5 fished Sunday but firstly a big thank you to Torbs or NO2 as he is known for his “War and Peace” style reporting in my absence in Ireland where we were having fun catching reasonably well not getting too wet and not coping with rowers, seals, cormorant, dogs or cruisers all of which is a plus.

However, I digress, the Roach are on “A” section as the last couple of matches results have shown. This week conditions were good as in mild and over cast but we had a horrible gusting West winds blowing straight down the river with the resultant banana shaped poles but luckily no breakages. It was very difficult at times in fact so difficult that most of us thought it had cost us at least 50% of the potential on the day.

Having said all that the mighty Sick Note, back from Ireland, took the win with 14lb plus of mainly nice Roach with some smaller Perch, I took second with a very similar 12lb net and in fact it followed the length with Breamy weighing 11lb and the much improved Bob the Diver more than holding his own with 10lb plus, he is due a win and gets better every week, I’m fairly sure he would get a round of applause when it finally happens as he has worked very hard to improve and most weeks be it Thursday or Sunday he has been fishing with some very good river anglers. Finally, Compo, he of veteran status, came for a go on the waggler with his beloved seed and returned over 9lb.

So 5 anglers fished and 56lb was weighed in mostly Roach up to 8oz all pristine and beautifully coloured deep red fins almost Rudd coloured. I would add that we do have some predators  back on the stretch and I had fun with something on 4 occasions with Compo 2 times and Mick as well I think. As annoying as they can be it is good to see that not everything has been eaten and something is around to clean up the dead and wounded fish as it should be rather than Seals and Cormorant,

Next Sunday we intend to have another go on “A” while the Roach are feeding, I forgot to mention that all five fished the high bank Sunday and the favourite platform pegs were not fished. One word of warning hundreds of wasps are present on the high bank currently they do tend to nest in the exposed earth under the bank so please be careful as they get cranky this time of year


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