but we shall as always see.

A bit

Sir Michael of Sick has pointed out that I should make it clear that the river still contains a good head of fish and I totally agree with him. The size of the fish is the point with Seals loving to eat the bigger ones. I do not doubt that come the new season we will still catch a good head of Dace and smaller Roach, with the odd better Perch and Skimmer Bream thrown in, in our Thursday evening series. However I stand by what was said below and that is rivers were never meant to hold Seals and Cormorants they are sea predators.

We are aware that fish are not that stupid and will hide on an almost permanent basis so we cannot be sure how good the stocks are. Every now and then a good weight is seen usually when the seed fishing for Roach in the late summer.

Finally on the re introduction of Otters, I do not remember an Otter in the Ouse in my time of fishing it, which is 50 years man and boy. Nature removes certain animals from its eco system when its prey can no longer sustain it and that’s where we got to many years ago with Otters. Fish stocks, when brimming over, will sustain all sorts but that’s not where we are with the Ouse currently.

I am aware that Otters were reintroduced down Meadow Lane and after one swim up the length of the river decided the local lakes stocked full of big fish is the place to be. This is a commercial enterprise and the owner must be going mad seeing 20lb Carp with just their gill rakes eaten dead on the bank. Carp are worth £10 per 1lb of weight so, £200 a go for each 20lb fish killed.

So, that’s enough rant over but we pay money through our rod licences for a fishery and should expect assistance to maintain its integrity and in this case the Environment agency has offered very little practical help, as in zero help so, dear reader, letters to the EA please noting your thoughts on the matter.

Sunday 19th Jan Nobles Field

3 fished not a single bite between us and an early bath. The seal is up and down the river and we saw it on Nobles Sunday. I doubt that any Bream worth its salt would be in the main river if they are aware of the Seal.

Cormorants and Seals plus Otters are killing, if not have already killed, our fishery, its tragic and so frustrating that the Environment Agency don’t want to do anything about it. Any predator which is not native to our river system should be shot or eventually the river will hold zero fish stocks and all animals that live off them will starve,.

Sorry about the rant but this is very important for the generations to come that the eco system of our rivers are balanced and sustainable and currently they are most certainly not.

Sunday 19th January 2017

Chris, Mick and Paul are going on the Meadow Sunday, text Mick if your interested, meet Hemingford end

Meet 7:30 Draw 8.00 Fish 9,00 till 2


8th January 2017

Happy New Year folks

Micks arranged a knock up bit of fun with the Benwick lads at their Chapel Farm Fishery hell text details later in the week where to meet
30th December

The Spit didn’t fish end of, 6 went 6 came home with nothing !!!!!!
Xmas match Lawn Farm 18th Dec

10 fished and it was no more than ok for a few and poor for most. Breamy and Sam sat on the fish in the deeper pegs and recorded 29lb and 26lb each for 1st and 2nd with Chub being the main catch plus one Carp each. The mighty Senior Sicknote took third with 13lb plus and after that it was 8s,7s,6s and in mine and Torbs case 5’s and we were next to each other struggling for a bite.

Compo provided the seasonal Sloe Gin which was very welcome and the usual presentation of gifts took place at the end of the match.

Friday 30th we have a match on the Spit at Jones and this is already full with the following noted as fishing

The Geesemaister
Postman Paul
Bob the Diver

As the venue takes no more than 8 then this is all I’m afraid. Draw at 8 so at the back gate for 7.45 please fish 9 until 2.;

So its time for the HO HO HO section, Xmas match

We are at Lawn farm Sunday for the annual Xmas bash. As Sir Michael has said all who said they would attend earlier in the year will be charged £7 so the Draw is at 8.00 fish 9.30 to 2.30 on Crabtree Lake. I am informed the gates open at 7.00 and the shop at 8.00 for those who wish to purchase any bait etc.

Keepnets are provided and the match fee is £5 so £12 in all for those who cannot count.

Don’t forget we have the usual raffle so a bottle of plonk or other such festive giftery is required for the end of the match. The presentation of the gifts is in order of position in the match. I do not expect to see any of you in the £1 shop in St Ives. I assume a convey will be leaving St Ives and texts will be sent to confirm meeting up time and place over the next couple of days.

HAPPY XMAS EVERYONE and the geezer who reads this rubbish as well.
A Bit

Don’t forget the annual Fur and Feather match on the 18th December at the commercial lakes at Cambourne. All interested parties should let the mighty Andrews know they wish to attend. Please bring a draw prize on the day. There will be a day ticket cost and then a match cost Mick will confirm these.

I can also confirm I have spoken with Jones boatyard and they are happy for us to hold a monthly sweepstake in the shallower side of the marina on the famous Spit and as much as I think the Seals have ruined the place you never know and there is a huge head of Roach in the Deeps which might have moved if they have been chased by the damn things.

As always the rules for Jones will be first to be considered will be those who fish the normal matches through out the year, the numbers will be restricted to 8 at the most.

Further details to follow but the first match will be Friday 30th December , weather permitting and then a Sunday in Jan, Feb and March.
Sunday 27th November The Waits

So we finally see the first high water mark of the winter with some very muddy stuff coming through and at a fairly fast rate too. Several of the lads, not me, decided to give the Waits a go and with mixed results. 4 fished with the Middle Earth Sam hitting the high spots with 8lb 10oz of what, I’m not sure, but must assume Roach. Torbs had 3lb Mick a 1.5lb effort and Breamy had to leave early due to bowel issues apparently.

Unusually the closer you got to the Museum end the harder it got which is not the norm but really it is a bit early for the Roach to get in the back waters in any quantities but if we get more rain and the colour stays in then it could get better.

As for next week, I have no idea, Sir Michael is calling the shots, so watch this space.
Sunday 13th November Benwick on the village stretch

4 fished and it was all a bit weird, Bob the Diver decided the river wasn’t deep enough so he spent 30 minutes trying to make it deeper with a rake and then when that failed he tried to make it shallower with bait but still caught nearly 3lb for second place. No2 was next door and caught fish throughout with one quality skimmer and lots of bits for 4lb 4oz and the win.

Now, me and Senior fished the bit by the bridge, two good pegs normally and struggled to get a bite for the best part of three hours and when we did at certain stages it was 4 fish to the oz, we are talking small here people in certain cases so small that it looked as if the single pinkie had got hold of the fish and not the other way round. Mick caught well for the last hour and a bit and me for the last hour mick had 2lb 4oz and I threw back 35 fish which might have made 1.5lb.

I don’t doubt that eventually the fish will be here as they shoal up in the village stretch each year but usually after it gets a lot colder and the Cormorant have herded them up that way when the weed cover has died back completely.

Next week as yet no idea I shall take a well earned rest until the next Earith outing and need a practice at Cambourne before the Xmas match which has at least 12 fishing so far I think.

an extra bit

Nothing to report from last week but this Sunday ( 13th November ) we are trekking to Benwick for a match meet at the M&S garage in St Ives at 6.45, 5 booked to go so far Mick ,Geesemaister, NO2, and Bob the Diver plus, I assume , Breamy. Let Mick know if you are attending
30th October long Island Lake Earith

Yes I didn’t know it was called that either to me it was always the Caravan Park.

Anyway 7 fished dead calm day and mild, carp crashing everywhere but they didn’t count except for 1lb each regardless of size much to the Mighty Andrews later disgust as he landed a monster on his very expensive Airity pole which weighed 20lb.

On the day Sam drew THE peg apparently fished tight to the far bank reeds and had 5 Bream plus bits plus 3 carp that he landed and a couple that he didn’t for a total of 22lb 8oz and an easy win from Torbs who took 12lb 14oz of silvers up to 8oz with me third and a similar net but 10lb 7oz and a very much pained expression as I lost a 2.5lb Bream at the net in the first 15 minutes.

The rest, poor, only DNW weighing, ironically, with 3lb 15oz of bits for fourth.

This is a very nice fishery with not too many rules unlike many and it really is a cross between a commercial and a natural lake with lots of silvers but some big carp as well. we will have another go in early December when apparently the Roach sometimes really go well, as always we shall see.

This week, I think, will be matchless from my point of view but Mick might be going I’m not sure. The following week we re visit Stans lake which last time out failed to fish but we shall see, you never know we might get lucky.

A Bit for this Sunday 30th October

Senior and Breamy tried the Meadow on A Section last Sunday (23rd Oct) 3lb 12 oz each with rowers, Seals and very clear water all not helping so this week we have decided its time to start moving about to get a days fishing

Sunday 30th we are fishing at Earith at the caravan Park ponds and are meeting at the M&S garage at 6.45 drawing at 7 and fishing 8 til 1 for the last time this year as the clocks are changing this Saturday night. Please let Mick know if you are attending we have 4 at the moment but I would think at least a couple more will want to try it. I am led to believe the water is fishing well with skimmers and Crucians recently being caught in a decent net full.

I fished this venue with Mick in the summer and noted it was full of 2/3/4 oz Roach which could be caught rapidly and close in.Might be good who knows but at least there will not be Seals, Cormorants, Canoes, rowers and motor boats for once.

Sunday 23rd October Gentlemen as far as I know there is no match Sunday, I am not fishing and I have not heard from Mick so if any of you want to fish I suggest you contact Sir Michael

Sunday16th October Andersons Cup Meadow Lane IS.CANCELLED, NO MATCH THIS WEEK
Sunday 9th October March v St Ives away River Nene numbers required in advance please

In the end we were the famous five at March but on the day that was plenty with No2 taking first place with two Tench and bits for 11lb plus and a March angler second at 8lb plus pipping Breamy with 7lb odd of Roach caught early doors before the boats started up.
With me , Mick and Jonathan all catching 3/4lb and the March lads and lass less, with the exception of the lass who had 5lb plus.

I must admit that I and many others probably caught the smallest fish ever to be hooked with miniscule Roach, Rudd and Perch at 4 to the oz being thrashed out of the water.

Not an easy stretch for some with myself having a three foot run through and weed everywhere else but I can see that the section would make great winter fishing when the weed dies back as it is very sheltered and not deeper than 5ft anywhere but with extra water and colour the skimmers and good Rudd would give some excellent fishing although for Sunday with a clear river and bloody great barges going up and down ruining mid river lines every time they did it did become a bit of a chore. Us St Ives lads are used to boats but this is a very narrow piece of river and not designed for big bits of river traffic.

As for the team event we once again maintained our 100% record with nearly 30lb playing about 21lb for the win so well done us.

This week we will not be holding the intended Anderson Cup as this cannot take place without a considerable amount of work on the Meadow Lane stretch of river. Neither I nor Senior Sicknote will be fishing so watch this space for the next match details.

Sunday 2nd October Inter club with Benwick A & B sections , Benwick are bringing 6 Anglers to St Ives, meet Hemingford Gate 7:15, draw 7:30 fish 9:00 till 14:00

St Ives team Chris G, Mick A, Paul A, Bob the D, Torban W, Jon Maling

In the end Benwick brought 7 and we had 6 but the outcome was never in doubt with St Ives winning 22lb plus to 12lb ish, Top three all St Ives with me having a lovely morning on peg 18 with 8lb 3oz of small silvers but mainly Roach this would have been a lot more but for the rowers and other boats, twice I had 8 rowers tuning round in my swim and they look at you as though you don’t exist it is hugely frustrating even more so when a stick sales past your ear, peg 18 for those who don’t know is a in the water waders on peg, and a dog swims past to get it. The couple behind me commenting “she loves to swim here” and I said “but if you dont mind not while I’m fishing and in a match to boot” very polite from me I thought.

Didnotweigh drew peg 12 and caught lots of small stuff for 5lb plus 93 fish apparently as I said mainly small then. Mick stole third from No2 3lb 4oz to 3lb 2oz all Dace for both with the odd small Perch. I don’t know where the better Perch have gone and by better I mean over 4oz probably eaten by someone or something as everything else of any size appears to have been.

Next week the away day inter club matches continue with us travelling to March, Mick needs to know who is going and I know he has sent out a general text so please respond if you are fishing.

Sunday 25th September A section

March A C are bringing 6 Anglers to St Ives, draw 7:30 fish 9:00 till 14:00 text Mick or Chris if attending please.

Well they brought five and we fished 6 but dropped our last weight and on the day we ran out easy winners despite a March angler weighing 10.00lb for the win from the immortal peg 12 with Compo in 2nd from the no less immortal peg 11 with 8lb plus. Torbs took third with 7lb plus from peg 1 catching Roach for the last 1.5 hours on punch. it all got a bit close after that with Mick, me and Breamy recording 6lb 6oz, 6lb 5oz and 6lb 4oz respectively Roach, Dace and a few Bleak with the odd small Perch being the contents of all the nets.

We totalled well over 30lbs to Marchs 22lbs.and look forward to the return fixture on Oct 8th at March.

This week inter club again with the honourable Benwick guys coming to us to fish our home leg, Mick needs to know numbers so if you intend to fish let him know I think we need at least 6 on the bank so make an effort gentlemen. I assume the timing will be the same as the march match so a 7.30 draw and fish 9 til 2 but I will confirm or change if different after Mick has had a chat.

Sunday 18th September “A” section

Hello dear Reader, yes I am back after many holidays and chronic Tennis Elbow, without a racket in sight.

Firstly congrats to the St Ives lads who fished the teams of four last week and managed a very creditable second place although sadly only four teams fished which demonstrates the lack of general interest in river fishing any longer. Even more congrats to No2 who took the individual title from a platform peg at the top of “A” section with 10lb plus. The general silver fishing was good with three other 9lb plus weights being recorded on the day.

7 turned up for Sundays club match and that bloody Seal was back, however the fishing was still very good with Mick winning from peg 12 with 14lb 6oz of mainly Roach, new bloke Pete McFadden took second from the other favorite platform peg 11 with 11lb 2oz.

Stan fished peg 3 with a free peg each side and did well taking 10lb 6oz of mainly Dace for third and I caught some Roach on Wheat for 7lb 5oz from peg 7 for fourth but “ring rustiness” cost me at least two pounds of dropped fish and missed bites were also an issue. Without doubt match fishing needs to be regularly fished to be at the top of your game and it has been over a month since my last match outing.

Or as someone else would say, namely Stan, excuses excuses excuses.

Roach are present in some numbers on “A” currently despite the Seal and seed baits on the right day would account for double figure weights

Sunday August 7th Venue A Section

4 Ventured on an extremely windy day, presentation was difficult to say the least, we decided on a rover, Sir Stan of Goddy fancied a swim in peg 18, Mick on 12, Breamy on 11 and Duncan ray on 5. Fresh after his Coote Cup Victory, suffice to say the rich only got richer

1st Stan 8lbs 4,Duncan 7lbs 4,Mick 5lbs 13, Breamy coming home last on 4lbs 4.

I caught my fish on seed, the area around pegs 11@12 on A section without boat traffic should fish really well using hemp, tares or wheat.

Thats it for Chris and myself now till after our Ireland trip, so best have a ring round as we need to leave a key if anyone’s wants a go on the meadow.

Thursday 4th August Coote Cup Final Round

Forgot to mention in the last round we were down to 4 fishing and Breamy and Stan monopolised the evening from peg 11 and 12, no surprise there then, Breamy had 8lb and Stan 7lb 14 oz for yet another close finish. Next best the lesser spotted Duncan Ray a rarely seen Mr Burns like animal who had 3.5lbs of small stuff, his most favorite of fish. Me and Bob turned up but that was about it.

Stan took the overall honours with Breamy second and me third, a presentation took place on the bank with Stanjay very kindly providing three medals and Geeson Financial Services providing the cash prize of £100 to the winner £50 to second and £25 to third.

Overall an excellent series considering the pressure the river is under from various predators with a minimum of 6lb being the winning weight of silvers each week with 2lb an hour being required to frame at all times, god knows how good it would be if we could lose the Seals and Cormorants and Otters and Mink and so on. Hopefully, by next season we will have further platforms in place on “A” section and can include pegs15,16 and 17 in the Thursday night series although weed clearing on a grand scale could well be required.

Sunday 31st July Jack Hall Shield A Section

5 fished with Senior Sicknote making an appearance. The winner and with a net of Roach on Wheat yes you heard correct people Roach were caught in fact 9lb 13oz of them, was me from Peg 11 the swim in which I failed from most abjectly last Thursday evening.

Breamy in 12 could not catch on Wheat but did catch a lot of smaller silvers for 7lb 8oz and second. Mick on peg 1 had a good 1.5lb Perch almost last chuck which took him to third with 6lb 15.5oz nothing like precision weighing from Middle Earth Sam guest weigher on the day. Torbin had 5lb 12oz and very unusually Stan took last spot with 5lb 0oz. Its indicative of how the river has managed to continue to survive despite the Seal munching everything in sight with the weights today although we were well spread out which does help significantly.

This Thursday the last round of the Coote cup Thursday series with Stan in the box seat still as he says every squirrel has its day and this is his

Thursday 28th July Coote Cup round 7

The numbers have dwindled considerably with a hard core of four still turning up No2 won with 6lb 9oz slaughtering Stan who had 6lb 8oz silvers with the odd Perch or three Breamy had 4lb 4oz and I fell on my sword with a very bad elbow and managed 3lb for yet another disaster. However the points with one round to go and Stan looking odds on are as follows.

Stan 28pts
Geesemaister 24pts
Breamy 24pts

Seconds looking more of a thrill than first unless Stans a no show for the last round which is this Thursday

I seem to have missed off round 6 of the Coote Cup I can only assume it was due to depression at losing by 2oz to Stan. I cant remember the numbers precisely for the weights but the points looks like below

Stan 24pts
Geesemaister 21pts
Breamy 20pts
No2 7 pts
Postman Paul 6pts

The rest of the players have dropped away and as only 5 seem to be fishing now its hard to see beyond Sir Stanley unless a disaster happens. Still we will be there once again this Thursday draw at 5.30 fish 6.15 to 9.15 light permitting.

Sunday 24th as below

No rowers, Seals or Cormorants and nobody standing by your shoulder asking what you have or have not caught, I counted 4 boats in five hours as opposed to St Ives 5 boats in 4 minutes regime.

Very hot with a lot of sunshine god knows how good it would fish with overcast mild weather, very well I would suspect. The winner Breamy who for once lived up to his nickname with 37lb of mostly Bream a couple of Tench and a few Rudd and Perch. The Bream were all in the middle section with Terry Fairbrother from the Benwick club second with 22lb and Postman Paul with 15lb plus for third.

The rest of us either sat it out for small fish or wormed for the odd Tench and most weights were between 4 and 6lb outside of the Bream fish bowl but lots of small fish were available Rudd ,Roach, Bleak and small Perch with many sliver sized skimmers also being caught.

Many thanks to the Benwick lads for sorting out the venue and organising the day we look forward to having them over to our boat covered water later this year.

Thursday is the last but one Coote cup for this year normal draw time, 5.30 fish 6.15 to 9.15 darkness permitting

Sunday 17th July A Section meet 6:45 Hemingford gate

It appears The Mighty Sicknote has turned the blog the correct way round something way beyond my basic computer skills I’m afraid.

On Sunday 4 had a knock up on “A” and were well spaced. Thanks to No2 for running the show and texting me the outcome. Some might say he would do as he had won from peg 5 on the high bank with 8lb 1oz of mainly Dace and a few small Perch which trounced the platforms on which Breamy in 12 was second with 5lb 13oz and Bob on 11 had 2lb10oz

Postman Paul had peg 1 all to himself and managed 3lb 10oz for third. Senior turned up later for a pleasure fish on 18 and had 7lb odd of various bits and pieces.

It is very fair to say that the river does contain a lot of small fish and there appears to be a complete absence of bonus fish with Thursday bringing the odd bigger Perch or Chublet but no Bream or Tench have been banked in 5 rounds of the Coote cup, I wonder why that is? NOT.

Thursday round 6 of the Coote cup, its getting to squeaky bum time, Next Sunday we are fishing at Benick and I know Mick wants definitive numbers so please let him know if you attending that is if you haven’t done so already

Thursday 14th July Coote cup round 5 “A” section

Holidays and other issues taking a few anglers away now so 6 fished. Despite the bloody Seal swimming up and down the silver fish fishing was still good. Stan winning with 6lb 005oz of mainly Dace with Breamy second with 5lb 14oz and me third with 5lb 10oz all very close but with me and Breamy having much more of a mixed bag of Roach, small skimmers, Perch, Dace and Bleak and in my case several Polyruff. I lost a Perch of 1.5lbs at the net and had a 45 minute period when the Seal came too close and every fish in the area ran for it , you really should do well from pegs 11 and 12 and on a night with no Seal I think the swims are worth 8 to 10lb without bonus big fish so it is good to see we do have a lot of smaller fish in the river.

The pts position is as follows with Stan now taking the lead

Stan 20
Geesemaister 18
Breamy 15
Bombardier 6
No2 5
Jon 5
Postman Paul 5
Bob the diver 1

This Sunday many are away however No2 has organised a match on “A” section with normal draw and fishing times be at Hemingford end gate at 6.45 if you wish to fish.I think 4 are fishing to date.

Sunday 10th “A” section eventually

Well, we all went down Meadow Lane 7 fished and realised that without at least a days labour the place is a mess the river was very low mud banks exposed everywhere and the river is absolutely full of weed, so a non starter and after a quick recce up and down the length it was democratically decided we would go to “A” section as that is all we have that has multiple swims which are fishable which is a sad enditment of the Environment Agency and its lack of river care.

The match ended with NO2 taking the win from peg 1 with 8lb 7oz lots of silvers bolstered by a few Eels which always weigh well. Didnotweigh appeared again and drew well with end peg 12 recording 6lb 5oz of silvers with lots of small skimmers for second. Stan did well from the high bank with 5lb 13oz for third and then Senior Sicknote pipped me by 2oz with me and my drawing of pegs talent now having completely deserted me with the same peg as Thursday but at least I managed 2lb 11oz this time as compared with Micks 2lb 13oz. The mighty Ashcroft crashed back to earth, we all do eventually, with 2lb 3oz off the high bank and Postman Paul with a platform peg 11 failed in his quest for Perch and Eels and recorded 13oz.

The river did and continues to fish well for silvers but there is a distinct lack of any bonus bigger fish so far and the Roach are not coming to seed so I reserve judgement as to what stocks remain in the river until we get through to October.

This week the only Match is Thursday as many are away next Sunday so the Sunday morning is cancelled. The following week we have an away day at Benick and Mick does need names if you are fishing so let him know.;

Thursday 7th July round 4 Coote cup “A” section

8 fished and Stan drew well yet again and from the platform on peg 11 took the honours with 6lb 7oz pipping Breamy from his favorite
peg 5 who managed 5lb 13oz all silvers whereas Stan had a couple of decent Perch in his net. Postman Paul with his worm tactics drew
well on peg 12 and had 1 very big Perch and several small ones plus a decent Eel for a very credible 5lb 8oz to take third in front of NO2 on peg1 who caught little and often for 5lb 2.5oz and fourth.

Jonathon made the long trip from the marshes of Ipswich for the last point from peg 6 catching 3lb 14oz of silvers. And where was the leader of the pack at this point well,showing everyone how a poor peg on 7 can be horrible on a night when others around me were catching well. I managed stone cold last with 1lb 4oz and for long periods could not buy a bite for love nor money, oh well best to get a bad one out of my system.

Sunday is Meadow Lane for the first time this year, we have not had any time to clear the pegs yet this year so it might be an 7 draw 8.30 start to give those who need it the extra time to get settled into their swim. We meet at 6.45 at the entrance to the lakes as usual. I have the following as attending please let me know if you are coming and not on this list

Postman Paul
Jonathon ( maybe)

As to the Coote Cup points as follows

Geesemaister 15
Stan 15
Breamy 11
Jon 5
Postman P 5
No2 5
Bombardier 4

Sunday 3rd July “B” section

9 attended including Middle Earth Sam and Compo although the lure of the compost proved to great for Compo and he left well before the end. The match was poor in general, the boat traffic from the rowers substantial and people who cannot steer long boats should not be allowed one having had to endure full reverse engines in my swim on at least two occasions Sunday.

The winner by many a mile was Breamy on peg 1 who caught all match and even had some proper Roach in his nice net of 7lb 8oz. Second and very happy to be there was Didnotwiegh who did weigh lots of small bits for 3lb 6oz a long way in front of Torbins 1lb 13oz third with the rest also ran’s.

Very clear water, with hardly any stream plus sunny and hot killed the fishing early with the exception of Breamy’s swim where fish topped all morning and he caught all morning as well.

Sunday we are on Meadow Lane for the first time this season, hopefully the Dace and chublet have survived the winter and ever present predators intact. I am at least hopeful that the Lane will offer a far fairer match with several swims being possible winners if last year was anything to go by. I would suggest to all who are attending bring drags and spades plus a cutter if you have one as intended work parties were rained off from the lane and some work will need doing on most swims but hopefully nothing too drastic.

Don’t forget we have round 4 of the Coote cup this Thursday with a 5.30 draw, fish 6.15 to 9.15 with money to play for, £10 per head entry on the draw.

Thursday 30th June Coote cup round 3 “A” section

7 fished, the river is still running but now fishable, I have even seen some Bream on the quay so Summer might get here just in time for Autumn if we are lucky.

“A” section fished remarkable well considering the speed of the stream with the high bank being fishable for the first time we pegged from peg 1 to peg 12 on the platforms with space in between where possible. The winner this week and now having completed his hat trick, me, with 6lb 9oz from 12, and yes Stan I am drawing well at the moment, one beautifully marked big Perch of 1,5lbs and then lots of Dace , small skimmers some Roach and Perch with even a couple of chublets and a single gudgeon thrown in for a real mixed bag but a very enjoyable evening on the stick float and running line yet again.

Breamy on his favorite peg 4 caught well could have won and spent 15 minutes trying to untangle a mess and should have not bothered as the lost 15 minutes cost him badly. He even had one or two slightly better Roach in his net of 6lb 30z.. Sir Stanley had a platform yet again on 11 went after the small stuff and took 5lb 10oz for third, much mumbling about squirrels and luck and nuts and stuff, I just let him get on with it senior England pro and all that rubbish.

The Bombardier caught in and out with the shallow wag and worm line with a nice chublet and big Perch plus bits for 5lb 3oz and fourth. No2 fished 6 caught well but with no bonus fish weighed 3lb 14.5oz for fifth and the last match point available on the night. Honourable mention should also go to big Bob the Diver who is new to match fishing and now has a pole to play with who weighed 3lb 0oz with the pole being the main weapon, practice will make perfect big B.

The scoreboard to date

The Geesemaister 15pts
Sir Stan 10pts
Breamy 7pts
Jonathon 4pts
Bombardier 4pts
No2 3pts
Postman Paul 2pts

5 rounds to go and as always we shall see

Sunday 26th June Stan’s lake

Good turn out of curious anglers who either have never fished or fished it a long time ago. Stans lake is full of fishy swims but on the day the silvers did not turn up despite great weights the previous day or perhaps because of great weights the previous day. 11 fished with Mr Chairman Compo starting his first match of the season and winning with 4lb 10oz sneaking past Stans just over 4lb who in turn pipped NO2 who had 3lb 12oz all the nets were similar small silvers with none of the fabled big Tench or Bream showing.

I will just mention my own personal disaster mainly because my fellow anglers being what they are found it all very funny. My swim had a railway sleeper and then a step down onto a very heavy piece of metal for the platform nothing wrong with that other than in the rain the sleeper was like a piece of soap so, first time I fell was up the bank left hand and arm in lovely fresh stinging nettles right wrist taking my full weight and believe me people I am not a delicate flower and unlike Mr Ali I do not float like a butterfly more like a sack of spuds hitting the ground. That was bad enough but no I can do better than that, the next slip had me head butting my fishing box into the lake throwing my side tray into the water and taking my full weight on my right knee and so, I thought to myself as I lay full length holding onto my box for dear life and screaming for help, why oh why did I get out of bed. Eventually with assistance and with one side tray rather than my usual two I sat whimpering on my box for five hours caught 12 eyes and fins recorded a big DNW and am now typing this with a wrist splint and a black knee with a magnificent bruise on it. In summary I don’t like commercial lakes and Stans is a very pretty version with some clouting Carp and other species I think the match win the day before was 88lb so thank you very much for the chance to fish when the river is still flooding but I prefer the old running water it doesn’t seem to want to hurt me as much as lakes do.

Thursday floods permitting back to the meadow 5.30 draw for round three of the Coote cup.

Thursday 23rd “A” section Coote Cup round 2

6 fished in the apocalypse of rainfall that we had for two hours but at least is was very warm so warm in fact that The Bombardier decided to fish in his T shirt and have his annual wash into the bargain.

Pegging was difficult to say the least, trying to find slack water being the key. Torbs lucked out with peg 16 as did Nigel and Postman Paul in 17 and 13 with weed and pads all over the place. Torbs losing his annual allowance in kit before taking an early bath for a big DNW Paul toiled on and had 2 oz for 1 pt with Nigel taking 1lb 15oz of bits for 4th and 2 pts.

Breamy managed 3lb 15oz of Dace small skimmers and Roach in peg 12 for third and 3pts with me in peg 18 pleasure fishing for 6lb 1.5oz in first place slaughtering Sir Stanley who weighed 6lb 1oz from peg 11, oh how we all laughed well I did Stan didn’t.

Lots of small skimmers which look like hybreds to me but Bombardier insists are silver Bream. So at least we know the seals haven’t eaten everything yet.

However with still more rain forecast and loads having come down we have taken the reluctant step, interesting one though, to fish Stans lake on Sunday for a silvers only match where anything counts except Carp, 6.45 at the lake details of how to get there ask Stan.

Finally the points situation for the Coote cup are

The Geesemaister 10pts
Sir Stan 7pts
Jonathon 4pts
Breamy 3pts
No 2 2pts
Bomabardier 2pts
Postman Paul 2pts

All to play for then.

Sunday 19th “A” section plus Nobles Field

6 fished river in much greater flood than Thursday so Jacuzzi time on Nobles where three fished and saw the Seal swim past three times ,its soul destroying, I had 2lb 3oz from Nobles Mick went home early and Bob had 2oz but it was very difficult conditions I started the match on 90 gr and eventually held the bottom with a 60gr feeder.

Stan however had swapped pegs with Mick and had the serenity of peg 18, full of silvers all day and weighed a very nice 8lb 14oz of mainly small stuff but lots of them. Breamy took second off peg 12 with a small fish 3lb 9oz whereas Postman Paul in third had a big Perch and good Eel in peg 11 for 2lb 9oz and third. As I type its tipped down for hours and who knows how it will look come Thursday but we are hardy chaps and will be out there in the thick of it somewhere.

Thursday 16th June Coote Cup first round “A” section

10 fished so a good turn out for the first match of the year. The river is slightly flooding so any areas with a slack would appeal greatly but as the Seal is still in our part of the river hopes for any good fishing is limited.

On the night small fish only with the winner, me, on peg 12 and before you ask I am the last out of the draw bag so its whats left that I get. 4lb 14oz on the Stick float lovely evening bite a cast lots of small Dace a few perch and a dozen small skimmers with the biggest about 4oz making up the catch.

Jonathon from Ipswich, god the mans keen to travel that far, took second with 4lb 0oz similar net with a couple of chublet and the mighty Stan being eased out to third weighing 3lb13oz of the same stamp. after that a progression of small nets with Torbs fourth with 1lb 12oz and Postman Paul taking the last point with 1lb 11oz

This year I have sponsored the winner of the Thursday evening match with the winner taking £100 second £50 and third £25. Once again the rules are 5pts for a winner and top five getting points accordingly, its usually close as 8 matches knocks out the lucky draw element and the winner has , once again usually, fished well to take the title.I shall not bother with a list of points until next week as it is hardly worth it currently, even our committee could work out the current standings eventually

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