Membership and Day Tickets permits can be purchased from

Stanjay Tackle Shop 7, Old Court Hall, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire PE29 2HS, 01480 453303

10% Discount on production of Club ticket

St Ives Tackle Unit 9, Houghton Hill Industrial estate, Houghton, Cambridgeshire, PE28 2DH, 01480 468196

10% Discount on production of Club ticket

Petzone 3 Station Rd St. Ives, PE27 5BH, 01480 462807

Membership can also be obtained via post, either contact a committee member or simply drop us an email using the Email form in the contact us page or directly at

St Ives Membership River Sections

A Section, B Section, C Section, D Section plus the old River

Access to A Section Dolphin Meadow

The gate at the top of A section can be accessed via Hemingford, there are 2 gates the first metal gate is unlocked, but the second wooden one is always locked and must remain so to protect the farmers livestock. The gate is only opened on club matches. You can park your car and walk at other times.

Vehicle access to the Hemingford gate is via these co-ordinates A Section Google Maps Link

Access to B Section Dolphin Meadow

Park in the Dolphin Hotel car park, map co-ordinates here Dolphin Hotel Google maps link you will need a parking token available with a purchase at the bar for free, else pay cash on exit. Access on club matches will be via the A section Hemingford gate, whereby we then drive down the meadow.

Access to Meadow Lane

Maps co-ordinates of the gate to the St Ives lake complex, Meadow lane Google maps link entry is via a coded padlock and a second locked gate unfortunately it is a long walk on foot so only take light tackle.

Access on club matches will be vehicle access

Access to C ,D Section and the Chub stream

Park anywhere available in town, one car may be able to park near the gate in priory road, but do not obstruct the farmers access via the gate in Priory road.

No vehicles are allowed on any club waters outside club matches

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